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If you’re looking for a hospital TV system to create a better, more meaningful experience for your visitors, then It’s Relevant TV is your best bet. Centered around patient experience, It’s Relevant has all of the features you could ever hope to find in good, quality hospital TV software.

Tip: Don’t be tempted by “Free TV Services.” Here’s 5 reasons why.

Visit for a closer look at the technology. Chat with the TV experts there if you have any questions, or schedule a call with them if you’re looking to get started right away.

What Makes It’s Relevant the Best Hospital TV System?

First and foremost; It’s Relevant sets itself apart from other hospital TV systems with its incredibly vast selection of fun and interesting content. With over half-a-million videos, IRTV has one of the world’s largest libraries of licensed short-form content. Each and every piece is screened by live human beings to ensure that everything is safe, and family-friendly. Additionally, in the event that there are specific things you’d like to block out of your TV, It’s Relevant features keyword blocking. This proprietary technology allows you to block any videos with that keyword spoken in them from showing up on your TV.

How does that compare to other TV systems?

Other services will only go as far as presenting clients with preloaded playlists, or 30 minutes to 2 hours of the same looping videos as their answer to “entertaining content.” It’s not entertaining; it’s repetitive. This kind of solution is shoddy, and ultimately does more harm than good in the end. Most people shopping for hospital TV systems aren’t sure what to expect, or even look for; therefore they don’t think twice about these cheaply sewn-together, or supposedly-free TV services.

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Good content is the foundation of a good TV system; but what truly makes It’s Relevant the best hospital TV system on the market is how feature rich it is.

A Closer Look at It’s Relevant TV’s Top Features

Does your hospital have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? If so, you can display your most recent posts directly on the TV with IRTV’s social media integration. This is done in a way that’s totally safe; there’s no risk of negative posts or comments showing up on your TV. The process is fully-automated; meaning that you don’t have to do anything except link your accounts to the TV system. There’s no better way to generate more followers on social media by showing visitors what they’re missing. Additionally, it’s a great way to raise awareness for upcoming events or organizations that your hospital supports.

Other services attempt to boast this feature, however their approach often leaves something to be desired. Instead of a fully automated system handling things for you; their solution is for you to take a screenshot of your post, and upload it to the system. The end result looks as ridiculous as it sounds, and it doesn’t prevent negative comments from showing up on your TV.

It’s the mark of a service provider that favors Quantity > Quality. It’s cutting corners and advertising features that are undeveloped.

It’s Relevant TV’s Strategic Approach to Customer Support

It’s Relevant features a unique approach to further helping its clients. Instead of an arbitrary customer support email or phone number, users are assigned a dedicated client success manager. A client success manager ensures that you’ll always be connected with someone who knows you, and knows your hospital. You won’t need to explain your problem multiple times, to multiple people.

Having a go-to person you can rely on — whose name you know — brings customer service to a whole new level.

More than just a general support staff, It’s Relevant’s client success managers are strategic thought partners. Because they know not just the system, but your industry inside-and-out. They are there to guide you, and provide you with the best strategies and practices to help you succeed.

Patient Education & Engagement

Patient education is great, but there’s a trick to it.

The biggest pitfall that hospitals fall into is wanting to put just medical content on the TV. There are TV systems out there solely dedicated to medical content because of hospitals who are adamant about what they want, and without talking to their patients they don’t realize it’s a bad idea. Why? Because patient education videos are much more effective when paired with fun and interesting content that draws the patients into watching.

There’s a limit to how much medical-related content some people can tolerate.

Especially if those people are sick or not feeling too well. Cross-sections of a beating heart or clogged artery, blood being drawn with needles, and eyes getting scraped are NOT the kinds of videos you want playing in your waiting room. Regardless of how informative or educational they are, your patients aren’t generally in the medical field, and so there’s a high chance that they’re not going to find it as interesting as you do.

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It’s Relevant TV’s approach to this issue is a blend of educational + entertaining content. Not all medical-related content is bad, and some of those health messages are important; but good or bad, balancing it out with videos that are fun and interesting helps alleviate some of the stress and anxiety caused by the former.

If you’re going to show medical content, it should be your own personally-approved messaging.

You can use videos from a health association you belong to, or a product manufacturer you feature. A lot of hospitals don’t often realize that they have access to such a library. You might have access to more content than you think; which when paired with It’s Relevant TV makes for one great hospital TV system.

Start your Search with It’s Relevant TV

Choosing the right hospital TV system is a big decision, and with so many options out there it can be hard to tell if the one you’re looking at is really the best fit for your waiting room. Start by chatting with the TV experts at They’ll walk you through the unique content, technology, and strategies, and answer any questions you might have about a custom TV network.