Business TV Service | It’s Relevant TV’s Custom TV Networks

It’s Relevant TV’s business TV service is the best fit for waiting rooms, lobbies, and dining areas. A better alternative to cable TV packages in general, It’s Relevant comes loaded with features designed to improve visitor experience, showcase your services, and generate more followers on social media. It’s TV designed with businesses in mind, with all the tools to help you succeed.

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If you have any questions, or if you’re curious to see what It’s Relevant TV can do for your business firsthand, chat with the TV experts at Otherwise, keep reading for a closer look at some of IRTV’s best features.

The Business TV Service with the Best Content

The key to a great custom TV network is the content. However the trick for actually getting it to work is having enough videos that are the right length. What brings it all together is having videos that are short-form, with enough variety to appeal to any and all audiences. The biggest challenge facing do-it-yourselfers when creating their own custom TV network is hitting all 3 of those points.

It’s Relevant TV’s got you covered.

With over half-a-million videos, IRTV features the largest library of licensed short-form content in the world. New videos are added daily, which are screened by real human beings to ensure that every piece of content is safe and family-friendly. Boasting 50 categories of mainstream content that you can turn off/on individually at any time, you won’t find another business TV service that’s easier to manage; especially one with such fun and diverse content to keep your visitors entertained.

Attention spans are limited whilst waiting. People generally prefer shorter videos in these situations.

A Better Way to Highlight Your Services

Better than posters, flyers, and signs; putting your services on the TV is the best way to get visitors to notice them. Displaying them alongside fun and interesting content is even better — doing so gently educates viewers on products or offers while they’re in a good mood. When someone’s in a good mood, they’re generally more receptive to anything you have to say, or sell to them.

It’s Relevant TV is all about creating a good experience for your visitors, but it’s also dedicated to helping you generate more business by getting your services more traction. It’s Relevant accomplishes this through its free side adspace. If you have an image of an ad, or message that you want visitors to see — you can put it on the TV.

Whether it’s a monthly special, a sale on a particular item, or a reminder for an upcoming event, you’re able to communicate with your visitors in a truly unique, and more effective way. There’s no limit to the amount of ads that you’re able to upload, and you’re also able to upload your own personal videos to play in between It’s Relevant’s licensed content. It’s a great way to use any videos you have laying around.

Do you have videos on YouTube? Get more mileage out of them!

A New Way to Gain Followers on Social Media

Is your business on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? If you’re not on at least one of those, you’re missing out. Whether you’re using your accounts to post ads, showcase upcoming events, or raise awareness for organizations that your business supports; social media is a great tool to reach folks. The more followers you have, the better.

The great thing about real followers is that you can count on them being interested in you.

There’s something about your brand, or your posts, that they like enough to follow your pages. Which is great, but it only goes so far. How do you get more followers? Beyond followers telling friends/family to follow you, it can be difficult; especially if you work for a dentist, hospital, or urgent care.

Do you follow your dentist on Instagram? Or your doctor on Twitter?

Probably not — but you might be surprised to see posts totally unrelated to teeth, health, or anything professional; you might find great stories, or pictures of your doctor engaging in activities that you might have in common, which you never would have imagined them doing. If you knew that those were the kinds of posts you’d see, you just might follow them — you might even be more receptive to any marketing messages you see in between.

It’s Relevant can display those posts on your business’ TV.

Business TV Service + Social Media

People follow X, Y, or Z on social media because a thing is funny, or interesting; they don’t typically expect those things from a restaurant, car dealership, or doctor’s office — but there are some really funny and creative businesses out there. If you put those posts on the TV and show your visitors the kinds things they can expect to see if they followed you, you can bet that you’ll get more followers.

It’s Relevant TV is the only custom TV network with live social media integration. By connecting It’s Relevant to your social media pages, it allows you to syndicate your most recent posts directly to your TV. There’s no risk of any negative posts showing up; the only posts that appear on your TV are the ones made by you or your staff. Even better — the technology is fully automated; just set it and forget it, It’s Relevant does all the work for you.

The Best TV for your Business

The best business TV service isn’t cable, it’s custom television. Cable and satellite TV simply can’t compare to the features, and the amount of control that comes with the alternative. If you have questions about It’s Relevant, or custom TV networks in general; visit and chat with the TV experts there. Or you can get started with a self-install kit by visiting