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Looking for a waiting room TV service for your business?

If you’re currently using cable or satellite TV, you’re probably reading this because you’re interested in something better. When it comes to either, you’re inviting risky elements into your business that you have no control over. What’s worse, is that you’re paying good money for these problems. Cable TV belongs at home, that’s what it was made for. Business TV should cater to, and improve, the needs of businesses; things like marketing, visitor experience, customer retention, and repeat business.

It’s Relevant TV features 40+ categories of content, including games & trivia, and the ability to mix in your own personal videos. More than just great programming that your visitors will enjoy watching, It’s Relevant comes with features that are designed to help your business itself. These features include free adspace to promote your brand and services, keyword blocking to keep specific content from showing up on your TV, and social media integration to display your most recent posts and generate more followers on social media.

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Your Business, Your Brand, Your TV

It’s Relevant TV is all about you and your brand, and using the TV to generate success for your business. If you put something on the TV, your visitors are going to see it; no question about it. It’s Relevant TV’s free ad space draws attention to your business’ services, sales, and promotions by putting them on your TV. Visitors are proven to be more receptive to marketing messages when they’re played alongside entertaining content. The reason is simple; fun and interesting videos put people in a good mood. When people are in a good mood they’re more likely to react positively to things — even your ads.

Customizable Waiting Room TV Programming

It’s Relevant TV is 100% customizable when it comes to its content. You simply choose from a list of 40+ categories that you think your visitors will enjoy watching, and the fully-automated system does the rest; pulling from a library of over half-a-million videos. Every piece of content is screened by live human beings to make sure that everything is safe and family-friendly. However, if there’s ever a topic that you don’t want playing on your TV, It’s Relevant comes with a keyword block feature that prevents videos with specific words from showing up. Unlike with cable or satellite, you’re in complete control of your waiting room television.

Your Social Media Displayed on your TV

Is your business on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? It’s Relevant gives you the option to display your most recent social media posts directly on your TV. Visitors-in-waiting will get to see things; promotions, support for organizations, or even funny images, that they otherwise wouldn’t have seen because they’re not following you on social media. This is not only great because your posts are getting more traction, but you’ll generate more followers in the process.

Waiting Room TV Programming: Getting Started

Chatting with the TV experts at ItsRelevant.com is the best way to get started if you’re serious about a custom TV network for your business. Whether you’re ready transform your TV right now or still have questions about the technology — the people at It’s Relevant are there to help.

Patient Education Videos for Hospitals, Dentists, and Urgent Care Clinics

Patient education videos are a great way for hospitals, dentists, and urgent care clinics to communicate with their visitors. However, you might surprised to discover that a lot of doctors are approaching these videos the wrong way. This article highlights the #1 classic mistake administrators make when it comes to patient education videos, and suggests where you can get the best content for your waiting room television. Click here for a closer look at the technology you should keep in mind while reading this article.

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The most Common Patient Education Pitfall

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There’s a few misconceptions when it comes to patient education videos, but one in particular takes the cake. The most common pitfall that doctors and office managers fall into, is a notion that medical-related videos should be the standard go-to for waiting room television. You see this everywhere you go with other types of media; i.e. tooth-related signage at the dentist, or animal-related magazines at the vet. It’s there to the point that you expect it — it’s a sort of “industry expectation.” These thematic expressions are great for atmosphere and reminding people where they are, but a problem occurs when you try and extend those themes to your waiting room TV.

Fact: Visitors don’t find medical content all-that interesting!

have you ever talked to your patients about it? The truth is, most people find it kind of gross, or unsettling. Regardless of how educational it is, or how important the message is, people just likely aren’t going to appreciate it if it’s all you are showing them. In the end, your medical office pays the price; patient experience goes down despite a good, honest attempt to educate your visitors on X, Y, or Z.

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Patient Education Videos: The Middle-Ground

Make no mistake — educational videos and other medical-related content have their place. However, both are best utilized when paired with videos that are fun, interesting to watch, or entertaining. For that, you’ll need a custom TV network that brings the two together.

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Custom TV networks are the future of waiting room television. For the exact reasons listed earlier in this article, you want to avoid any service that is strictly-medical. However appealing those service providers make it sound, don’t fall for it. Always remember that your patients come first, and what you decide to put on your waiting room TV should reflect what you think they’ll enjoy most. Find a TV service that has the best content and the ability to upload your own videos — double-check any health associations you’re a part of; they might have a library of videos that are free-to-use. If you can cross that off your list, then all you need the entertaining content to balance out the medical.

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Where to Find the Best Content

It’s Relevant TV has the best and most diverse library of content on the market. If you have your own collection of medical videos to mix in, or at this point aren’t worried about showing health-related content — then It’s Relevant TV is the best fit for your waiting room; especially if you’re looking to modernize things.

Content isn’t everything though, it’s one of several key parts. There’s a long list of features to look for when shopping for custom TV networks. The following article: “Top 5 Features to look for in the best Medical Waiting Room TV,” should give you a good idea as far as what to expect from waiting room TV software. Otherwise, you can chat with the TV experts at ItsRelevant.com if you have any questions.

Waiting Room Information Screens | It’s Relevant TV

It’s Relevant TV creates waiting room information screens for hospitals, dentists urgent care clinics, and medical specialists in general; additionally serving restaurants, gyms, salons, and car dealerships as well. Whether you’re currently using cable, satellite, Netflix, or DVDs; reading up on alternative solutions for waiting room television is a great step in the right direction.

Warning: Playing DVDs, Netflix, or Hulu in your waiting room violates most ToS and is illegal. Read this article for more details.

Waiting room information screens are the future, and It’s Relevant TV is paving the way forward with its custom TV networks. If you’d like to know what a waiting room information screen powered by It’s Relevant could mean for you, chat with the TV experts at ItsRelevant.com, or schedule a call with them for a tour of the technology.

IRTV: The Best Waiting Room Information Screens on the Market

It’s Relevant TV stands out as the most feature rich when compared to similar products. First off, the technology is managed with an easy-to-use system, which can be controlled from any computer or smart device — at any time. Any ads, messages, or personal videos that you upload will show up on your TV, and play alongside the fun and entertaining content that It’s Relevant provides.

It’s real TV that you control.

Unlike other services, It’s Relevant is NOT a looping playlist. Instead of several minutes worth of videos, IRTV features over half-a-million pieces of content; making it one of the largest libraries of licensed short-form content in the world. Each video is screened by human beings to ensure that everything is 100% family-friendly and safe for your waiting room.

Put Social Media on your Waiting Room TV with It’s Relevant

It’s Relevant TV features the ability to display your most recent Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts right to your TV. It’s a great way to get more followers on social media, and there’s no risk of any negative comments showing up with your posts. Live social media integration is one of the best features to have on your waiting room information screen; however it’s unique to It’s Relevant TV.

Getting Started with It’s Relevant TV

Visit ItsRelevant.com and talk to the TV experts there about what you’re looking for in your waiting room TV. They’ll answer any questions you have and help you strategize; however scheduling a demo and getting a firsthand look at the features themselves is the best way to experience the technology.

The Best Hospital TV System For Patients | It’s Relevant TV

If you’re looking for a hospital TV system to create a better, more meaningful experience for your visitors, then It’s Relevant TV is your best bet. Centered around patient experience, It’s Relevant has all of the features you could ever hope to find in good, quality hospital TV software.

Tip: Don’t be tempted by “Free TV Services.” Here’s 5 reasons why.

Visit ItsRelevant.com for a closer look at the technology. Chat with the TV experts there if you have any questions, or schedule a call with them if you’re looking to get started right away.

What Makes It’s Relevant the Best Hospital TV System?

First and foremost; It’s Relevant sets itself apart from other hospital TV systems with its incredibly vast selection of fun and interesting content. With over half-a-million videos, IRTV has one of the world’s largest libraries of licensed short-form content. Each and every piece is screened by live human beings to ensure that everything is safe, and family-friendly. Additionally, in the event that there are specific things you’d like to block out of your TV, It’s Relevant features keyword blocking. This proprietary technology allows you to block any videos with that keyword spoken in them from showing up on your TV.

How does that compare to other TV systems?

Other services will only go as far as presenting clients with preloaded playlists, or 30 minutes to 2 hours of the same looping videos as their answer to “entertaining content.” It’s not entertaining; it’s repetitive. This kind of solution is shoddy, and ultimately does more harm than good in the end. Most people shopping for hospital TV systems aren’t sure what to expect, or even look for; therefore they don’t think twice about these cheaply sewn-together, or supposedly-free TV services.

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Good content is the foundation of a good TV system; but what truly makes It’s Relevant the best hospital TV system on the market is how feature rich it is.

A Closer Look at It’s Relevant TV’s Top Features

Does your hospital have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? If so, you can display your most recent posts directly on the TV with IRTV’s social media integration. This is done in a way that’s totally safe; there’s no risk of negative posts or comments showing up on your TV. The process is fully-automated; meaning that you don’t have to do anything except link your accounts to the TV system. There’s no better way to generate more followers on social media by showing visitors what they’re missing. Additionally, it’s a great way to raise awareness for upcoming events or organizations that your hospital supports.

Other services attempt to boast this feature, however their approach often leaves something to be desired. Instead of a fully automated system handling things for you; their solution is for you to take a screenshot of your post, and upload it to the system. The end result looks as ridiculous as it sounds, and it doesn’t prevent negative comments from showing up on your TV.

It’s the mark of a service provider that favors Quantity > Quality. It’s cutting corners and advertising features that are undeveloped.

It’s Relevant TV’s Strategic Approach to Customer Support

It’s Relevant features a unique approach to further helping its clients. Instead of an arbitrary customer support email or phone number, users are assigned a dedicated client success manager. A client success manager ensures that you’ll always be connected with someone who knows you, and knows your hospital. You won’t need to explain your problem multiple times, to multiple people.

Having a go-to person you can rely on — whose name you know — brings customer service to a whole new level.

More than just a general support staff, It’s Relevant’s client success managers are strategic thought partners. Because they know not just the system, but your industry inside-and-out. They are there to guide you, and provide you with the best strategies and practices to help you succeed.

Patient Education & Engagement

Patient education is great, but there’s a trick to it.

The biggest pitfall that hospitals fall into is wanting to put just medical content on the TV. There are TV systems out there solely dedicated to medical content because of hospitals who are adamant about what they want, and without talking to their patients they don’t realize it’s a bad idea. Why? Because patient education videos are much more effective when paired with fun and interesting content that draws the patients into watching.

There’s a limit to how much medical-related content some people can tolerate.

Especially if those people are sick or not feeling too well. Cross-sections of a beating heart or clogged artery, blood being drawn with needles, and eyes getting scraped are NOT the kinds of videos you want playing in your waiting room. Regardless of how informative or educational they are, your patients aren’t generally in the medical field, and so there’s a high chance that they’re not going to find it as interesting as you do.

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It’s Relevant TV’s approach to this issue is a blend of educational + entertaining content. Not all medical-related content is bad, and some of those health messages are important; but good or bad, balancing it out with videos that are fun and interesting helps alleviate some of the stress and anxiety caused by the former.

If you’re going to show medical content, it should be your own personally-approved messaging.

You can use videos from a health association you belong to, or a product manufacturer you feature. A lot of hospitals don’t often realize that they have access to such a library. You might have access to more content than you think; which when paired with It’s Relevant TV makes for one great hospital TV system.

Start your Search with It’s Relevant TV

Choosing the right hospital TV system is a big decision, and with so many options out there it can be hard to tell if the one you’re looking at is really the best fit for your waiting room. Start by chatting with the TV experts at ItsRelevant.com. They’ll walk you through the unique content, technology, and strategies, and answer any questions you might have about a custom TV network.

Business TV Service | It’s Relevant TV’s Custom TV Networks

It’s Relevant TV’s business TV service is the best fit for waiting rooms, lobbies, and dining areas. A better alternative to cable TV packages in general, It’s Relevant comes loaded with features designed to improve visitor experience, showcase your services, and generate more followers on social media. It’s TV designed with businesses in mind, with all the tools to help you succeed.

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If you have any questions, or if you’re curious to see what It’s Relevant TV can do for your business firsthand, chat with the TV experts at ItsRelevant.com. Otherwise, keep reading for a closer look at some of IRTV’s best features.

The Business TV Service with the Best Content

The key to a great custom TV network is the content. However the trick for actually getting it to work is having enough videos that are the right length. What brings it all together is having videos that are short-form, with enough variety to appeal to any and all audiences. The biggest challenge facing do-it-yourselfers when creating their own custom TV network is hitting all 3 of those points.

It’s Relevant TV’s got you covered.

With over half-a-million videos, IRTV features the largest library of licensed short-form content in the world. New videos are added daily, which are screened by real human beings to ensure that every piece of content is safe and family-friendly. Boasting 50 categories of mainstream content that you can turn off/on individually at any time, you won’t find another business TV service that’s easier to manage; especially one with such fun and diverse content to keep your visitors entertained.

Attention spans are limited whilst waiting. People generally prefer shorter videos in these situations.

A Better Way to Highlight Your Services

Better than posters, flyers, and signs; putting your services on the TV is the best way to get visitors to notice them. Displaying them alongside fun and interesting content is even better — doing so gently educates viewers on products or offers while they’re in a good mood. When someone’s in a good mood, they’re generally more receptive to anything you have to say, or sell to them.

It’s Relevant TV is all about creating a good experience for your visitors, but it’s also dedicated to helping you generate more business by getting your services more traction. It’s Relevant accomplishes this through its free side adspace. If you have an image of an ad, or message that you want visitors to see — you can put it on the TV.

Whether it’s a monthly special, a sale on a particular item, or a reminder for an upcoming event, you’re able to communicate with your visitors in a truly unique, and more effective way. There’s no limit to the amount of ads that you’re able to upload, and you’re also able to upload your own personal videos to play in between It’s Relevant’s licensed content. It’s a great way to use any videos you have laying around.

Do you have videos on YouTube? Get more mileage out of them!

A New Way to Gain Followers on Social Media

Is your business on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? If you’re not on at least one of those, you’re missing out. Whether you’re using your accounts to post ads, showcase upcoming events, or raise awareness for organizations that your business supports; social media is a great tool to reach folks. The more followers you have, the better.

The great thing about real followers is that you can count on them being interested in you.

There’s something about your brand, or your posts, that they like enough to follow your pages. Which is great, but it only goes so far. How do you get more followers? Beyond followers telling friends/family to follow you, it can be difficult; especially if you work for a dentist, hospital, or urgent care.

Do you follow your dentist on Instagram? Or your doctor on Twitter?

Probably not — but you might be surprised to see posts totally unrelated to teeth, health, or anything professional; you might find great stories, or pictures of your doctor engaging in activities that you might have in common, which you never would have imagined them doing. If you knew that those were the kinds of posts you’d see, you just might follow them — you might even be more receptive to any marketing messages you see in between.

It’s Relevant can display those posts on your business’ TV.

Business TV Service + Social Media

People follow X, Y, or Z on social media because a thing is funny, or interesting; they don’t typically expect those things from a restaurant, car dealership, or doctor’s office — but there are some really funny and creative businesses out there. If you put those posts on the TV and show your visitors the kinds things they can expect to see if they followed you, you can bet that you’ll get more followers.

It’s Relevant TV is the only custom TV network with live social media integration. By connecting It’s Relevant to your social media pages, it allows you to syndicate your most recent posts directly to your TV. There’s no risk of any negative posts showing up; the only posts that appear on your TV are the ones made by you or your staff. Even better — the technology is fully automated; just set it and forget it, It’s Relevant does all the work for you.

The Best TV for your Business

The best business TV service isn’t cable, it’s custom television. Cable and satellite TV simply can’t compare to the features, and the amount of control that comes with the alternative. If you have questions about It’s Relevant, or custom TV networks in general; visit ItsRelevant.com and chat with the TV experts there. Or you can get started with a self-install kit by visiting http://rele.tv.


Mood Media Files For Bankruptcy: What’s Next For Mood TV?

Mood Media, a company that provides TV (Mood TV) and music solutions (Muzak) to businesses, has announced that it is filing for bankruptcy as of early July 2020. This marks the second time that the Texas-based company has gone bankrupt, which begs the question: “What’s next for Mood TV?

Mood is a reported 680 million dollars in debt, making it fair to anticipate cuts or changes to the service. A reduced support staff in particular isn’t out of the question when it comes to these companies’ responses to an immediate solution. Less updated content, or lower quality content may also be an option for them. Alternatively; users could potentially see an increase in ads on their TVs due to providers lowering the cost of running ads on their network in order to cope. Bankruptcy is rarely good for customers, creating distrust, and certainly showcases poor management and bad planning.

How are other TV providers doing during Covid?

Advertising budgets shrunk drastically during the first 6 months of 2020. Brands just aren’t spending what they used to on ads due to COVID’s impact on the market; which is bad news for Mood Media, Outcome Health, or any other streaming service that relies heavily on selling ad space to stay afloat.

TV technology works, without the ads

Anything can happen to the market; and when something does — like it did with COVID-19, these ad-supported TV companies struggle to find solutions to bridge the gap caused by a sudden decrease in ad spending. A better solution for business owners is a tv platform alternative that doesn’t rely on support from selling ad space to outside companies. You want to find a service provider who can be a strategic thought-partner and wants your business to grow and succeed; not a someone whose goal it is to make money off of selling ads on your television.

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 A Better Solution for the Business Owners

Ads shouldn’t be dominating your restaurant, lobby, or waiting room television. In fact, too-many-ads was probably one of the reasons you cut cable in the first place. Factor in a reduced level of service and support, especially now, and you begin to wonder why you’re continuing to use it.

Your TV should work for you and your business.

Whether you’re ready to make a change and switch to a new custom TV network, or have questions about what features are missing from your current TV; you can chat with the TV experts here. You can also go the DIY route and utilize a TV network and their content and overlay your own messaging by using brand new TV technology found at: http://rele.tv

Looking for Alternatives to Mood Media’s Mood TV in Light of their Bankruptcy?

Mood TV / Mood Media Corp files for bankruptcy.

If you’re a business owner who is currently using a custom TV network at your location(s), you know that custom TV is the future of business television. However if you’re currently using Mood TV, you might want to consider looking into a better alternative to the service. As of early July 2020, Mood Media announced that the Texas-based company would be filing for bankruptcy — for the second time since 2017.

Whether you’re a current user, or if Mood TV was at the top of your list of options; there are services out there with more features and less ads that you should know about. This article is your guide to settling on the best TV for your business, by the end you should know exactly what to look for in a custom TV network. However if you’d rather chat with a live TV expert and bring any questions you might have, you can schedule a call with one here.

Not in the Mood to deal with Mood TV?

You’re not the only one. Luckily Mood is not your only option. It’s Relevant TV is the best on the market when it comes to content, technology, and strategic support. Subscribing to the service gives you access to half-a-million videos spread across 40+ categories, which you can turn on/off at any time. The categories are like channels, except that you can block out the ones that aren’t a fit for your business. The videos are all short-form, which is important for waiting rooms, lobbies, and waiting areas.

Variety is what works.

With short videos and varied content, you appeal to a much larger audience; there’s a much higher chance of seeing something you like. The content that people enjoy the most are the little things they wouldn’t have found on their own. You want fun, or interesting segments that visitors can take something away from; whether it’s a joke, a fun fact, a travel destination, or a life-hack, showing them creates a positive experience for your visitors and builds trust in your brand.

Your brand – which they can see right on the TV.

It’s Relevant TV is about Connecting Your Visitors to Your Brand

Visitors will know exactly whose TV they’re watching with your brand/logo prominently featured in the corner. It’s Relevant gives you the ability to upload and manage your own personal messages; whether it’s scrolling side-ads, or actual videos – you can put it on the TV for visitors to see.

Your videos play seamlessly between IRTV’s licensed content.

The videos are 100% automated, meaning the technology does all of the work for you. All you have to do is select your own videos/messages and hit Upload when you want them to appear on your TV, It’s Relevant does the rest. Other services often require you to manually build a playlist. Playlists are bad, especially looping playlists — they’d have the opposite effect of what you’re paying good money for. Companies are very good at making playlists sound like effective business tools — don’t fall for it.

Your TV is not just a digital sign.

It’s Relevant is more than digital signage, it’s real TV. The service provides more of what people enjoy watching, and less of the “computer screen feel” that digital signage companies employ. People don’t like watching signs, they like watching TV, and TV is what you get with IRTV.

The Best Custom TV Network for your Business

It’s Relevant TV comes with the world’s largest library of licensed short-form content, a fully automated video system, an easy-to-use interface, live social media integration, and a dedicated support staff that’s there to troubleshoot any questions that come up. Whether that sounds like what you’re looking for, or you’re still on the fence; chat with the TV experts at ItsRelevant.com to see what the technology can do for your business.

Salon Reopening: Top 3 Tips For Making Customers Feel Safe

Is your salon reopening? Are you and your staff prepared to make your returning customers feel safe? Whether you are, or you’re still working on it — you’ve come to the right place. This article will dive right into the top 3 tips and tricks for reopening your salon amidst the Coronavirus.

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1.) Salon Reopening? Communicate with your Customers!

People just spent the past few months being told to stay indoors and limit contact with others because of a deadly virus; they’re going to be anxious about going anywhere — much less a salon. Because of that, prioritizing visitor comfort has never been more important. You want your customers feeling stress-free when they visit, but you need a way to communicate your efforts and demonstrate the lengths you’re going to keep them safe.

The TV is the best way to communicate with your customers!

Specifically, the one in your salon. Hands down — if you want someone to see something, put it on the TV. In this case, putting up important health and safety reminders for visitors to see while they’re waiting is a great place to start. Whether they’re waiting to be seen, waiting for hair to dry, or dye to settle in; people do a lot of waiting in salons, which means a lot of chances to get your messages across. Messages like reminders to wear masksstay 6ft apart from others — or more reassuring messages communicating how your stylists are wearing masks, gloves, or going extra lengths to sterilize their tools and keep the space sanitized!

Learn more about how to communicate with your customers through the TV here.

2.) Cleanliness is Key!

Let’s be honest — salons are great about keeping everything tidy. When your highest-selling service results in hair falling all over the floor, keeping things clean is second nature. However, COVID-19 urges you to step up your game a little. For starters, face masks are a must — that much goes without saying. Secondly, a good way for visitors to feel at ease- other than distracting them with good TV, is to put a hand-sanitizer dispenser somewhere with sight, and reach. Customers will feel a lot better!

Lastly, is diligence. Putting together a cleaning routine and making sure everyone is on board, and sticks to it, goes a long way; especially if visitors are seeing how hard you and your staff are working to keep touch-surfaces nice and clean. Always keep an eye out for something that needs wiping-down!

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3.) Get Visitors to Come Back!

If you followed #2 and your customers didn’t regret stepping outside to get a haircut — the next step is getting those visitors to come backThe easiest way to get someone to come back is to give them a reason to; most salons offer a long list of services that just about any customer can take advantage of — the trick is getting visitors to notice, or ask about them.

Sadly — posters and flyers just don’t cut it.

In the same way that the TV can be used to communicate health and safety tips, it can also be used to deliver important marketing messages to your customers. Putting ads for additional services on your salon’s TV is a guaranteed way to get more people taking advantage of them.

In general, if you’re having difficulty fitting marketing into your budget, a custom TV network is a great way to reduce cable costs while also getting a platform that comes with free advertising space. For more information about how this sort of TV technology can improve your salon, visit It’s Relevant TV.

Inexpensive Marketing: Budgeting Post-Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Businesses left and right have suffered major setbacks in light of the spread of Coronavirus (COIVD-19). If you’re a business owner, you’re probably facing budget cuts right now, or looking for ways to make your marketing dollars count. You’re not alone. Businesses across the country are trying to make ends meet; cutting spending wherever possible and doing what’s necessary to stay open or reopen strong.

We all must be prepared for change.

Your Marketing Budget: Adjusting to the Change

Making a list of your monthly spends, identifying the essentials, and cutting the non-essentials is the first logical step.

If you’re having difficulty deciding on what to cut; try giving each item on the list a rating of 1-5 in terms of importance. Cut back on, or reduce, the lower-rated items and go from there. The list will get narrow fast, and there are bound to be things you’re hesitant to get rid of.

Marketing is often one of the first areas to go when companies have to make necessary reductions. And while it’s easy to cut a big ad buy or commercial production, there are inexpensive, even free solutions, that can be put into place to help you adjust to the changes.

It’s important to keep in mind that your changes are meant to be temporary!

Factor that into your decision-making if it helps. The silver lining from the Coronavirus fear is the possibility that some of these changes you are being forced to consider may actually benefit your business in the long run. Giving your list of expenditures a scrub and re-evaluating what’s important from time to time is a good practice in general.

Too many businesses only get around to cleaning their budget when it’s an emergency. Regardless, after a hard look at your spends, you should be able to get a better understanding of what your business can, and can’t do without.

Focus on Creating Revenue Generators

Does your business have a TV? Are you using a service for it like cable, satellite, or DirecTV? If so, you may want to consider cable replacement. Specifically, a custom TV network.

READ:Should I Cancel Cable? A Better Cable Alternative for Businesses

Costing less than the average cable subscription, a custom TV network is the best way to generate revenue from your business’ television. It gives businesses the power to deliver important revenue-generating messaging to visitors in a meaningful way, while providing them with controlled programming to keep them happy. When you’re using your TV to promote your business’ services, you’ll have more people taking advantage of them.

Custom TV Network: Where to Start Looking

As businesses reopen in the near future, keeping visitors happy and feeling safe is going to be more important than ever.

Things will go back to normal, but you can bet that the news will still be talking about the Coronavirus. COVID-19 isn’t going to disappear overnight. Even after the ALL-CLEAR, there are going to be people who are still anxious to reintegrate. Something as simple as a custom TV network can go a long way towards helping your visitors feel comfortable. COVID-free TV is better for everyone.

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It’s Relevant TV has a feature that allows you to block out world news about things like the Coronavirus, which is a great way to keep Corona-coverage from impacting your business. For more great tips on preparing your business for reopening, check out the article below.

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Reopening Your Business? Get Coronavirus News Off Your Business’ TV

Are you finding it difficult reopening your business with Coronavirus news getting in the way? Business owners across the country are quickly discovering that the TVs in their own locations are hurting them. As customers start to return, you want them feeling safe when they visit; a news story advising viewers to “Think twice about going out!” playing on your wall is a bit counterproductive.

Turn off the TV until you find something better to put on it!

COVID-19 coverage isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Your hands are going to be full enough as-is maintaining a clean, and comfortable environment that you won’t have time to police what’s on the TV. Nor should you have to; you should be able to set it and forget it without needing to worry about what’s playing.

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Coronavirus News Out, Custom TV Network In

The solution to the coronavirus news problem is a custom TV network. Specifically, one that gives you control. More and more business owners are recognizing the value in custom TV software; not just for its ability to control what’s on the TV, but for its potential as a marketing tool as well.

Which would you rather pay for? Cable TV + Competitor Ads & Negative Content OR A Custom TV Network + Peronsal-Branded Messaging?

The answer should be obvious. If that’s not enough, those of you looking for a good reason to get rid of cable, HERE’S 10. The short of it is that cable’s great in homes, but bad for business, and ultimately lacks even the most common features that come with custom TV software. But first and foremost, you need to be prepared to get Coronavirus news off your business’ TV.

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The Best Cable TV Replacement for your Business

If you’ve had enough and you’re interested in learning more about custom TV networks, start your search with It’s Relevant TV. Topping the charts as the most feature-rich cable TV replacement on the market, It’s Relevant is the best example to use when comparing similar services.

Reference: itsrelevant.com

Whether you’re a restaurant, car dealership, salon, gym, urgent care, dentist, or even a whole hospital system or sports arena– It’s Relevant can better serve your TVs, improve visitor experience, and help you hit the ground running as doors reopen and we get the ALL-CLEAR.