Restaurants: Forward-Thinking Ways of Utilizing Your TV

The best way to get your restaurant moving forward is to embrace forward-thinking technologies. Whether it’s upgrading to digital menu boards, installing state-of-the-art beverage dispensers, or investing in self-service ordering kiosks; there’s no shortage of new ways for business owners and franchisees to improve efficiency, quality of experience, and customer convenience.

With so many areas to improve, and even more ways to improve them with the innovative technology that’s out there today, business owners and franchisees are in a unique position to stand out amongst competitors. However, sifting through the options and settling on the best improvements for your business or franchise can be overwhelming, and finding out where to begin can be just as difficult.

This article will identify one major, yet easy area of improvement most businesses and franchises have in common –  the TV.

Forward-Thinking: The TV in your Restaurant

When taking a good hard look at your restaurant for things to improve, the TV on the wall isn’t usually at the top of the list. Yet something as simple as the TV has the power to make, or break, your business. Before delving into forward-thinking TV solutions, it’s important to understand the purpose of having a TV in your restaurant. The top three things to consider when it comes to your TV are:

1. Who/What is the TV for?: In most cases, the TV is probably for your visitors, as TVs are a familiar, comfort element. If you’re ever sitting down at a restaurant; if you’re not looking at your phone, you’re probably looking at the TV. It exists as a casual distraction. Something for people to watch and help pass the time while they wait, or eat.

2. Where is the TV located?: Almost as important as what’s on the TV is where it is in your business. Does your business have a place for people to sit while they’re waiting to be seen or served? Does it have a bar? A lobby? Or dining area? These are all appropriate places to hang a TV – that goes without saying. You get the most out of your TV when it’s someplace people are going to linger for a while.

3. What’s on the TV?: Taking into consideration the first two points above, you now need to put the right thing on the TV.  9 out of 10 times restaurants use basic cable or DirecTV – this is a classic mistake. Years ago, short of relying on a broadcast antenna, basic cable was just about the only thing to put on a TV. But, in the 21st century, this just isn’t the case. Forward-thinking business owners today are turning to digital signage solutions over services like cable or DirecTV; recognizing them as better alternatives for their business TVs. But digital signage alone won’t do it for your customers.

IRTV: A Forward-Thinking TV Solution for Businesses

The TV in your restaurant (QSR, deli, cafe, coffee shop, or pizza place) is an opportunity to get important messaging across to your customers. It’s a tool, which if used correctly, can improve marketing, visitor experience, and brand awareness. But, not when you’re stuck with cable or DirecTV. You need a service like It’s Relevant TV.

It’s Relevant TV is a custom TV network for businesses and franchises. It’s a service which offers the entertainment factor cable provides, but is presented in a fashion that is more appropriate for business settings. IRTV’s content is short form, and organized in a list of 40+ categories to pick and choose from.