Can I Play YouTube Videos In My Medical Office?

Can you play YouTube videos on your waiting room TV?

The short answer is no, not unless they’re Youtube videos you created and own the rights to all of the elements of. The reason you can’t play someone else’s videos in your medical office is because of video licensing. Video licensing prohibits playing any videos in a business without expressed permission. That cool YouTube series that’s fun, family friendly, and seems 100% perfect for your waiting room? No dice — it isn’t legal to play those on your TV without the creator’s say-so. No matter how much visitors would enjoy it or how great you think it would look.

Fortunately — if you had your heart set on a specific kind of content there are other ways to get good, quality videos on your waiting room TV. This article will suggest one or two ways you can achieve that goal, however the best solution will always be getting creating a custom TV network with video licensing built in.

How to Play YouTube Videos on your Waiting Room TV | LEGALLY

Contact the creator of the video or series you’d like to play in your waiting room — plain and simple. Try sending them a direct message, or email them if you know their address. Sometimes all it takes is contacting them, however creators are often going to want compensation in exchange for using their content. And in other cases a YouTube user may not have all of the rights themselves to everything in their video. So they might not have the ability or necessary clearances to even give you permission to use it. Remember; this is only if you want the rights to play a specific video or series in your waiting room.

YouTube videos aren’t enough on their own.

However funny or relevant the content is, relying on a YouTube playlist for your TV solution is a bad idea. Here’s a short list of reasons why:

1.) Playlist features work best on computers and smartphones. YouTube’s UI (user-interface) is designed for a viewer to have on-hand control at a moment’s notice in order to switch playlists or watch something else.

2.) Playlists are often short. Once in a while you’ll find a playlist with a LOT of videos, but more often than not you’re looking at 10 to 20 videos in a series. This becomes VERY repetitive for visitors and staff alike.

3.) Playlists end. No matter how you look at it, the end of a playlist is bad news. If it doesn’t loop, you’re looking at a TV that’s stuck on the video-select screen. Worse is if you have Autoplay toggled, at which point any “related videos” might play. Never mind not having the rights to those new videos, but ANYTHING could be vaguely “related” to that last playlist. There’s no reliable way to police what comes on next without dedicating staff to constantly manage the TV; which is just as silly as it sounds.

That’s where custom TV networks come in handy.

Custom TV Network for your Waiting Room | It’s Relevant TV

Custom TV networks are great because they deliver exactly what you were trying to achieve by playing YouTube videos in your waiting room. Whether you’re new to the idea of a custom TV network or are simply browsing options; It’s Relevant TV is the best place to start. They will show you what’s possible and can help give you an idea of what to expect from other services.

If you were looking for YouTube videos to play in your waiting room, It’s Relevant TV’s got you covered. They also have access to a ton of network TV content as well! They have the licenses you need to play anything they provide.

It’s Relevant isn’t playlist-based. It streams videos directly to your TV based on any categories (over 40+) you have selected. The technology is 100% automatic and customizable; there’s no need to hover in front of the TV in order to keep it going, and you can change your TV’s setting from your computer or smartphone.

IRTV let’s you control your TV from anywhere. You can even block out specific videos and keywords!

It’s Relevant TV licenses content from countless creators in order to give you access to over half-a-million entertaining family-friendly videos. Better than YouTube, it gives you the ability to uploads ads and personal messaging on the side. Between that, and features such as live social media integration, there’s no better way to communicate with your visitors.

You can reach out to a TV expert at using the form on their site if you have any questions about creating a custom TV network for your waiting room.

Business Television | Buying The Best TV For Your Business

Business television — as in, TV specifically designed for your business, is a growing trend amongst small business owners and large franchisees alike. Why? Because everyone benefits from a custom TV network, and more and more people are waking up to the downsides of using cable. Cable and satellite TV simply aren’t a fit — at least not for a lobby or waiting room.

More specifically, business owners are looking for:
1) Better-quality content
2) More control
3) New ways to promote their own services

A business television is the solution to all three. Settling on the right service for your particular business is the trick, because different industries have different needs.

Is Business Television a Good Idea for your Business?

Do you own a…

Restaurant? Whether you have a dining area where customers can sit down and eat, or you simply have an ordering area where people are waiting in line — both are prime opportunities to market to your visitors. Just a couple of minutes is all the time you need to get customers to add a dessert to their meal or take advantage of a new combo. The right business TV can deliver your messaging to customers that are both dining-in or carrying-out.

Medical Office? Urgent cares, dentists, and specialty clinics all benefit from a custom TV network. There’s no better way to showcase products that you endorse or educate patients about new treatments. There’s also no better way to remind visitors about important health & safety measures you’ve taken to keep them safe.

Car Dealership? Probably one of the best examples of an industry with no shortage of things to sell. Everything from new lease offers, to specials on trade-ins, warranties, repair specials, and new models are all fair game to showcase on your business television. Right away you’ll notice more and more customers asking about what they saw on your TVs.

Salon? Salons & Spas are prime candidates for a custom TV network. Whatever service your customer initially came in for, they can be gently reminded of your other services — especially if they’re waiting for their hair or nails to dry.

Gym? Perfect for lobbies and individual workout zones. Put it where people congregate after a workout, or within eyesight of equipment, and you’re guaranteed to get your messaging noticed more; messaging like seasonal membership deals, new classes, or referral programs.

It’s Relevant TV | Diverse Business Television & Programming

It’s Relevant TV serves every industry on the market — restaurants, dealerships, urgent cares, dentists, gyms, salons, entire hospital systems; and more, making it one of the most diverse business TV services you’ll find. However, It’s Relevant isn’t just diverse in the industries it serves; the offering features the world’s largest library of diverse, licensed, short-form content.

It’s TV designed with lobbies and waiting rooms in mind.

If you’re amongst the business owners who are interested in a custom TV network because of its superior content compared to cable, then It’s Relevant TV should be top of your list. IRTV’s vast library of fun and interesting content is comprised of over half-a-million videos spread across 40 unique categories. Content is key because what’s playing on the TV is ultimately going to be what grabs a visitor’s attention. Promoting your services with your own custom messaging is only effective when people are watching the television; that’s why it’s important to choose a service that provides videos that are diverse enough to appeal to all audiences, which will increase your chances of your ads being seen by the right customers at the right time.

Businesses are Changing |Make sure that Change is for the Better

COVID changed the way that a lot of businesses are operating — some of these changes are simply in effect until the pandemic is over, whereas others are here to stay. In the case of restaurants, whole tables are sectioned-off with signs encouraging visitors to maintain social distancing. Bars are erecting plastic barriers between seats. Clinics are placing plastic cones on cushions to prevent people from getting too close to one another. Medical offices are even getting rid of magazines — anything that multiple people are handling is too risky.

An empty magazine kiosk at a dental office.

These measures are for visitor safety, but they nevertheless make people feel out of place and uncomfortable.

With all of these negative changes, make sure your TV is bringing you some positive attention. Business television won’t get rid of any orange traffic cones or empty kiosks, but it’ll certainly help distract visitors from the things that remind them that there’s a pandemic going on; especially news stories that are specifically about the coronavirus itself — which is reason enough to get rid of cable. The last thing you want people to see are stressful stories about how “it still isn’t safe to leave the house.”

Getting Started with It’s Relevant TV

Whether you’re ready to make the switch, or you’re still on the fence about creating a business TV network; the TV experts at are there to help. Chat with them if you have any questions, or schedule a call for a closer look at the content and technology. Custom television for lobbies and waiting rooms is something that every business owner should get excited about. TV that promotes your services, helps get new followers on social media, and costs less than cable is a win-win.