How To Keep Your Small Business Open Without PPP Funding

Looking for ways to keep your small business open without the PPP? This article will show you how one small change can make a big difference in businesses with physical locations. If you don’t have a TV in your business, consider getting one because that investment will go a LONG way if you take this article to heart.

But why the TV?

TVs are particularly effective at catching someone’s eye. It doesn’t matter what’s playing — if it’s on, people will notice it. Visitors will notice, and remember, what’s on the TV more than they’ll remember what was on any posters or signage. That’s why custom TV networks work as well as they do — it’s TV that visitors enjoy watching + features that will help your business succeed.

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No PPP Loan? Creative Cutting & New Revenue Generation will be Key

Many businesses across the U.S. are waiting for PPP round 2. And with the politicians seemingly unable to come to an agreement, it could be a while before we see any added relief.

We’re all in this together, but that doesn’t mean it’s affecting everyone the same way. If you are a business that caters to customers in groups, you are likely having a tougher time than someone with an e-commerce business. The key with any forced change is to do it as thoughtfully as you can. It’s time to dig deep, examine budgets, make some pivots, and hopefully become stronger through the process.

Some of the changes we are making in these dire months will be temporary, and others will be permanent. The best thing you can do is to take a look at what permanent optimizations/changes to your business that you can make that will help you moving forward. You will feel less like you are being forced to make a change that you don’t want to, and more like you are doing something that would help your business for the long haul as we come out the other side of this thing.

One of the areas that can both help you save, and grow simultaneously is changing what powers your TV. Get rid of cable if you haven’t already, and switch to something that will likely costs less, and do more for your business.

Reduced Budgets Need New Marketing Opportunities

Finding it difficult to budget things? Marketing tends to be an area of business that costs a lot, and is hard to trim when you want to keep a steady stream of customers. Utilizing your TV is one way that you can reduce your marketing spend while still making an impact. Internal TV marketing focuses on the people who are visiting your business; people who are already interested in your brand. It’s usually easier to encourage loyal customers to come back and spend more than it is to reel in new customers who aren’t as familiar with your brand.

The TV can be used to promote your marketing messages, get visitors to come back more, and even generate more followers on social media — but not if you’re using cable or satellite. It only works if you’re using a custom TV network, because only custom television comes with features that allow you to create your own personal messages, promote your social media, and give visitors reasons to come back; whether it’s because they were entertained by a fun video and had a good time, or saw an ad for something else that they want to try or take advantage of next time — you can’t go wrong.

Did You Know?: Custom TV networks generally cost less than cable or satellite TV.

Interested in a Custom TV Network? Here’s where to Begin.

The best custom TV software for restaurants, medical offices, dealerships, and retail stores alike is It’s Relevant TV. The folks at It’s Relevant focus on connecting with people and provide the most feature-rich service on the market. The platform and their people are easy to work with. Because of this, they have become preferred choice for business owners across all industries. And unlike standard cable TV, It’s Relevant offers month-to-month plans that you can utilize if you don’t want to be locked into a contract during these troubled times.

Visit and talk to the TV experts there if you have any questions about custom TV networks. Or, schedule a call with them if you’d like a closer look at the technology.