Top 5 Innovative Branding Ideas for 2022

The world is always evolving and in 2022 there are some great new ways for you to brand your business. Some of the Top 5 Innovative Branding ideas are rooted in classic marketing, while others weren’t even possible a few years ago!

Brand Your Business with Your Own TV Network

Here’s a great example of something that didn’t exist up until recently, yet is a cost-effective way of making an impact with your visitors. Forget about cable TV, or digital signs, the new trend is towards having your own custom TV Network. What does that even mean… “Custom TV?”

Well, simply put it’s a screen that displays what looks like traditional TV, while having filters and controls that the business can access. It gives customers something great to watch without the risks of regular TV. All of the benefits without the detriments.

Digital Signage and Business Television

Custom TV providers like It’s Relevant TV and Rele.TV license the content for commercial use, also keeping you clear of any copyright issues you may face when showing videos from private streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

And on top of it all you are able to have your own brand and own promotions on the screen for your customers to see. And that’s where the best marketing strategies come into play with Custom TV. You can reinforce your brand and give customers a great experience while they are in your location.

Brand Your Business with Swag

Everyone loves a T-Shirt; Or a pen, a bag, or anything else that they get for free. Finding some innovative items to put your brand on is a great strategy to extend your brand. T-shirts and pens used to be the go-to’s but today more and more businesses are moving towards pocket hand sanitizers, phone wipes, tablet styluses, and other useful items that people will want to hold onto. There are a ton of mainstream online businesses like Vistaprint and Custom Ink, but don’t forget to check local suppliers as well.

Brand Your Business Through Sponsorships

Some of the best branding you can do is through showing what you support. So instead of buying a billboard on the highway and giving all of those funds to a media company, try searching out the local little leagues and school-run organizations. The advertising will cost you a lot less, and the money isn’t only buying you an ad or a banner, but goodwill as well.

Brand Your Business By Creating an Event

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, whether you realize it or not, you and your team have expertise that matters. You can be fixing cars, treating people medically, baking cupcakes or offering tutoring services. Regardless of your industry, there is always room for an event.

You can have an open house to showcase your work process and allow others to appreciate what you do. You can hold a seminar at the local library to team people an aspect of your business to spark their interest in other things you offer.  Events are great because they solidify you as a prominent source of information. They also can help you generate a lead list of attendees who will be more open to future communications from you than some random person who sends them an email.

Brand Your Business By Donating Branded Materials

This dovetails nicely with the swag-strategy. You can donate branded pens, pencils, bags, water bottles etc. to local organizations that contain your target market. If you have a bakery that serves school age kids, donate some #2 pencils to the school system with your name integrated into them. If you have a restaurant you can donate mugs or cups to local hotels so visitors can discover your establishment while they are visiting.