What’s The Best Dealership TV Service for Waiting Areas?

Looking for the best dealership TV service for your service lounge or sales floor? The trick isn’t finding the self-proclaimed “best” TV software that’s out there; it’s creating an experience that is truly the best fit for you, your customers, and your dealership. This article will outline the most important features you should be looking for in your dealership TV and signage.

What Makes the Best Dealership TV Service, the “Best?”

The best dealership TV service isn’t hard to find. The most effective waiting area TV software is one that’s tailored to your own unique waiting room environment. How do you know if the TV software you’re currently looking at is the best for you? First, you have to identify what you’re No-Stale-Contentlooking to get out of it. But generally speaking, you want something that is entertaining and engaging. You want your sales and service area TVs to be aesthetically pleasing and brand-tailored; with the ability to upload your own personal videos and messaging. Equally as important is a TV solution that is cost-effective, and easy-to-manage. These are the top 5 things to keep in mind when looking for the best TV software for your dealership.

However, knowing what to look for is only half the battle. Finding all of these features in one single TV package is next.

It’s Relevant TV comes with all of the features listed above.

It’s Relevant TV Features Entertaining & Engaging Content

Featuring the world’s largest library of licensed content, It’s Relevant gives users access to over half-a-million videos for visitors to enjoy. Each piece of content is screened by live human beings to ensure that everything is family-friendly, and nothing unsettling or inappropriate ever plays on your TV.

It’s Relevant is not a playlist and does not operate in a repetitive loop.

No-Repeating-ContentWhen you have customers waiting for their vehicles for hours, having a 10-minute, 30-minute, or even a 1-hour loop of videos is not going to cut it. It’s Relevant TV doesn’t loop. It streams new videos constantly, from a list of 40+ categories you pick and choose from. Categories like Cooking, Sports, Automotive, News, and even Trivia. Additionally, the whole system is fully customizable, with the ability to upload your own commercials, and personal messaging on the side, during, or in between content.

It’s Relevant TV has Competitive Ad Block®

If you own a dealership you’re probably kept fairly busy. You might not have the time to sit down in the lounge where your customers are waiting and see this for yourself; but ads from your competitors are being played on the TV for everyone to see! Whether it’s the news, stocks, or talk-shows; no channel is safe. There are car commercials everywhere. If you’re using cable in your waiting area, you can bet these ads are playing multiple times a day.

No-Competitive-AdvertisingIt’s Relevant TV blocks out competitor ads.

You’ll never see another ad for a competing dealership in the area, or a competing car brand with It’s Relevant TV. Your TV should be about you, and your brand.

It’s Relevant TV is Tailored to your Car Brand(s)

It’s Relevant is a custom TV network that works for your brand. Your logo, your videos, and your messaging can all be uploaded into the system and featured on the TV. Whether you want the TV to play exclusively your branded-content, or you want a mix of personal + IRTV content; you’re the boss.

In the case of dealerships; when you mix brand-related content, personal videos, or educational segments with It’s Relevant’s fun and interesting content, visitors will stay tuned longer and be more receptive to your messaging. The best dealership TV service gets your brand noticed.

It’s Relevant TV isn’t Free, but is  Inexpensive


Free is great, however you get what you pay for. While It’s Relevant TV isn’t “free,” it often times costs less than cable and is designed to generate additional revenue for your business. It’s designed to fit your marketing budget, and make those marketing dollars count. Whether you’re a car dealership, boat dealership, or even an automotive repair shop; every little bit helps, and It’s Relevant’s ROI helps offset the cost. The best dealership TV service doesn’t break your budget. Find a TV solution that gives back to your dealership.

It’s Relevant TV is Easy-to-Control from Anywhere

It’s Relevant TV couldn’t be easier to control.

Users are able to adjust settings, upload videos, and manage all of their content from anywhere with virtually any internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone. The It’s Relevant iOS app for iPhone and iPad provides a straightforward way to make changes to individual, or multiple TVs at once; across multiple locations. So if you are part of an auto group, you can control one or all of your dealerships’ screens in one place.

The convenience of being able to make changes from anywhere, at any time is a breath of fresh air for users who aren’t so tech-savvy.

If you still own a flip phone and don’t like interacting with technology yourself, It’s Relevant TV includes a Client Success Manager at no additional charge with every subscription plan. This person is available to make changes for you, and even help with graphic design and strategies for getting the most out of your TV.

It’s Relevant TV is the Best Fit for Car Dealerships

It’s Relevant is a fully-customizable TV network which combines the best aspects of television and digital signage. It provides dealerships across the country with safe, family-friendly content that visitors actually enjoy watching, and mixes that content with your own branded videos and promotions.

Visit It’s Relevant TV for more information, and see why car brands across the country are getting excited about their brand-tailored custom TV networks.