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Removing competitive ads from your business is a difficult task, however the right technology makes it easy. This article will provide you with a strategy to get rid of competitive ads for good — specifically from your business’ TV. For a closer look at the software that makes it all possible, click here.

Where Are Competitive Ads Coming From?

9 times out of 10 it’s your business’ TV.

Whether you’re a restaurant with TV in your dining area, a car dealership with a TV in your lobby, or even an urgent care center with a TV in your waiting room; by using cable or satellite, you’re inviting competitors’ ads into your locations. What’s worse, the reality is that you’re paying to have those competitive commercials playing on your television!

Turning off the TV isn’t the answer, better TV is.

If you’re still paying that cable or satellite company a monthly subscription, the best thing you can do for your business is cut cable, and replace it with a custom TV network. A custom TV network will not only remove those unwanted ads, the right one will let you block out any future content that you, or your visitors, don’t approve of; which is great if you’re keen about acting on feedback.

Choosing the Right Custom TV Network for your Business

A quick Google search will show you that there’s no shortage of options to choose from. Keep in mind; the top 3 things to look for when shopping for business TV software are: engaging content, an easy-to-use management system, and an inexpensive cost. You can read more about those 3 points, and why they’re important, in this article.

The right custom TV network will have features designed to move your business forward.

A cable TV replacement is one thing, but finding television software that doubles as a marketing tool is your real goal. Some of the best features to keep in mind while you’re shopping: the ability to upload your own messages to communicate with your visitors, live social media integration to generate more followers on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and vast amounts of entertaining content to improve visitor experience.

Start your Search with It’s Relevant TV

It’s Relevant TV is the most feature-rich TV software for businesses on the market; featuring all-of-the-above, and more. Chat with the TV experts at if you have any questions; or schedule a meeting with them to see the technology firsthand. Custom TV networks are the future of business television, with more and more business owners making the switch.