Waiting Room TV Software for Hospitals, Urgent Cares, and Dentists

The rise of waiting room TV software is a growing trend in the medical industry. Whether it’s hospital TV, urgent care TV, or dental TV – anything; more and more healthcare providers are making the switch from cable to digital waiting room displays. Those who do opt for better waiting room television do so for a number of reasons; those reasons ranging from it being more cost effective, to simply wanting better quality content that visitors will enjoy.

When it comes to TV for waiting rooms there’s no shortage of options. But settling on the right digital signage means identifying what you’re looking for, what your waiting room is missing, and what your patients want to see. This article is meant to help inform any curious readers in the medical industry who are looking to do more with their waiting room TVs.

Waiting Room TV Software: What are you Looking for?

If you manage the TV at a hospital or urgent care, your first thought is likely to put medical-related content on your waiting rooms screens, right? Likewise, if you’re a dentist or optometrist – putting tooth and eye-related videos up on the TV is a no-brainer – also right?

Unfortunately this is a very common mistake that medical providers make every day.

Patient education is a fine goal. But too much medical-related content is boring at best, and unsettling at worst. Most of your patients are average, everyday folks who don’t necessarily have the same interest or appreciation for medical content that you do. Patients in a dentist office waiting room don’t really want to watch plaque get scraped off a rotting tooth; just like how people in a doctor’s waiting room or medical office waiting room don’t really want to watch videos of clogged arteries or blood vessels while they’re waiting.

However “educational” practice managers may feel these videos are, they just aren’t very appealing and will likely be ignored. This is the problem with medical office signage. It’s not to say that a hospital TV, urgent care TV, or dental TV, etc, can’t show medical content; instead it should be mixed with videos that their patients will enjoy watching. Waiting room television benefits from variety.

Waiting Room TV Software: What do Patients want to Watch?

Patients are people; people with their own likes, and dislikes. There’s no one thing that everyone will enjoy, so it’s important to cast a wide net and target as many interests as possible. Waiting room TV software is nice in that sense because the right digital signage solution will have variety. But variety isn’t enough; cable has variety, technically. However cable wasn’t designed for waiting rooms – it’s best for home use.

Waiting room videos need to be short and sweet. That’s what people want to see while they’re waiting. Visitors who are waiting as little as 5-10 minutes or as long as 1-2 hours aren’t there to watch TV – but if a TV is there, they will look at it if there’s something interesting playing. With short-form content and a long list of categories, they’re more likely to see something that puts them in a good mood or gets them to keep watching. Which not only improves patient experience, but makes visitors more receptive to your educational content.

What do patients want to watch? Fun and interesting content that’s engaging. If your medical office signage is borning, visitors are going to be staring at their phones the whole time and miss any important messaging you wanted them to see. If you struggle with this problem, it’s time to explore what your waiting room screens could be showing.

IRTV: The Thing that’s Missing from your Waiting Room

IRTV – Branded across the country as Rele.TV or It’s Relevant TV, is a feature-rich TV platform which has reinvented the world of waiting room television. Before It’s Relevant, healthcare providers had to settle for things like cable TV, looping medical displays, DVD playlists, or so-called “free-to-use” services like Outcome Health TV. If you’re currently using Outcome Health or ContextMedia; you should check out this article ASAP.

Waiting room TV software has come a long way. Many of the features that make digital signage for medical offices so outstanding and convenient are new; meaning that healthcare providers are largely, and understandably, unaware of how much control they could have over their TV. Control over what comes up on their waiting room screens. Amazing variety of content. The ability to upload personal videos and messaging; it’s even possible to integrate social media posts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and have them show on the TV!

The future of waiting room TV digital signage isn’t cable, looping medical displays, DVDs, or playlists. It’s IRTV.

It’s Relevant TV is TV for Waiting Rooms

It’s Relevant TV delivers all of the features listed above, making it the best in waiting room digital signage. IRTV is hospital TV. It’s urgent care TV. It’s dental TV, vet TV, optometry TV – it’s waiting room TV for any type of medical office. It’s Relevant sets itself apart from other lobby TV display software by offering users 24/7 control over their network, convenient accessibility, creative customization, and full access to one of the world’s largest libraries of short-form licensed content; over half-a-million videos spread across 40+ categories.

Other TV packages for waiting rooms are not as feature-rich. There’s often no way to integrate social media, or their “quality content” is really just a looping playlist of outdated videos. When you mix your own waiting room videos with It’s Relevant’s fun, fresh, and engaging content; visitors are more likely to be receptive to your messaging.

It’s Relevant TV is a forward-thinking, cost effective, way to improve patient experience, promote your brand, and achieve your marketing goals. Costing less than cable on average, It’s Relevant is inexpensive marketing at its finest; giving you all the tools you need to generate success through your waiting room TV.

Patient Education and Engagment for your Hospital TV

Hospital TV systems are a growing trend in the medical industry. As the technology grows, more and more hospitals are turning to waiting room TV software and medical office signage to educate patients and engage with them more. Patient education and engagement is important to every hospital. Whether it’s posters, literature, or a medical display; a lot of time and effort is put into connecting with visitors and delivering health information to people in waiting.

But how effective are these techniques in the long run? The trick is finding the best medical TV software. TV packages for waiting rooms vary. If your goal is to educate patients, you’re going to need medical content; but it’s not that simple. A common mistake that hospitals make is having too much medical content. Keep reading and you’ll see why waiting room television should be balanced.

Hospital TV: Putting Something Great on the TV People will Enjoy

Wanting to educate your patients is a good thing, however it’s important not to over-expose them. Moderation is key. A waiting room TV that only shows medical content might be boring, or unsettling. However educational it might be; who wants to watch countless 3D models of a clogged arteries? Or see a graphic video of an eyeball getting scraped? No one – that’s who. Looping medical displays are bad for that reason; having that type of content is a great way to get patients to ignore what’s on the TV and look at their phones instead.

People are likely to look at the TV when there’s something fun or interesting on it. Providing a balance of educational medical content – mixed with fun and engaging videos is the way to go. Finding the right waiting room TV software which offers the best of both worlds is the next step.

IRTV: Engaging Waiting Room TV Software

TV for waiting rooms doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. It’s Relevant TV makes sure it’s not. It’s Relevant (Also known across the country as Rele.TV) is a custom TV network which provides hospitals and medical clinics with quality, family-friendly content. It’s waiting room television that you control. You pick what categories patients will see while they wait; which will play alongside any waiting room videos, medical-related content, or personal messaging you upload to the network.

IRTV is a tool which blends the educational videos you want patients to see, as well as the fun and engaging content they enjoy watching. When it comes to hospital TV and waiting room digital signage, It’s Relevant TV is all you need to create a signature waiting area environment for your visitors.

Auto Show Marketing: What Dealerships Can Learn From Auto Expos

Auto Shows are a grand affair. Top brands from all corners of the US gather together to show off new models, talk about new technology, and explore new trends in the industry with experts, innovators, and car enthusiasts alike. With so much coverage and exposure, it’s no surprise that brands have taken auto show marketing seriously. But should they?

This article will go on to explore the declining trend in car shows, take a closer look at why so many major carmakers are bailing-out, and even suggest a better way to invest those marketing dollars.

Auto Show Marketing: A Fading Trend

At the time of this article’s release, the New York International Auto Show is just beginning. It is just one of many big annual car shows that, like the NAIAS or The Chicago Auto Show; attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, and feature hundreds of new models each year. Usually, those numbers are nothing to scoff at – however for the first time ever some major car brands are thinking twice about attending.

It’s not because of cost, but rather practicality.

Some of these larger automotive shows really push marketing budgets. Cost of attendance at these things can cost upwards of millions for a single week! Bigger brands don’t have trouble putting forth the money, but regardless of whether or not they can afford it, the question becomes “is it really worth it?”

The Growing Problem with Car Shows

The people who purchase spaces at these events spare no expense. It’s go big, or go home- So of course it’s going to cost millions for the space, the stage, and all of the lights, carpeting, and furniture – all of which are brandedbrand-consistent, and designed to stand out and steal the splotlight. The problem? So is everyone else’s space.

Some of the major carmakers who are backing out of these grand auto shows are citing the presence of competition on the show floor as being the reason for calling it quits. It just isn’t worth it – not when they could be getting better mileage out of those millions outside of the show. As a result? The major brands are looking for new ways to invest their money, and achieve true ROI.

A Better Use for your Auto Show Marketing Budget

The same energy, flare, and attention that goes into sprucing up your space at one of these big auto shows could go a long way at your brand’s dealership locations. Making sure the people you have attracted to the door enjoy their visits, and ultimately decide to purchase from you is of the utmost importance. And it’s something you can likely achieve for much less.

By investing that time and money into improving your waiting areas, show floor, and amenities, you’re improving the things that really make a lasting impression on the people who are visiting your dealerships – which are really the people you want to impress, and please, to get them to purchase. Customers are the ones driving your product around, they’re the ones who will buy from you again, and they’re the ones who will talk positively about your brand, for free, and recommend you to friends and family. The right approach, and the right message, go a long way.

Getting the Message Across with It’s Relevant TV

If you’re investing some of your marketing budget on branding and enhancing visitor experience, the TV is a great place to start. How you get your message across to visitors is just as important as the message itself. TVs are effective at getting people’s attention. If you put something on a TV people are watching, 9 times out of 10 someone is going to see it.

It’s Relevant TV is a television service that more and more dealerships are switching to. It doesn’t come with the high monthly cost, lack of control, or risk of competitor ads that cable does. It replaces all of those things with a custom channel that’s easy to manage, is fully customizable, and allows you to showcase your own personal videos, messaging, social media and brand. It’s a great way to get all the things you want noticed, and all the content that comes with it is designed to keep people entertained, and informed. All while keeping brand consistency across the board.

Top 3 Reasons to get Social Media TV Software for your Business

Social media TV software is becoming a prominent feature in successful businesses. But why is this? How can featuring something as simple as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on your business’ TV help improve the business itself? This article helps answer these questions, and explores the benefit of using digital TV software to get your social media posts on the TV.

Social Media TV Software for your Business TV

Whether you’re tech savvy, or like to keep things simple, digital signage can work for you. However, not all digital signage services allow you to integrate your social media accounts with your screen, while still keeping TV programming. If you’re not sure how to get what’s on your phone, onto your business TV – or if you weren’t aware social media TV software was a thing; take a look at It’s Relevant TV. It’s Relevant is the go-to for restaurant TV, urgent care TV, waiting room TV, and business TV in general. Businesses across the U.S., in a variety of industries, rely on It’s Relevant TV as a promotion platform.

1.) Social Media TV Software gets your Business Noticed More

Why is your business on social media in the first place? More often than not, it’s to keep your brand top of mind. There are many ways to use social media to get your business noticed more. Some business owners use it to feature new, or enticing offers, specials, or reasons to stop by; whereas others use it as a platform to advertise local events, organizations that they support, or use it to showcase interests/hobbies they might share with followers in order to relate to them more.

But getting them to follow you is the trick, isn’t it? But just as important as gaining followers, is who you get to follow you.

The best social media followers are the ones that have been to your location. They are the most receptive and mindful of your brand. Your posts are only effective when the right people see them. Business TV software that integrates your social media gets people who aren’t following you to do so- because they see what they’re missing.

2.) Social Media TV Software Generates More Followers

Whether it’s specials, promotions, memes, or straight-up interesting posts related to your brand; when you show people what they get by following you, there’s a higher chance that they”ll become a follower. It’s easier than people realize to get visitors to follow you on social media. Two of the main reasons people use social media are to be entertained and informed. So long as you make an effort to show people that there’s value to your posts, you’re bound to generate an increasing number of followers for it. It’s not just about talking about your business. Some of the most successful social media brands mix in trivia, fun facts, or unrelated information for follower enjoyment.

3.) Social Media TV Software Gets People to Come Back More

The right social media TV software isn’t just for getting your business noticed more, or getting more followers; it can also result in the generation of new or repeat business. Displaying positive or interesting posts from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on the TV is a great way to craft a welcoming environment that people will find comfortable, and wouldn’t mind revisiting again and again – often with friends or family. A social media display for your business is definitely an effortless step in the right direction towards maintaining a place people enjoying visiting.

IRTV: The Right Social Media TV Software for your Business

It’s Relevant TV is an innovative TV platform which delivers entertaining, and engaging short-form content that is better suited for businesses over cable or satellite TV – it’s also the #1 top choice for business owners who are looking for a way to display their social media on their TV.

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; It’s Relevant gives you the freedom to integrate posts from your social media accounts and display them automatically in between licensed TV content; getting people to notice it while they’re in a receptive mood. It’s Relevant is safe. Visitors will only see the posts you want them to see without negative comments or ratings getting in the way – so there’s no risk. Just a higher chance to generate more followers, and more business.

Check out It’s Relevant, and explore what social media TV software can do for your business.

Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Business’ Customer Reviews

With things like Google, Yelp, and social media being as prevalent as they are today, customer reviews have become a cornerstone for any successful business. Whether you own a restaurant, a car dealership, or a medical office; something as simple as a sentence has the power to bring potential visitors to your door, or scare them away.
So, how does one generate good reviews? What can business owners do to prevent visitors from writing bad reviews? This article will briefly touch upon the top 3 things any business owner can do to improve customer reviews.

1. Improve Customer Reviews by Improving your Business Environment

First and foremost, your business needs to look presentable. It has to be a place people wont mind waiting inside of, or dining at, for any length of time. The following article: Top 5 Factors to Enhance Your Business Environment, is a good place to start looking for ways to spruce up your location. When your business is tidy, in shape – with nothing falling apart, and with tables/furniture arranged nicely, it becomes a far more welcoming place.

Staff friendliness also goes a long way. If you’ve ever read bad reviews of other businesses, they’re usually about someone’s bad experience regarding cleanliness, or the staff’s supposed “bad attitude.” Going the extra mile, and doing what you can to minimize those experiences; i.e. becoming more engaged with your staff, replacing old furniture, or adding some new decor, is all anyone can do in the short-term. Try and take a look at your business through the eyes of your visitors and see what might be improved. The smallest changes make a big difference.

2. Read, Understand & Respond to Customer Reviews

If there’s one truth regarding customer reviews, it’s that people are more likely to leave a bad review, than a good review. When someone has a particularly bad experience, they want the world to know. They want to take out their anger and frustration the easiest way they can; on the internet.

Whether or not a bad review is true, or accurate, is irrelevant. It’s there for the world to see, and if you’re not mindful of what people are saying about your business, what you don’t know will hurt you. Thankfully, finding out what people are saying is as easy as Googling your business and reading the reviews.

Few business owners actually read online reviews about their business, and even fewer respond to those reviews. It’s important to look into what people are saying; and if you find a review that you’re able to comment on, set the record straight. Address the issue, take responsibility for what might have happened, and rectify the problem to the best of your ability.

Taking some time to research customer reviews in a timely manner, or assigning someone to address them, is the best thing you can do to salvage your reputation after someone has had a bad experience. Commenting on good reviews; letting customers know you appreciate their feedback, never hurts as well.

If visitors didn’t have bad experiences, none of this would be a problem. As idealistic as that might sound, it’s true. So the question becomes: “How do I crack down on bad experiences?”

3. Improve Visitor Experience & Reviews with IRTV

Crack down on bad customer experience with It’s Relevant TV; a TV solution which combines television and digital messaging – giving businesses owners real control over what shows up on their TV. When businesses have more control, it’s easier to create a more positive environment; reducing the chance of a bad experience, and bad reviews.

It’s Relevant is a platform that allows you to engage more with your customers. With the ability to upload your own custom messaging; show your visitors that a good experience is a top priority with TV-messaging that gives them a way to contact you directly about problems, or concerns they might have. When you provide customers with a direct way to communicate with you, they’re less likely to go home and leave a negative review on the internet for the world to see. Bad experiences are inevitable – it happens. But even if a customer does have a negative experience, make sure you hear about it first.

If you’re interested in exploring ways to better engage with your visitors and improve online reviews, then It’s Relevant TV is a great place to start.