Eye Doctor TV: The Best TV for an Eye Doctor’s Office

Looking for the best eye doctor TV for your optometrist office? We’ll tell you the top-rated features to look for in your optometry office signage. However if you’re looking to delve right into exploring options, start your search with It’s Relevant TV; the go-to for waiting room television.

The Best Eye Doctor TV Needs the Best Content

There’s no type of medical specialist in the world that ought to appreciate what their patients are seeing on their TVs more than an eye doctor. Jokes aside, the TV in your waiting room is a prime opportunity to expose visitors to the things you want them to see. Things like ads/promotions, health/educational videos, or any other important marketing messaging.

However, you can’t just put these things on the TV and expect people to notice them, or even expect visitors be receptive to them. Patients need a reason to look at the TV. A medical video detailing the anotomy of an eye might be interesting to people in your profession, but that’s usually not the case with most patients. Most often, they’re grossed out by seeing a close-up of an eye getting cleaned, poked, or scraped. It’s no good. Visitors don’t want to watch that.

You want the best content for your waiting room TV.

What’s the best? Programming that people will genuinely enjoy watching. Specifically, content that is short form, and compliments a short attention span; and of course- the content should not be medical related. When it comes to waiting room TV programming, the features you want in an optometrist office TV is varietycontrol, and the ability to customize your messaging.

The Best Eye Doctor TV has Variety and Control

Variety of content is very important, because people have a variety of interests. The more variety you have when it comes to your TV content; whether it be food, gardening, news, or sports – the more people you’re going to please. One of the bigger downsides to options like cable is that the variety is manual – you have to physically change the channel. The best TV for any waiting room is one where you can “set it and forget it.”

Equally as important to having a variety of content is having control over that content. With cable, your ability to control what’s on the TV stops at changing the channel – or turning the TV off altogether. In the case of most medical-focused displays, there’s even less freedom; you’re forced to watch whatever’s on until someone turns it off or unplugs it.

Fortunately, waiting room TV technology has come a long way over the years. There are now services that provide you with TONS of content designed with all of this in mind. The one with the most content, and the one that gives you the greatest control and customization – is It’s Relevant TV.

The Best TV for Eye Doctors is It’s Relevant TV

It’s Relevant TV is a cost-effective, feature-rich TV service for medical offices that are invested in patient experience, and have important messaging they’d like to get across to people while they wait. It’s Relevant helps gets that messaging across in a friendly way, while also providing fun and engaging content people actually enjoy watching.

Everything is fully customizable. Users select which kinds of content they want active at any given time from a list of 40+ to choose from, and It’s Relevant streams them directly to the TV from what may be the world’s largest library of licensed short-form content.

Additionally – if you have any company videos, product videos or ads you want to share, you’re able to upload them directly to the TV to play alongside the content It’s Relevant provides. This combination exposes patients to your messaging in a positive way.

If you’re currently using cable, or a looping display, make the switch. You can do a lot better for your optometry office. See what’s out there, and find what works best for you.