Patient Education and Engagment for your Hospital TV

Hospital TV systems are a growing trend in the medical industry. As the technology grows, more and more hospitals are turning to waiting room TV software and medical office signage to educate patients and engage with them more. Patient education and engagement is important to every hospital. Whether it’s posters, literature, or a medical display; a lot of time and effort is put into connecting with visitors and delivering health information to people in waiting.

But how effective are these techniques in the long run? The trick is finding the best medical TV software. TV packages for waiting rooms vary. If your goal is to educate patients, you’re going to need medical content; but it’s not that simple. A common mistake that hospitals make is having too much medical content. Keep reading and you’ll see why waiting room television should be balanced.

Hospital TV: Putting Something Great on the TV People will Enjoy

Wanting to educate your patients is a good thing, however it’s important not to over-expose them. Moderation is key. A waiting room TV that only shows medical content might be boring, or unsettling. However educational it might be; who wants to watch countless 3D models of a clogged arteries? Or see a graphic video of an eyeball getting scraped? No one – that’s who. Looping medical displays are bad for that reason; having that type of content is a great way to get patients to ignore what’s on the TV and look at their phones instead.

People are likely to look at the TV when there’s something fun or interesting on it. Providing a balance of educational medical content – mixed with fun and engaging videos is the way to go. Finding the right waiting room TV software which offers the best of both worlds is the next step.

IRTV: Engaging Waiting Room TV Software

TV for waiting rooms doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. It’s Relevant TV makes sure it’s not. It’s Relevant (Also known across the country as Rele.TV) is a custom TV network which provides hospitals and medical clinics with quality, family-friendly content. It’s waiting room television that you control. You pick what categories patients will see while they wait; which will play alongside any waiting room videos, medical-related content, or personal messaging you upload to the network.

IRTV is a tool which blends the educational videos you want patients to see, as well as the fun and engaging content they enjoy watching. When it comes to hospital TV and waiting room digital signage, It’s Relevant TV is all you need to create a signature waiting area environment for your visitors.