Top 3 Reasons to get Social Media TV Software for your Business

Social media TV software is becoming a prominent feature in successful businesses. But why is this? How can featuring something as simple as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on your business’ TV help improve the business itself? This article helps answer these questions, and explores the benefit of using digital TV software to get your social media posts on the TV.

Social Media TV Software for your Business TV

Whether you’re tech savvy, or like to keep things simple, digital signage can work for you. However, not all digital signage services allow you to integrate your social media accounts with your screen, while still keeping TV programming. If you’re not sure how to get what’s on your phone, onto your business TV – or if you weren’t aware social media TV software was a thing; take a look at It’s Relevant TV. It’s Relevant is the go-to for restaurant TV, urgent care TV, waiting room TV, and business TV in general. Businesses across the U.S., in a variety of industries, rely on It’s Relevant TV as a promotion platform.

1.) Social Media TV Software gets your Business Noticed More

Why is your business on social media in the first place? More often than not, it’s to keep your brand top of mind. There are many ways to use social media to get your business noticed more. Some business owners use it to feature new, or enticing offers, specials, or reasons to stop by; whereas others use it as a platform to advertise local events, organizations that they support, or use it to showcase interests/hobbies they might share with followers in order to relate to them more.

But getting them to follow you is the trick, isn’t it? But just as important as gaining followers, is who you get to follow you.

The best social media followers are the ones that have been to your location. They are the most receptive and mindful of your brand. Your posts are only effective when the right people see them. Business TV software that integrates your social media gets people who aren’t following you to do so- because they see what they’re missing.

2.) Social Media TV Software Generates More Followers

Whether it’s specials, promotions, memes, or straight-up interesting posts related to your brand; when you show people what they get by following you, there’s a higher chance that they”ll become a follower. It’s easier than people realize to get visitors to follow you on social media. Two of the main reasons people use social media are to be entertained and informed. So long as you make an effort to show people that there’s value to your posts, you’re bound to generate an increasing number of followers for it. It’s not just about talking about your business. Some of the most successful social media brands mix in trivia, fun facts, or unrelated information for follower enjoyment.

3.) Social Media TV Software Gets People to Come Back More

The right social media TV software isn’t just for getting your business noticed more, or getting more followers; it can also result in the generation of new or repeat business. Displaying positive or interesting posts from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on the TV is a great way to craft a welcoming environment that people will find comfortable, and wouldn’t mind revisiting again and again – often with friends or family. A social media display for your business is definitely an effortless step in the right direction towards maintaining a place people enjoying visiting.

IRTV: The Right Social Media TV Software for your Business

It’s Relevant TV is an innovative TV platform which delivers entertaining, and engaging short-form content that is better suited for businesses over cable or satellite TV – it’s also the #1 top choice for business owners who are looking for a way to display their social media on their TV.

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; It’s Relevant gives you the freedom to integrate posts from your social media accounts and display them automatically in between licensed TV content; getting people to notice it while they’re in a receptive mood. It’s Relevant is safe. Visitors will only see the posts you want them to see without negative comments or ratings getting in the way – so there’s no risk. Just a higher chance to generate more followers, and more business.

Check out It’s Relevant, and explore what social media TV software can do for your business.