Waiting Room Information Screens | It’s Relevant TV

It’s Relevant TV creates waiting room information screens for hospitals, dentists urgent care clinics, and medical specialists in general; additionally serving restaurants, gyms, salons, and car dealerships as well. Whether you’re currently using cable, satellite, Netflix, or DVDs; reading up on alternative solutions for waiting room television is a great step in the right direction.

Warning: Playing DVDs, Netflix, or Hulu in your waiting room violates most ToS and is illegal. Read this article for more details.

Waiting room information screens are the future, and It’s Relevant TV is paving the way forward with its custom TV networks. If you’d like to know what a waiting room information screen powered by It’s Relevant could mean for you, chat with the TV experts at ItsRelevant.com, or schedule a call with them for a tour of the technology.

IRTV: The Best Waiting Room Information Screens on the Market

It’s Relevant TV stands out as the most feature rich when compared to similar products. First off, the technology is managed with an easy-to-use system, which can be controlled from any computer or smart device — at any time. Any ads, messages, or personal videos that you upload will show up on your TV, and play alongside the fun and entertaining content that It’s Relevant provides.

It’s real TV that you control.

Unlike other services, It’s Relevant is NOT a looping playlist. Instead of several minutes worth of videos, IRTV features over half-a-million pieces of content; making it one of the largest libraries of licensed short-form content in the world. Each video is screened by human beings to ensure that everything is 100% family-friendly and safe for your waiting room.

Put Social Media on your Waiting Room TV with It’s Relevant

It’s Relevant TV features the ability to display your most recent Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts right to your TV. It’s a great way to get more followers on social media, and there’s no risk of any negative comments showing up with your posts. Live social media integration is one of the best features to have on your waiting room information screen; however it’s unique to It’s Relevant TV.

Getting Started with It’s Relevant TV

Visit ItsRelevant.com and talk to the TV experts there about what you’re looking for in your waiting room TV. They’ll answer any questions you have and help you strategize; however scheduling a demo and getting a firsthand look at the features themselves is the best way to experience the technology.