Out-of-Home Advertising: Top 5 Effective Advertising Platforms

Out-of-home advertising is an ace in the deck of advertisement. However, with so many hands to deal out to, settling on the right platform to advertise on can be tricky. This article will identify some of the most popular and effective ways of getting your message out there. However, if you’re only interested in the top, most effective and flexible advertising platform in the growing industry, then check out It’s Relevant TV.

Out-of-Home Advertising: What to Know about the Top 5 Mediums

Knowing the most popular, or most effective ways of advertising is only half the battle. To make the most out of your marketing dollars and reduce wasteful spending, it pays to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each option. There isn’t a single platform listed below that isn’t effective in its own way; although effective or not, certain ones may not be a fit for your budget, your brand, or your target consumer. The more you know, the better.

1.) Billboard Advertising

Because who doesn’t notice a 50ft wide sign on the side of the highway? For many years, billboards have been a popular out-of-home advertising solution; and for good reason. Hundreds or thousand of peopleif not more, pass any given billboard each day. It is an effective means of getting your brand noticed, if not an expensive one. Costing as much as $3,000 – $30,000 a month, there may be wiser, more cost-effective ways to advertise your product or services.

2.) Street / Urban Advertising

Advertisements on the sides of buildings, bus stops, street kiosks, newsstands, and benches are a common sight. It’s simple, somewhat cost-effective, and it’s definitely in view of the public. With so many people seeing it day after day, what could go wrong? Constant exposure is great, but how many people out of the thousands+ that see it, take advantage of it? The answer; not as many as there could be. As with advertising on billboards, or even transportation, wasteful spending is rampant. While more people = higher chances of you hitting your target consumer, too many of your marketing dollars are spent advertising to people who aren’t interested.

3.) Transit Advertising

So long as there’s a blank commercial space to fill, advertisers will often pay top dollar to stamp it with their brand; busses, taxis, trains, cars, and even planes are no exception. Advertising on transit vehicles is just as effective as street advertising, except the adspace is moving all over the place, exposing the messaging to a more widespread geographic consumer base. As effective as it can be, it still suffers the same degree of wasteful spending that most out-of-home advertising platforms face; reaching many people beyond your target demographics.

4.) Outlet / Shopping Mall Advertising

Malls, movie theaters, sports arenas, shopping outlets, and the like; these are all prime spots to showcase what you’re selling. If you are in retail, what better place to put your ad than 100 yards away from where you can get it? Especially if people are going to be passing it all day. Sticking your advertising close to your store, or business, definitely comes with the advantage of convenience. The only thing that’s closer is advertising inside a business itself.

5.) It’s Relevant TV Advertising

Waiting rooms, lobbies, restaurants, retailers, car dealerships, or medical offices; It’s Relevant TV allows you to directly advertise to your target consumers at times they are prone to looking at a TV and receptive to what’s being played. If you’re looking for a cost-effective advertising solution with the best medium to fit your budget, then It’s Relevant is your best bet. Unlike most platforms like billboards or street advertising, which cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars; It’s Relevant showcases your ad on the TV for just 3050 cents a play; letting you run a standard television commercial in diverse targeted locations across the country.

It’s Relevant features scaleability and specificity. You can limit your ad buys to geographic zones and business categories that you specify. Looking to reach people in restaurants within 10 miles of certain city? It’s Relevant TV lets you do that. Purchase ads in just those locations, and get exactly what you want while eliminating wasteful spending.

Look into Advertising on It’s Relevant TV, and put your messaging where it matters most.

Digital Signage Software Providers: Offering Additional Services Provides Less Value

Digital signage software providers and marketing companies like to squeeze as many features as possible into packages for clients; but how much is too much? You might stumble upon a company which provides waiting room TV software that satisfies what you’re looking for, but you also find out the same company provides additional, unrelated services.

Is this really a bad thing? It can be. This article will show you some things to look out for when shopping for digital signage software.

Settling on the Right Digital Signage Software

The right TV provider for your business is out there – the trick is finding it. But how do you settle on the right one? Obvious warning signs such as mandatory long-term contracts are easy to spot without a magnifying lens; it’s the subtle things that are the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Here are the top 3 things to look out for when comparing digital signage services:

1.) Unrelated Services: Say you more or less find what you’re looking for in a digital signage service; except, as you learn more about this company, you discover that they provide a lot more than just TV software for businesses. Services like personalized phone messages, WiFi-marketing, and scented waiting spaces. The additional services pile up and are marketed as “differentiators” or “one-stop shops”.

But what’s bad about getting more? There’s a convenience attached to going with a provider that caters to multiple needs; however you lose out on quality.

A television software provider that has spread its eggs into 10 baskets is not putting 100% into any single one of them. And they certainly aren’t providing your business with the best digital TV software on the market. Unrelated services not relevant to the TV take away time and focus towards creating the best TV experience for your business, and viewers- which we would argue is more important than some of the other considerations.

2.) Focused Content: TV software that is well put-together, but only features industry-specific content, is a red flag. While our research shows that this is the largest concern for medical offices, it can be a problem for any industry.

But why is it a problem? In the case of medical offices, a digital TV display that shows exclusively medical-related content tends to bore or frustrate patients. Patients visit a doctor’s office for medical-related issues – that doesn’t mean they want to watch medical-related TV while they wait. While it might seem like straight up medical TV is a “good fit” for medical waiting rooms – it tends to reduce patient satisfaction, which can have an obvious negative effect on future visits.

Digital Signage Software by It’s Relevant TV

TV is potentially the longest; definitely the most impressionable, part of a visitor’s experience. For this reason; It’s Relevant TV focuses exclusively on delivering quality custom TV content. IRTV does not dabble in other marketing industries, instead they have build a feature-rich platform and network with the ability to mix in your own videos, social media posts, and marketing messages to visitors while they wait. Because It’s Relevant doesn’t distract itself by trying to provide more than the best TV experience possible, businesses can count on it to deliver just that; a TV experience which exposes visitors to your messaging in a positive way, encourages return visits, and strengthens your brand.

If you’re shopping for forward-thinking TV software, check out It’s Relevant TV.