Top 6 Dealership TV Systems: Automotive News Compares Custom TV Offerings

Automotive News Article on Waiting Room TV

Recently featured in an article by Automotive News about custom dealership TV systems, It’s Relevant TV comes out on top when it comes to features and affordability.

Comparing IRTV to “other leaders in the field;” the article presents a short-list of digital dealership TV providers – which illustrates that even though It’s Relevant TV costs less than its competitors, it provides a lot more in its service offering. This is something that Jimmy Macagna of Mercedes-Benz, who is featured in the article, knows and has experienced first-hand.

The Best Custom Dealership TV Choices

There are a few names in the industry that come to mind. However, the article from Automotive News singled out the most successful, and most innovative, car dealership TV vendors out there. Whether you’re currently using a custom TV service and you’re exploring options, or looking to cut cable and get your feet wet; the following comparison guide will help you settle on a custom dealership TV solution that fits your brand, budget, and marketing goals.

1.) It’s Relevant TV

It’s Relevant TV costs less than its competitors, while providing a lot more in its service offering.

Available for as low as $99/month, It’s Relevant TV’s all-inclusive subscription is a cost-effective solution for dealership owners looking for a better alternative to cable, or digital signage services that are boring or don’t fit their budget. It’s Relevant TV is truly a premiere custom dealership TV service.

Content: It’s Relevant TV features the largest living library of licensed content in the US; with 500,000+ short-form videos spread across 40+ categories for clients to pick and choose from. Content includes up-to-the-minute video news, home/garden, celebrity interviews, food/cooking, car shows, fashion, pets, travel and more. All videos are family friendly, and pre-screened to ensure that safe, quality content is delivered to your TV. Additionally, content isn’t limited to what It’s Relevant TV delivers. Personal videos and side ads showcasing your brand may be uploaded and featured alongside IRTV’s licensed content; informing visitors on sales, services, and important messaging you want them to see; all as they watch fun and interesting content.

Cost: Briefly hinted at above; It’s Relevant TV’s pricing is set as the lowest in the pack. Two full-featured plans are available: $99/month for users who sign up for a year, and $126/month for users who prefer not to “be stuck” in a contract. IRTV is all-inclusive; meaning that it doesn’t matter if you’re under a yearly contract, or paying month-to-month, you have access to all of It’s Relevant’s features and a dedicated client success manager who not only helps you manage your account, but also contributes graphic design services free of charge.

Customization: The content, videos, promotions, and live social media feeds on It’s Relevant TV are fully customizable. Users are able tailor video content categories to their customers, upload their own dealership videos, control how frequently their personal messaging appears, post relevant headlines, showcase full screen and partial screen promotions, integrate Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, tailor messaging to specific days, and hours of the week; even add subtitles to videos. All of which can be controlled from any tablet, computer or smartphone; from anywhere. Customizations take effect on all screens within the hour, and don’t require weeks of waiting to be implemented.

Competitive Ad Block®: No one wants to see their competitors’ ads show up on their TV screens. It’s Relevant TV provides one of the only legal ways to keep great television content without allowing competitor ads to be shown. Their Competitive Ad Block system will ensure that no other dealerships or car brands can get an ad message through on your screen.

Topic Blocking: As Macagna highlights in the Automotive News article, his dealership greatly appreciated their ability to block out topics from appearing on their screen. When politics gets to be too controversial, It’s Relevant TV has the ability to block just those videos out. You can even block out news stories about Tesla if you feel like they are going to compete with your brand/image.

Customer Service: Clients of It’s Relevant TV are assigned a client success manager who will provide best practices for using their TVs effectively, act as a thought partner on marketing campaigns, and will assist you with graphic design work that’s being featured on the TV. The client success manager provides some great additional value, and it is all included with the regular low subscription fee.

2.) Automotive Broadcasting Network

ABN boasts “effective digital signage solutions for the automotive industry;” basic services starting at $499/month, with average dealerships paying +$1,000/month for a variety of additional services. Services that car dealerships are paying for include lounge TVs, digital signage, video walls, service menu boards, and appointment boards – which can add up to a lot. ABN has been serving the industry for years and has a large footprint since it got into the industry early, but it remains one of the most expensive options.

3.) Spectrio

Spectrio offers clients solutions in digital signage, on-hold messaging & marketing, overhead music & messaging, as well as wi-fi marketing; charging upwards of $125, to $149/month per service. When it comes to content, Spectrio plays videos from networks like CBS or NBC, and streams shows and entertainment clips from a short list of categories.

4.) Digital Dealership System

With basic services starting at $99/month, Digital Dealership System offers dealerships a short selection of location-based digital signs. Signage options are broken down into sales signs, service signs, customer lounge signs, sales leaderboard signs, and kiosk signs.

Visitors are exposed to the brand on select screens; others will show them how much money they will have to spend on services such as oil changes, tire rotations, or fluid services. Lounge TVs feature commercial free, and live-TV options.

As with any service which combines digital signage with broadcast TV; make sure you have the legal right to do so. If a service is integrating cable TV you may find your business is liable. Make sure it’s legal and not violating the Terms & Conditions of your cable/satellite provider. Be safe!

5.) Auto Dealer Network TV

Coming in at $399 a month with a one-time channel development fee of $995, and a cost of equipment fee of $351 (additional TVs costing +$200/month & +$350 for setup); Auto Dealer Network TV introduces itself as a live internet-delivered TV service that provides auto dealerships with news and entertainment from networks like CNN and HLN. Programming is limited to news, business and financial, sports, updates, weather, lifestyle and travel segments; as well as entertainment features from HBO, TNT, truTV, and TCM.

Beyond basic programming, Auto Dealer Network TV offers the uploading your own personal dealership videos to expose visitors to your brand, sales, and services. Additionally, a number of generic Sample Videos are available to users at a cost of $100/per video. These videos can be custom-tailored to your brand at $800 for 4 videos, $1,400 for 8 videos, and 12 videos for $2,000.

6.) AutoVision TV

Costing around $350 to start, with average clients paying upwards of $600/month – AutoVision TV provides dealerships with a variety of brand-tailored TV channels to outfit showrooms, lounges, and service centers with; with the goals of promoting sales, selling you on car parts, as well as services they want to get you interested in. While you wait, you’ll be watching inside-vehicle tours, staff profiles, featurettes on satisfied customers and their new car purchases, as well as what people on social media are saying about the dealership; while rotating sports, finance, and weather boxes play on the side. Additionally, you’ll watch plenty of other car-relented content to pass the time; which is great if you’re into cars, but less-so if you’re not.

AutoVision TV also features an optional “TV Window” mode for users with cable/satellite TV. Before throwing this up in your main lobby, do your homework. Business TV software that modifies, or changes the service from its original form without the expressed consent of your provider may violate the Terms & Conditions listed in your service agreement. For the same reasons you can’t play Netflix, or DVDs in a place of business, you can’t alter portions of broadcasts when they don’t suit your needs.

It’s Relevant is the Top Choice for your Car Dealership TVs

Compared to other automotive TV networks, It’s Relevant TV is a feature rich service that costs the least, while giving dealerships the most. Unlike most of its competitors, It’s Relevant isn’t limited to just the automotive industry; it has success in serving clients, and audiences, across the U.S.

The same people who visit your dealership visit restaurants, medical offices, salons, and other places that It’s Relevant serves. While the places are different, the mission is the same: Give people in each place something they will connect with.

For the same reason a doctor’s office shouldn’t show only medical content; a dealership shouldn’t limit its content to only automotive. The more interests you cater to, and the more variety you have, the more your visitors will be interested in your messaging. In the end, it’s people you’re trying to market your services to. The best way to get them to come back more, and spend more, is to create the best experience for them while they’re at your location. Put something on the TV people will enjoy, and your messaging will do the rest.

*All pricing and service details included in this article were either sourced from the Automotive News Article or directly from the service’s websites in February, 2019.

July 7, 2021 Update: Automotive Broadcasting Network was acquired by Spectrio.

Top 5 Platforms to Advertise On: Put your Message Where it Matters

Have a business, product, or service you’re trying to advertise? Putting your message where it matters is the key to reaching your target customers. But with so many vehicles to drive your messaging to the public, settling on the right one to advertise on can be difficult. This article will identify the top 5 most popular platforms to consider for your advertising dollars.

The Top 5 Platforms to Advertise On:

5.) Newsletters & Media: There’s no better target to advertise to than a preexisting customer, client, or patient. These people already know, trust, and have experience with your brand, and are more likely to buy from you in the future. The value of repeat business cannot be overstated. It’s easier to get someone who’s familiar with your brand to keep coming back, than it is to get someone new to try your services for the first time.

Emails, newsletters, and other digital reminders are a great way to remind people that you exist, and that there’s plenty of reasons for them to revisit and use/buy your products/services. As easy and cost-effective as emails and newsletters are, there’s always the risk of becoming spam. And being “spammy” can harm your brand’s image. Companies that only reach out to customers who voluntarily signed up to receive emails generally yield more success when it comes to generating repeat business using this method.

4.) Radio Ads: Whether it’s on your way to work in the morning, sitting in a waiting room, or listening to a coworker’s desk radio; one way or another you’re bound to listen to the radio at some point. Depending on what you’re trying to sell, radio advertisement may be your ticket – with costs as little as $200, or as much as $5,000 for a slot, there’s plenty of options to fit your budget. If there’s a downside to advertising on the radio, it’s the well-known fact that people tend to dislike  radio commercials. How often do people change stations when an ad comes on, or get frustrated when a commercial break goes on for minutes?

It’s a valid point to consider. Folks aren’t the happiest when they’re stuck in traffic; it isn’t your fault that they’re miserable, but your upbeat commercial may be the last thing they want to hear at that time and may actually form a negative association with your brand. If you’re concerned about making your advertising dollars count, the radio might not be what you’re looking for.

3.) Billboards & Outdoor Advertising: Signs on the highway, on buses, benches, and buildings are the go-to for many companies when they want to get the word out about a new product or service. A monthly fee is a small price to pay for constant, everyday exposure if the billboard is placed in front of your intended audience. The budgets have a large range; $3,000-$30,000/month for a billboard, or $150-$600 / $3,000-$6,500/month for transit advertising. Depending on how much you have to devote to marketing and advertising, spending a lot of money for an unknown, unguaranteed ROI might be a risky move. Consider alternative options, and find something that works within your budget.

2.) Internet/Website Ads: Google ads which bump your website up to the front page of related searches, or advertisements on the tops or sides of webpages are a growing favorite amongst companies that are putting their message where people are spending most of their time; browsing the internet. The cost of advertising online varies, but you can expect to pay $1-$50 per click, or $7+ per 1000 impressions on sites like Facebook. While advertising online feels effective because of the massive numbers the reports boast, you may find that impressions may not be all that impressive. Your ad is often buried on a page, or lost among too many for people to be able to get your message or act upon it.

1.) TV Advertising: The standard go-to for impactful, widespread visual reach. People have been advertising their products and services on TVs since Bulova Watches bought a 10-second ad in 1941 for $9. Since then, advertising has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry; the TV being the most widely recognized means of educating people about a brand. However, advertising on cable TV can be costly. A 30-second local ad can cost as much as $1,500, whereas national ads will run you upwards of $120,000. And the mother of all ads- a Super Bowl spot runs $5,100,000 for 30-seconds. Any of these amounts can be too much money to put aside for advertising, especially if you’re a small company.

The Top TV Solution for Advertising

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to advertise that incorporates the best medium to fit your advertising budget, consider It’s Relevant TV. Advertising can  expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s Relevant combines the best aspects of TV advertising, online and out of home. offers some of the most cost-effective television advertising on the planet. At just 3050 cents a play, you’re able to run a standard television commercial in great targeted locations across the country.

In addition, It’s Relevant features scaleability and specificity. You’re able to limit your ad buys to geographic zones and business categories that you specify. Do you want to reach people in restaurants within 10 miles of X city? It’s Relevant TV lets you do that. Purchase ads in just those locations, and get exactly what you want while eliminating wasteful spending.

Is a 30-second Super Bowl ad really worth $5.1 million? For some businesses it definitely is. If you have 5 million to spend, it’s a quick way to get a TV ad to a mass (100 million viewer) audience. But for your business it’s probably not anywhere near worth it. You’d likely be much better off paying to reach specific sets of customers that can act upon your message, and that will want your product or service.

Look into Advertising on It’s Relevant TV, and put your messaging where it matters most.

Top 5 Things to Consider when Advertising Your Brand

Advertising your brand is essential to the success of your business, product, or service. Yet despite how important advertising is, there’s still a large number of people who forget the basics, or could benefit from a casual reminder. This article will explore the top 5 things to consider before advertising your brand.

Things to Consider when Advertising your Brand:

1.) Who is your audience? Where do they go?

It’s important to think about your audience as a whole, not just about where you want them to go. If you advertise products for a vitamin company, you may think that a medical office is the best place to advertise. And it is a great place to start, however, the people who you’re reaching in that medical office may only visit that place a couple times a year; whereas there are plenty of other places they visit more frequently – places you could be advertising into as well.

2.) Advertise in a positive environment

Have you ever heard the phrase “A smile makes all the difference?” The same thing applies to where you choose to advertise your brand. Remember that great ad at the DMV? Or that commercial on the radio while you were in bumper-to-bumper traffic in 100 degree weather? If so, you probably don’t remember it very fondly. You may have a great commercial, with a great message; but if that message is airing in a place, or at a time when people are frustrated, it will be poorly received through no fault of your message. Make sure you’re advertising in places and through platforms that put people in a positive mood.

3.) Don’t advertise on an “Ad Network”

Avoid digital advertising platforms that surround your ad with ads from other businesses. Few things are more boring than a channel full of ads. The most effective advertising networks feature real content to draw in people’s attention; exposing them to a limited number of ads while they’re invested in what’s on the TV. Viewers aren’t interested in a TV that predominantly plays commercials. They need to have a reason to look at the screen before they can see what you’re selling.

4.) The Medium is just as important as the message

How you get your message across is just as important as the message itself. SEO, text, and image ads can generate traffic for your website and social media accounts, but if you want to tell a story in order to acquire new customers, video is the best medium to do so. The trick is finding the right platform for those videos that is cost-effective, reaches the right audience and is not too ad heavy.

 5.) Have an online business? Don’t forget that your customers live in the real world

A business that operates solely online should definitely have a strong advertising presence on the internet; whether it’s via SEO, search engine ads, or regular old side-scrollers or pop-ups – getting clicks is crucial. However, the toughest part about having all your eggs in one (virtual) basket is the difficulty in building trust among customers. Getting your messaging out in the real world, not just online, will help grow your brand, and trust around you and your products.

Consider It’s Relevant TV for your Advertising

It’s Relevant TV is a cost-effective advertising platform which reaches a wide range of television audiences across the country. Currently operating in over half the U.S. states, It’s Relevant is the go-to for businesses and companies that are looking for an inexpensive advertising solution, or want more control over the types of audiences they’re trying to reach. At 30-50 cents a play, businesses are taking advantage of a widely viewed, yet targetable TV platform, at discounted video ad rates usually only seen in online video platforms. It’s Relevant TV is worth considering if you’re on the fence about how to spend your advertising budget.