Digital Signage Software Providers: Offering Additional Services Provides Less Value

Digital signage software providers and marketing companies like to squeeze as many features as possible into packages for clients; but how much is too much? You might stumble upon a company which provides waiting room TV software that satisfies what you’re looking for, but you also find out the same company provides additional, unrelated services.

Is this really a bad thing? It can be. This article will show you some things to look out for when shopping for digital signage software.

Settling on the Right Digital Signage Software

The right TV provider for your business is out there – the trick is finding it. But how do you settle on the right one? Obvious warning signs such as mandatory long-term contracts are easy to spot without a magnifying lens; it’s the subtle things that are the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Here are the top 3 things to look out for when comparing digital signage services:

1.) Unrelated Services: Say you more or less find what you’re looking for in a digital signage service; except, as you learn more about this company, you discover that they provide a lot more than just TV software for businesses. Services like personalized phone messages, WiFi-marketing, and scented waiting spaces. The additional services pile up and are marketed as “differentiators” or “one-stop shops”.

But what’s bad about getting more? There’s a convenience attached to going with a provider that caters to multiple needs; however you lose out on quality.

A television software provider that has spread its eggs into 10 baskets is not putting 100% into any single one of them. And they certainly aren’t providing your business with the best digital TV software on the market. Unrelated services not relevant to the TV take away time and focus towards creating the best TV experience for your business, and viewers- which we would argue is more important than some of the other considerations.

2.) Focused Content: TV software that is well put-together, but only features industry-specific content, is a red flag. While our research shows that this is the largest concern for medical offices, it can be a problem for any industry.

But why is it a problem? In the case of medical offices, a digital TV display that shows exclusively medical-related content tends to bore or frustrate patients. Patients visit a doctor’s office for medical-related issues – that doesn’t mean they want to watch medical-related TV while they wait. While it might seem like straight up medical TV is a “good fit” for medical waiting rooms – it tends to reduce patient satisfaction, which can have an obvious negative effect on future visits.

Digital Signage Software by It’s Relevant TV

TV is potentially the longest; definitely the most impressionable, part of a visitor’s experience. For this reason; It’s Relevant TV focuses exclusively on delivering quality custom TV content. IRTV does not dabble in other marketing industries, instead they have build a feature-rich platform and network with the ability to mix in your own videos, social media posts, and marketing messages to visitors while they wait. Because It’s Relevant doesn’t distract itself by trying to provide more than the best TV experience possible, businesses can count on it to deliver just that; a TV experience which exposes visitors to your messaging in a positive way, encourages return visits, and strengthens your brand.

If you’re shopping for forward-thinking TV software, check out It’s Relevant TV.