Patient Education Videos for Hospitals, Dentists, and Urgent Care Clinics

Patient education videos are a great way for hospitals, dentists, and urgent care clinics to communicate with their visitors. However, you might surprised to discover that a lot of doctors are approaching these videos the wrong way. This article highlights the #1 classic mistake administrators make when it comes to patient education videos, and suggests where you can get the best content for your waiting room television. Click here for a closer look at the technology you should keep in mind while reading this article.

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The most Common Patient Education Pitfall

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There’s a few misconceptions when it comes to patient education videos, but one in particular takes the cake. The most common pitfall that doctors and office managers fall into, is a notion that medical-related videos should be the standard go-to for waiting room television. You see this everywhere you go with other types of media; i.e. tooth-related signage at the dentist, or animal-related magazines at the vet. It’s there to the point that you expect it — it’s a sort of “industry expectation.” These thematic expressions are great for atmosphere and reminding people where they are, but a problem occurs when you try and extend those themes to your waiting room TV.

Fact: Visitors don’t find medical content all-that interesting!

have you ever talked to your patients about it? The truth is, most people find it kind of gross, or unsettling. Regardless of how educational it is, or how important the message is, people just likely aren’t going to appreciate it if it’s all you are showing them. In the end, your medical office pays the price; patient experience goes down despite a good, honest attempt to educate your visitors on X, Y, or Z.

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Patient Education Videos: The Middle-Ground

Make no mistake — educational videos and other medical-related content have their place. However, both are best utilized when paired with videos that are fun, interesting to watch, or entertaining. For that, you’ll need a custom TV network that brings the two together.

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Custom TV networks are the future of waiting room television. For the exact reasons listed earlier in this article, you want to avoid any service that is strictly-medical. However appealing those service providers make it sound, don’t fall for it. Always remember that your patients come first, and what you decide to put on your waiting room TV should reflect what you think they’ll enjoy most. Find a TV service that has the best content and the ability to upload your own videos — double-check any health associations you’re a part of; they might have a library of videos that are free-to-use. If you can cross that off your list, then all you need the entertaining content to balance out the medical.

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Where to Find the Best Content

It’s Relevant TV has the best and most diverse library of content on the market. If you have your own collection of medical videos to mix in, or at this point aren’t worried about showing health-related content — then It’s Relevant TV is the best fit for your waiting room; especially if you’re looking to modernize things.

Content isn’t everything though, it’s one of several key parts. There’s a long list of features to look for when shopping for custom TV networks. The following article: “Top 5 Features to look for in the best Medical Waiting Room TV,” should give you a good idea as far as what to expect from waiting room TV software. Otherwise, you can chat with the TV experts at if you have any questions.