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Looking to experiment with QR codes in your business or medical office? New waiting room TV technology lets you put QR codes directly on your TV. Better than signs or posters, the TV attracts your visitors’ attention like nothing else; it’s the best place to put something that you want to get noticed. However, putting an interactive QR code on your TV isn’t possible through cable or satellite.

Embracing new technology means doing away with the old, which is a good thing. An alarming amount of business owners aren’t aware that better alternatives to cable are out there. They’re missing out on features that could be generating more revenue and bringing in new customers; or in the case of medical offices- patients.

Are You Using cable or satellite TV? Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Cancel.

It’s Relevant TV is the secret ingredient that’s missing from your waiting area. However, if you’re new to the idea of using a custom TV network instead of cable, we recommend that you read this article; it’s a great introduction to the technology that’s changing the way people view business TV.

QR Codes, Social Media, and More on your Waiting Area TV

QR codes first became widespread all the way back in 2002 when mobile phones were given apps with a QR code-reading feature. Since then, its popularity fizzled out for some period of time; but just recently, they’ve started making a comeback as most native camera apps include an easy to use QR reading feature. If reading this article is any indication, you’re interested in integrating QR codes into your business or medical office. The question is “how?

As you might have already guessed, our answer is the TV.

Your waiting area TV is the best tool you have to get your messaging noticed, which includes QR codes. It’s Relevant TV features the ability to upload your own side images, which play alongside entertaining content that is designed to make viewers more receptive to your messages. Whether it’s ads, promotions for services, or friendly reminders, you have the freedom to put up as many as you want. The images rotate, therefore all of your messaging gets to shine; throw an image with a QR code on the TV and visitors-in-waiting can scan it.

Is your business or medical office on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

It’s Relevant lets you link your TV to your social media accounts with its live social media integration. However great your posts are, most get unseen; displaying your posts on the TV for visitors to see is a great way to show them what they’re missing and generate more followers.

Getting Started with It’s Relevant TV

Visit ItsRelevant.com to schedule a call to get started, or request a demo to see the technology firsthand. If you’re serious about creating a custom TV network for your business, chat with the TV experts at It’s Relevant — however big or small your lobby or waiting room is.