Best Interactive TV For Waiting Rooms: What You Need To Know

Looking for the best interactive TV for your waiting room? Cable, news, and talkshows just don’t cut it, and looping playlists are repetitive. Whether you’re a hospital, urgent care, or dentist office that treats patients, a restaurant that serves customers, or even a car dealership that seats visitors for long periods of time; you’ll want the best TV programming for your space in order to get the most out of your television. Picking the best TV platform goes a long way towards constructing a positive experience for your visitors. Making sure customers (or patients) have a good experience is a great way to generate good reviews; and positive online reviews are a fast-track to repeat business, and new business from new customers.

So what are some important things to consider when shopping for the best interactive TV system? This article will explore what you need to know.

Best Interactive TV: What are the Essentials?

What goes into the best waiting room TV? The answer is simple; you want content that is engaging, and is something that will help reduce a visitor’s perceived wait time. Engagement and reductions in perceived wait times come with viewer enjoyment. If your visitors enjoy what they see, they’ll continue watching.

To achieve your marketing goals just having engaging content isn’t enough. You need a balance of engaging videos and your own personally-branded videos and visual content to be most effective.

Creating the Right Balance on Your Waiting Room TV

A little bit of a lot of different things will go farther than having a lot of the same thing.

Interactive pieces such as games, or trivia, are great in small doses and are a fun way to pass the time; but how much is too much? Question after question, or fact after fact, can become off-putting. The same can be said for a digital waiting room display that only features your own personal messaging. It becomes too much, and feels like they are watching an endless commercial instead of TV. It’s just not what people-in-waiting want to see for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 20 minutes- or even an hour.

People are people, and people like TV. Getting your message across is important, but so is making sure your visitors are comfortable and have a positive experience. So what’s the trick?

It’s Relevant TV: The Trick to Building the Best Interactive TV

It’s Relevant TV is a waiting room TV solution that combines the best aspects of television and digital signage; and it’s the trick to building the best TV for your waiting room. It provides users with access to one of the world’s largest libraries of short-form commercially licensed content – over half-a-million videos! Licensed” is the important keyword here, as too many businesses and medical offices air DVDs or Netflix on their TVs without realizing doing so is illegal – if you’re currently doing this, stop!

Things like Netflix and DVDs don’t let you upload your own videos, It’s Relevant does. What better way to get your messaging across than when it’s mixed with fun and engaging content? Content that gets people looking at the screen – eager to see what’s next; people are way more receptive to branded content, marketing ads, and even educational/awareness pieces when they’re in a good mood.

If you’re looking for the best interactive TV for your waiting room, start with It’s Relevant TV. Whether your waiting area is in a medical office, restaurant, dealership, apartment complex, or even a corporate building; you won’t find a better, more cost-effective fit for your television.