Best Interactive TV For Waiting Rooms: What You Need To Know

Looking for the best interactive TV for your waiting room? Cable, news, and talkshows just don’t cut it, and looping playlists are repetitive. Whether you’re a hospital, urgent care, or dentist office that treats patients, a restaurant that serves customers, or even a car dealership that seats visitors for long periods of time; you’ll want the best TV programming for your space in order to get the most out of your television. Picking the best TV platform goes a long way towards constructing a positive experience for your visitors. Making sure customers (or patients) have a good experience is a great way to generate good reviews; and positive online reviews are a fast-track to repeat business, and new business from new customers.

So what are some important things to consider when shopping for the best interactive TV system? This article will explore what you need to know.

Best Interactive TV: What are the Essentials?

What goes into the best waiting room TV? The answer is simple; you want content that is engaging, and is something that will help reduce a visitor’s perceived wait time. Engagement and reductions in perceived wait times come with viewer enjoyment. If your visitors enjoy what they see, they’ll continue watching.

To achieve your marketing goals just having engaging content isn’t enough. You need a balance of engaging videos and your own personally-branded videos and visual content to be most effective.

Creating the Right Balance on Your Waiting Room TV

A little bit of a lot of different things will go farther than having a lot of the same thing.

Interactive pieces such as games, or trivia, are great in small doses and are a fun way to pass the time; but how much is too much? Question after question, or fact after fact, can become off-putting. The same can be said for a digital waiting room display that only features your own personal messaging. It becomes too much, and feels like they are watching an endless commercial instead of TV. It’s just not what people-in-waiting want to see for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 20 minutes- or even an hour.

People are people, and people like TV. Getting your message across is important, but so is making sure your visitors are comfortable and have a positive experience. So what’s the trick?

It’s Relevant TV: The Trick to Building the Best Interactive TV

It’s Relevant TV is a waiting room TV solution that combines the best aspects of television and digital signage; and it’s the trick to building the best TV for your waiting room. It provides users with access to one of the world’s largest libraries of short-form commercially licensed content – over half-a-million videos! Licensed” is the important keyword here, as too many businesses and medical offices air DVDs or Netflix on their TVs without realizing doing so is illegal – if you’re currently doing this, stop!

Things like Netflix and DVDs don’t let you upload your own videos, It’s Relevant does. What better way to get your messaging across than when it’s mixed with fun and engaging content? Content that gets people looking at the screen – eager to see what’s next; people are way more receptive to branded content, marketing ads, and even educational/awareness pieces when they’re in a good mood.

If you’re looking for the best interactive TV for your waiting room, start with It’s Relevant TV. Whether your waiting area is in a medical office, restaurant, dealership, apartment complex, or even a corporate building; you won’t find a better, more cost-effective fit for your television.

What’s the Best Waiting Room TV Solution for Dentists?

Looking for the best waiting room TV software for your dentist office? The trick isn’t finding the self-proclaimed “best” TV software that’s out there; it’s creating an experience that is truly the best fit for you, your patients, and your dental office. This article will outline the most important features you should be looking for in your medical office TV and signage.

What Makes the Best Waiting Room TV Software, the “Best?”

The most effective waiting room TV software is one that is tailored to your own unique waiting room environment. How do you know if the TV software you’re currently looking at is the best for you? First, you have to identify what you’re No-Stale-Contenthoping to get out of it. But generally speaking, you want something that is entertaining and engaging. You want your waiting room television to be aesthetically pleasing and brand-tailored – with the ability to upload your own personal videos and messaging. Equally as important is a TV solution that is cost-effective, and easy-to-manage. These are the top 5 things to keep in mind when looking for the best TV display software for your dental office.

However, knowing what to look for is only half the battle; finding all of these features in one single TV package is next. Which, actually, isn’t that difficult – because one solution: It’s Relevant TV, has all of the features listed above, and more.

It’s Relevant TV Balances Entertaining & Informative Content

It’s Relevant TV features one of the world’s largest libraries of short-form content licensed for commercial use, giving users access to over half-a-million videos for visitors to enjoy. Each piece of content is screened by live human beings to ensure that everything is family-friendly, and nothing unsettling or inappropriate ever plays on your TV.

It’s Relevant is not a playlist. And it’s not a repetitive loop.

No-Repeating-ContentOther digital TV software providers will try to pass off things like a 10-minute, 30-minute, 1-hour, 3-hour, or 5-hour loop of videos as “premium TV content” – It’s Relevant TV doesn’t loop. It constantly streams new videos from a list of 40+ categories you pick and choose from. Categories like Cooking, Sports, Automotive, News, and even Trivia. Additionally, the whole system is fully customizable, with the ability to upload your own personal messaging on the side, during, or in between content.

It’s Relevant TV Keeps Patients Engaged

Dental waiting room TV solutions often try to cram too much onto the screen at once. As useful as the information you may be putting on the screen is, it doesn’t have to be visible 100% of the time. Having too much promotional or “educational” content in a row is actually a turn off to most patients. It can also get out of hand fast and make the TV look like a gimmicky widget- almost as if you were showing a website instead of a TV channel.

No-WebsiteIt’s Relevant TV is not website for your TV, nor is it a collection of widgets.

IRTV is designed so that visitors stay tuned in and notice what matters to you; the messaging. Whether it’s videos that you upload, image-ads on the side, or text scrolling throughout, It’s Relevant is all about making your messaging effective. It delivers things like news headlines and the weather – but in a way that doesn’t overstimulate your viewers or give them a headache. Never forget that a little goes a long way.

It’s Relevant TV is Tailored to your Practice Identity

It’s Relevant is a custom TV network that works for your identity. Your logo, your videos, and your messaging can all be uploaded into the system and featured on the TV. Whether you want the TV to exclusively play your branded-content, or you want a mix of personal + IRTV content; you’re the boss.

In the case of dentist offices, when you mix instructional content, personal videos of your doctor(s), or educational segments with It’s Relevant’s fun and interesting content, visitors will stay tuned longer and be more receptive to your messaging. The best waiting room TV gets your brand noticed.

It’s Relevant TV is Not Expensive


There’s no red flag bigger than a waiting room TV service that’s advertised as free. Nothing’s free – except food samples at Costco (actually those aren’t free either as you have to pay a membership to get in). If you’re interested in a good reason as to why a free TV service is a bad idea, the following article will give you 5; Top 5 Reasons a Free TV Service is Bad for your Medical Practice.

In short, you get what you pay for.

While It’s Relevant TV is not “free,” it often times costs less than cable and is designed to generate additional revenue for your practice. It’s designed to fit your marketing budget, and make those marketing dollars count. Whether you’re a dentist office, hospital, urgent care, or a medical specialist; every little bit helps, and It’s Relevant’s ROI helps offset the cost. The best waiting room TV solution should work with your budget, and make your brand money.

It’s Relevant TV is Easy-to-Control

It’s Relevant TV couldn’t be easier to manage. Users are able to adjust settings, upload videos, and manage all of their content from anywhere with virtually any computer or internet-connected device. You can make changes to individual, or multiple TVs at once; across single or multiple locations. The convenience of being able to make changes from anywhere, at any time, with such ease, is a breath of fresh air for all practice owners and marketing managers.

If you are less technical, still own a flip phone, or just don’t like interacting with technology yourself, It’s Relevant TV provides a Client Success Manager at no additional charge with every subscription plan. This person is available to make changes for you, and even help with graphic design and strategies for getting the most out of your TV.

It’s Relevant TV is the Best Fit for Dental Waiting Rooms

It’s Relevant is a fully-customizable TV network which combines the best aspects of television and digital signage. It provides dentist offices across the country with safe, family-friendly content that visitors actually enjoy watching, and mixes that content with your own branded videos and promotions.

Visit It’s Relevant and see for yourself why dentists across the country are calling it the best waiting room TV for their practices.