Top 5 Things to Consider when Advertising Your Brand

Advertising your brand is essential to the success of your business, product, or service. Yet despite how important advertising is, there’s still a large number of people who forget the basics, or could benefit from a casual reminder. This article will explore the top 5 things to consider before advertising your brand.

Things to Consider when Advertising your Brand:

1.) Who is your audience? Where do they go?

It’s important to think about your audience as a whole, not just about where you want them to go. If you advertise products for a vitamin company, you may think that a medical office is the best place to advertise. And it is a great place to start, however, the people who you’re reaching in that medical office may only visit that place a couple times a year; whereas there are plenty of other places they visit more frequently – places you could be advertising into as well.

2.) Advertise in a positive environment

Have you ever heard the phrase “A smile makes all the difference?” The same thing applies to where you choose to advertise your brand. Remember that great ad at the DMV? Or that commercial on the radio while you were in bumper-to-bumper traffic in 100 degree weather? If so, you probably don’t remember it very fondly. You may have a great commercial, with a great message; but if that message is airing in a place, or at a time when people are frustrated, it will be poorly received through no fault of your message. Make sure you’re advertising in places and through platforms that put people in a positive mood.

3.) Don’t advertise on an “Ad Network”

Avoid digital advertising platforms that surround your ad with ads from other businesses. Few things are more boring than a channel full of ads. The most effective advertising networks feature real content to draw in people’s attention; exposing them to a limited number of ads while they’re invested in what’s on the TV. Viewers aren’t interested in a TV that predominantly plays commercials. They need to have a reason to look at the screen before they can see what you’re selling.

4.) The Medium is just as important as the message

How you get your message across is just as important as the message itself. SEO, text, and image ads can generate traffic for your website and social media accounts, but if you want to tell a story in order to acquire new customers, video is the best medium to do so. The trick is finding the right platform for those videos that is cost-effective, reaches the right audience and is not too ad heavy.

 5.) Have an online business? Don’t forget that your customers live in the real world

A business that operates solely online should definitely have a strong advertising presence on the internet; whether it’s via SEO, search engine ads, or regular old side-scrollers or pop-ups – getting clicks is crucial. However, the toughest part about having all your eggs in one (virtual) basket is the difficulty in building trust among customers. Getting your messaging out in the real world, not just online, will help grow your brand, and trust around you and your products.

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