Hospital Waiting Rooms: Top 3 Reasons NOT to use Cable or DirecTV

Hospital waiting rooms across the country utilize cable or DirecTV. The people in charge unfortunately don’t often realize how risky it is to use those services in their waiting areas. The best waiting rooms out there take full advantage of what a TV is: a tool to reach patients while they’re waiting. In an age of technology where TV digital signage, signage apps, and medical TV displays are growing in popularity, there’s never been a better time to explore waiting room entertainment ideas.

If you’re curious where to begin looking for the best waiting room softwarestart your search here.

REASON 1: Hospital Waiting Rooms with Cable & DirecTV are Missed Opportunities

Cable TV is great, at home; however the same can’t be said in a medical office waiting room. When you settle for cable or DirecTV, you’re putting something on the TV that has nothing to do with your hospital. The time patients spend looking at the TV is time you could have exposed them to your brand, lesser-known services, or any reasons for them to come back. With the right waiting room software, your lobby TV can become an effective tool for inexpensive marketing.

REASON 2: Cable & DirecTV Open the Doors for your Competitors

Whether it’s a local commercial advertising a competing hospital, a news story highlighting some great things another hospital did; or even a bad news story portraying your hospital in a bad light; cable and DirecTV aren’t safe solutions for waiting room TVs.

Digital waiting room displays eliminate the risk of competitor ads showing up on your TV. That is, unless you fall for a free medical TV service for your hospital waiting rooms; in which case you’re at risk for pharmaceutical ads taking away business that should be yours. Don’t be fooled by healthcare TV providers trying to offer you “free” medical office signage.

REASON 3: You don’t Control what’s on the TV with Cable & DirecTV

The idea of lacking control when it comes to anything is pretty serious. You wouldn’t want to lack control while driving, or with the staff you hire, so why wouldn’t you want to control what people are seeing on your TV?

A good waiting room opts for safe, family-friendly content on the TV. However, safe and family-friendly isn’t guaranteed with TV services like cable and DirecTV; which have no way of blocking graphic/inappropriate content. As a result, people can hold you and your facility accountable for things that are beyond your control. When shopping for the best TV service for your hospital waiting rooms, look for something that works for you, and keeps your patients happy.

IRTV for your Hospital Waiting Rooms

It’s Relevant TV is a waiting room TV platform designed with medical offices in mind. Combining the best aspects of television and digital signage; IRTV gives you control over what comes on your TV. With It’s Relevant, there’s no missed opportunity to reach your visitors; because your marketing ads play alongside the interesting, family-friendly content that comes with IRTV.

Don’t settle for a TV service that you don’t control, or one that invites competitor ads onto your screen. You can do better, and in this growing age of technology there is no reason to stick with an antiquated cable service.

Business Owners: How to Become More Relevant to Your Customers

A question for the ages, how does one become more relevant to their customers? Depending on the kind of business you manage, this can be achieved a number of different ways. But one thing is true all-around; the better you understand your customers, the better you’ll be able to relate to them, which will help you figure out how best to make your business more appealing to them.

Becoming More Relevant to Your Customers

Becoming more relevant to your customers doesn’t mean going out of your way to look cool, hip, or “with it;” it didn’t work for the older generations in the 90’s, and it isn’t going to start working now.

The first step towards making your business more relevant, is making your place of business more appealing. To make your setting more appealing, you start by identifying the areas that most commonly need improvement. Whether you own a restaurant, car dealership, or medical office – if your location is shabby, or in disarray, you can forget about people getting more interested in what you have to offer. When your atmosphere is welcoming and inviting, it’s far easier to get your brand noticed, and appreciated by your customers.

Visit the following article for a list of the Top 5 Factors to Enhance your Business Environment; becoming more relevant to your customers begins there!

The Secret to Becoming More Relevant

Now that your business environment has been thoroughly enhanced, or it’s at least on your to-do list, it’s time to explore the most effective way your business, and your brand, can become more relevant to your customers. What’s better? More likely than not it’s a thing you already have in place.

That thing is social media.

Social media is everywhere these days. There isn’t a major company, franchise, or successful business out there that isn’t well-connected on social media. So it should come at no surprise that platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the top tools these bigger businesses swear by when it comes to modern, forward-thinking marketing.

But having accounts on one, or all of these platforms isn’t enough to get people interested; and depending on the type of business you own, it may be harder to gain social media followership. When was the last time you followed your favorite restaurant, diner, or even your dentist on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Probably never. Yet if you visit the websites of all these places, you’ll often find at least one link to one of their social media accounts.

Coming up with the Perfect Post

Try following a business you yourself frequent and see what sorts of things they share over social media. What you find might surprise you. You might discover that the dentist you see maybe once, or twice a year rock-climbs, or plays the guitar in a local band; thus giving you a reason to be interested in more than just their business – but at the same time, it will make you think positively about that particular brand whenever you see it because of a relevant association. You might even recommend them to someone else.

It doesn’t even have to be a hobby, or interest, that gets you interested. By following a restaurant or business, you might discover that they donate a lot of money to a local charity, or find that they support the police, firefighters, or military veterans; details you might have missed, or never would have known if you never followed them on social media.

Your posts don’t have to be perfect; but they also don’t always have to be 100% about pushing your business, or product. Becoming more relevant to your customers means sharing things that are of interest to them; things that will get them thinking positively about your brand whenever they see it.

How you present yourself on social media is key; so are the ways you get your messages out there. The downside to social media being everywhere, is that social media is everywhere. You can’t pop a tic-tac without the container telling you to “Like us on Facebook!” That can get annoying, and might even turn some people away from the product itself. That’s why it’s important to strategize a way to package your social media posts, and present them to customers in a way, and at a time, that’s convenient for everyone.

It’s Relevant TV: A Vehicle for your Social Media Posts

When the recipe for becoming more relevant to your customers is a welcoming atmosphere, a well-connected presence on social media, and a variety of interesting posts to get people thinking positively abut your brand, the trick becomes finding a reliable way to get those messages across.

Look no further than It’s Relevant TV.

IRTV is a quick and easy way to get your social media posts seen by more people, and is an effective means of increasing followership. By getting rid of cable on the TV, and replacing it with It’s Relevant’s custom TV network, you’re able to stream live social media posts directly from your accounts, straight to your TV.

With IRTV, your posts act like your own brief commercials. Showing up in between short, category-specific videos that are interesting, informative, and engaging. It’s Relevant’s content puts customers that are watching in a positive mood, making it easier, and safer, to expose them to your brand, and your messaging.

Be bold, and explore your options. See if you can make your business more relevant to your customers with IRTV.