Top 5 Things to Consider when Advertising Your Brand

Advertising your brand is essential to the success of your business, product, or service. Yet despite how important advertising is, there’s still a large number of people who forget the basics, or could benefit from a casual reminder. This article will explore the top 5 things to consider before advertising your brand.

Things to Consider when Advertising your Brand:

1.) Who is your audience? Where do they go?

It’s important to think about your audience as a whole, not just about where you want them to go. If you advertise products for a vitamin company, you may think that a medical office is the best place to advertise. And it is a great place to start, however, the people who you’re reaching in that medical office may only visit that place a couple times a year; whereas there are plenty of other places they visit more frequently – places you could be advertising into as well.

2.) Advertise in a positive environment

Have you ever heard the phrase “A smile makes all the difference?” The same thing applies to where you choose to advertise your brand. Remember that great ad at the DMV? Or that commercial on the radio while you were in bumper-to-bumper traffic in 100 degree weather? If so, you probably don’t remember it very fondly. You may have a great commercial, with a great message; but if that message is airing in a place, or at a time when people are frustrated, it will be poorly received through no fault of your message. Make sure you’re advertising in places and through platforms that put people in a positive mood.

3.) Don’t advertise on an “Ad Network”

Avoid digital advertising platforms that surround your ad with ads from other businesses. Few things are more boring than a channel full of ads. The most effective advertising networks feature real content to draw in people’s attention; exposing them to a limited number of ads while they’re invested in what’s on the TV. Viewers aren’t interested in a TV that predominantly plays commercials. They need to have a reason to look at the screen before they can see what you’re selling.

4.) The Medium is just as important as the message

How you get your message across is just as important as the message itself. SEO, text, and image ads can generate traffic for your website and social media accounts, but if you want to tell a story in order to acquire new customers, video is the best medium to do so. The trick is finding the right platform for those videos that is cost-effective, reaches the right audience and is not too ad heavy.

 5.) Have an online business? Don’t forget that your customers live in the real world

A business that operates solely online should definitely have a strong advertising presence on the internet; whether it’s via SEO, search engine ads, or regular old side-scrollers or pop-ups – getting clicks is crucial. However, the toughest part about having all your eggs in one (virtual) basket is the difficulty in building trust among customers. Getting your messaging out in the real world, not just online, will help grow your brand, and trust around you and your products.

Consider It’s Relevant TV for your Advertising

It’s Relevant TV is a cost-effective advertising platform which reaches a wide range of television audiences across the country. Currently operating in over half the U.S. states, It’s Relevant is the go-to for businesses and companies that are looking for an inexpensive advertising solution, or want more control over the types of audiences they’re trying to reach. At 30-50 cents a play, businesses are taking advantage of a widely viewed, yet targetable TV platform, at discounted video ad rates usually only seen in online video platforms. It’s Relevant TV is worth considering if you’re on the fence about how to spend your advertising budget.

Restaurants: Forward-Thinking Ways of Utilizing Your TV

The best way to get your restaurant moving forward is to embrace forward-thinking technologies. Whether it’s upgrading to digital menu boards, installing state-of-the-art beverage dispensers, or investing in self-service ordering kiosks; there’s no shortage of new ways for business owners and franchisees to improve efficiency, quality of experience, and customer convenience.

With so many areas to improve, and even more ways to improve them with the innovative technology that’s out there today, business owners and franchisees are in a unique position to stand out amongst competitors. However, sifting through the options and settling on the best improvements for your business or franchise can be overwhelming, and finding out where to begin can be just as difficult.

This article will identify one major, yet easy area of improvement most businesses and franchises have in common –  the TV.

Forward-Thinking: The TV in your Restaurant

When taking a good hard look at your restaurant for things to improve, the TV on the wall isn’t usually at the top of the list. Yet something as simple as the TV has the power to make, or break, your business. Before delving into forward-thinking TV solutions, it’s important to understand the purpose of having a TV in your restaurant. The top three things to consider when it comes to your TV are:

1. Who/What is the TV for?: In most cases, the TV is probably for your visitors, as TVs are a familiar, comfort element. If you’re ever sitting down at a restaurant; if you’re not looking at your phone, you’re probably looking at the TV. It exists as a casual distraction. Something for people to watch and help pass the time while they wait, or eat.

2. Where is the TV located?: Almost as important as what’s on the TV is where it is in your business. Does your business have a place for people to sit while they’re waiting to be seen or served? Does it have a bar? A lobby? Or dining area? These are all appropriate places to hang a TV – that goes without saying. You get the most out of your TV when it’s someplace people are going to linger for a while.

3. What’s on the TV?: Taking into consideration the first two points above, you now need to put the right thing on the TV.  9 out of 10 times restaurants use basic cable or DirecTV – this is a classic mistake. Years ago, short of relying on a broadcast antenna, basic cable was just about the only thing to put on a TV. But, in the 21st century, this just isn’t the case. Forward-thinking business owners today are turning to digital signage solutions over services like cable or DirecTV; recognizing them as better alternatives for their business TVs. But digital signage alone won’t do it for your customers.

IRTV: A Forward-Thinking TV Solution for Businesses

The TV in your restaurant (QSR, deli, cafe, coffee shop, or pizza place) is an opportunity to get important messaging across to your customers. It’s a tool, which if used correctly, can improve marketing, visitor experience, and brand awareness. But, not when you’re stuck with cable or DirecTV. You need a service like It’s Relevant TV.

It’s Relevant TV is a custom TV network for businesses and franchises. It’s a service which offers the entertainment factor cable provides, but is presented in a fashion that is more appropriate for business settings. IRTV’s content is short form, and organized in a list of 40+ categories to pick and choose from.

Hospital Waiting Rooms: Top 3 Reasons NOT to use Cable or DirecTV

Hospital waiting rooms across the country utilize cable or DirecTV. The people in charge unfortunately don’t often realize how risky it is to use those services in their waiting areas. The best waiting rooms out there take full advantage of what a TV is: a tool to reach patients while they’re waiting. In an age of technology where TV digital signage, signage apps, and medical TV displays are growing in popularity, there’s never been a better time to explore waiting room entertainment ideas.

If you’re curious where to begin looking for the best waiting room softwarestart your search here.

REASON 1: Hospital Waiting Rooms with Cable & DirecTV are Missed Opportunities

Cable TV is great, at home; however the same can’t be said in a medical office waiting room. When you settle for cable or DirecTV, you’re putting something on the TV that has nothing to do with your hospital. The time patients spend looking at the TV is time you could have exposed them to your brand, lesser-known services, or any reasons for them to come back. With the right waiting room software, your lobby TV can become an effective tool for inexpensive marketing.

REASON 2: Cable & DirecTV Open the Doors for your Competitors

Whether it’s a local commercial advertising a competing hospital, a news story highlighting some great things another hospital did; or even a bad news story portraying your hospital in a bad light; cable and DirecTV aren’t safe solutions for waiting room TVs.

Digital waiting room displays eliminate the risk of competitor ads showing up on your TV. That is, unless you fall for a free medical TV service for your hospital waiting rooms; in which case you’re at risk for pharmaceutical ads taking away business that should be yours. Don’t be fooled by healthcare TV providers trying to offer you “free” medical office signage.

REASON 3: You don’t Control what’s on the TV with Cable & DirecTV

The idea of lacking control when it comes to anything is pretty serious. You wouldn’t want to lack control while driving, or with the staff you hire, so why wouldn’t you want to control what people are seeing on your TV?

A good waiting room opts for safe, family-friendly content on the TV. However, safe and family-friendly isn’t guaranteed with TV services like cable and DirecTV; which have no way of blocking graphic/inappropriate content. As a result, people can hold you and your facility accountable for things that are beyond your control. When shopping for the best TV service for your hospital waiting rooms, look for something that works for you, and keeps your patients happy.

IRTV for your Hospital Waiting Rooms

It’s Relevant TV is a waiting room TV platform designed with medical offices in mind. Combining the best aspects of television and digital signage; IRTV gives you control over what comes on your TV. With It’s Relevant, there’s no missed opportunity to reach your visitors; because your marketing ads play alongside the interesting, family-friendly content that comes with IRTV.

Don’t settle for a TV service that you don’t control, or one that invites competitor ads onto your screen. You can do better, and in this growing age of technology there is no reason to stick with an antiquated cable service.

Business Owners: How to Become More Relevant to Your Customers

A question for the ages, how does one become more relevant to their customers? Depending on the kind of business you manage, this can be achieved a number of different ways. But one thing is true all-around; the better you understand your customers, the better you’ll be able to relate to them, which will help you figure out how best to make your business more appealing to them.

Becoming More Relevant to Your Customers

Becoming more relevant to your customers doesn’t mean going out of your way to look cool, hip, or “with it;” it didn’t work for the older generations in the 90’s, and it isn’t going to start working now.

The first step towards making your business more relevant, is making your place of business more appealing. To make your setting more appealing, you start by identifying the areas that most commonly need improvement. Whether you own a restaurant, car dealership, or medical office – if your location is shabby, or in disarray, you can forget about people getting more interested in what you have to offer. When your atmosphere is welcoming and inviting, it’s far easier to get your brand noticed, and appreciated by your customers.

Visit the following article for a list of the Top 5 Factors to Enhance your Business Environment; becoming more relevant to your customers begins there!

The Secret to Becoming More Relevant

Now that your business environment has been thoroughly enhanced, or it’s at least on your to-do list, it’s time to explore the most effective way your business, and your brand, can become more relevant to your customers. What’s better? More likely than not it’s a thing you already have in place.

That thing is social media.

Social media is everywhere these days. There isn’t a major company, franchise, or successful business out there that isn’t well-connected on social media. So it should come at no surprise that platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the top tools these bigger businesses swear by when it comes to modern, forward-thinking marketing.

But having accounts on one, or all of these platforms isn’t enough to get people interested; and depending on the type of business you own, it may be harder to gain social media followership. When was the last time you followed your favorite restaurant, diner, or even your dentist on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Probably never. Yet if you visit the websites of all these places, you’ll often find at least one link to one of their social media accounts.

Coming up with the Perfect Post

Try following a business you yourself frequent and see what sorts of things they share over social media. What you find might surprise you. You might discover that the dentist you see maybe once, or twice a year rock-climbs, or plays the guitar in a local band; thus giving you a reason to be interested in more than just their business – but at the same time, it will make you think positively about that particular brand whenever you see it because of a relevant association. You might even recommend them to someone else.

It doesn’t even have to be a hobby, or interest, that gets you interested. By following a restaurant or business, you might discover that they donate a lot of money to a local charity, or find that they support the police, firefighters, or military veterans; details you might have missed, or never would have known if you never followed them on social media.

Your posts don’t have to be perfect; but they also don’t always have to be 100% about pushing your business, or product. Becoming more relevant to your customers means sharing things that are of interest to them; things that will get them thinking positively about your brand whenever they see it.

How you present yourself on social media is key; so are the ways you get your messages out there. The downside to social media being everywhere, is that social media is everywhere. You can’t pop a tic-tac without the container telling you to “Like us on Facebook!” That can get annoying, and might even turn some people away from the product itself. That’s why it’s important to strategize a way to package your social media posts, and present them to customers in a way, and at a time, that’s convenient for everyone.

It’s Relevant TV: A Vehicle for your Social Media Posts

When the recipe for becoming more relevant to your customers is a welcoming atmosphere, a well-connected presence on social media, and a variety of interesting posts to get people thinking positively abut your brand, the trick becomes finding a reliable way to get those messages across.

Look no further than It’s Relevant TV.

IRTV is a quick and easy way to get your social media posts seen by more people, and is an effective means of increasing followership. By getting rid of cable on the TV, and replacing it with It’s Relevant’s custom TV network, you’re able to stream live social media posts directly from your accounts, straight to your TV.

With IRTV, your posts act like your own brief commercials. Showing up in between short, category-specific videos that are interesting, informative, and engaging. It’s Relevant’s content puts customers that are watching in a positive mood, making it easier, and safer, to expose them to your brand, and your messaging.

Be bold, and explore your options. See if you can make your business more relevant to your customers with IRTV.

Can You Replace Commercials on Cable or DirecTV?

The short answer? Yes, you can. However, you’ll probably want to avoid doing so, because it likely constitutes a breach of contract with your television provider.

With so many “terms of service” pages you’ve agreed to when signing up, it’s easy to miss what you are, and aren’t allowed to do.  Even the most common luxuries there are limits; like what you can or can’t do with your TVs.

Questions like the one above, or others like “Can I remove commercials from my TV” or “Do I need to pay extra to show DVDs in my business?” are the key to running a safe ship. While your business may be focused on selling a product or service to a customer, media companies aren’t much different. They make money off of the use of their media properties and/or through advertising that pays for the creation of the content. This article will address an issue that’s becoming more frequent, which is the idea of modifying, or substituting television commercials on your business TV.

Replacing Commercials Using TV Software

There are companies that have made it their mission to create software to help you break the rules. Unfortunately, using the so-called “solutions” can create more problems than it’s worth. With the way technology is constantly evolving, there’s not a lot you can’t do. But just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Your business shouldn’t have to pay the price.

Often times, business owners aren’t even aware that what they’re doing is illegal; especially not when companies are selling them television solutions that encourages them to do prohibited things in the first place. The sticky part is, if you hire, or partner with a company that provides you a service which lets you modify your cable subscription; it doesn’t make you any less liable.

Liable for what, exactly? Business TV software that modifies, or changes the service from its original form without the expressed consent of your provider may violate the Terms & Conditions listed in your service agreement:


There it is. Tucked a little ways down the alphabet on DirecTV’s Terms & Conditions page; where it always was. In case you missed it again, it says:

Unless authorized by DIRECTV in writing through a DIRECTV subscription service, you agree that all Services will be exhibited in entirety, in original form and as provided by us, without any modifications, additions (including the addition of a crawl line), or deletions to any of the Services.”

For the same reasons you can’t play Netflix, or DVDs in a place of business, you can’t alter a portions of broadcasts when they don’t suit your needs.

Just because the technology exists, doesn’t mean it’s legal to use it

Let’s look at a separate example of tech companies helping you break the rules. Take speeding in your car for instance. No one wants to get a speeding ticket. Radar jammers were invented to block a police officer’s ability to measure your speed while you are using it. But they are illegal in all 50 U.S. states.

The penalty for using a radar jammer is much worse than the few hundred dollar fine you’d  get for speeding. Federal law provides up to a $75,000 fine and possible imprisonment! And the radar jammer manufacturer isn’t going to owe the money or serve the time. As the person that got caught using it, you will.

Why are you Replacing Commercials in the First Place?

It’s a bad sign if you get to this point. If you’re trying to replace unwanted commercials that keep showing up on your business TV, what does that tell you? It illustrates how you’re not in control of what’s on your TV. It demonstrates how services like cable and DirecTV aren’t really a fit for businesses in general. Yet so many business owners settle for it, despite there being alternatives that cost less, and let you do more.

There’s a silver lining to all of this, though. If you’re trying to modify the commercials on your cable, or DirecTV supscription, it means you recognize how harmful certain commercials can be for your business. Dealerships obviously don’t want ads for other local dealerships running on their TVs, and fast-food restaurants wouldn’t want ads for cheaper coffee, or better meal deals from a franchise across the street.

In the end, there’s better ways to market your business than a costly cable subscription. There’s It’s Relevant.

IRTV: Replace the Cable, not the Commercial

It’s Relevant TV is the solution you’re looking for if you’re a business owner, and you want to overwrite competitive commercials, but keep the TV content. It’s Relevant keeps competitive commercials automatically. Plus you can showcase your own spots among the premium content IRTV provides. Everything is safe, family-friendly, and things people genuinely enjoy watching.

It’s a television service that gives you control over what comes on the TV, and costs less than what most businesses are paying for cable, or digital display software. The best part? No more paying a cable company to play competitor ads in your business.

Black Friday 2019 TV Deals for Your Business!

Whether you own a Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR), a car dealership, or a medical office, a new TV could be just what you need to spice up your location; and there’s no better time than now to invest in one!

This article will illustrate why now is a great time get a new TV for your business, as well as point you in the right direction of where to start looking for a cost-effective TV solution that works for you.

A New TV for your Business? Tis’ the Season!

Black Friday… Cyber Monday… The weeks of sales and savings before, and after these well-known purchasing events are the best times to buy a TV. With the Thanksgiving holiday wrapping up, and the festive season just around the corner, prices for such things are as low as they’ve been all year.

Need a TV for your business? Or a second TV to highlight a part of your restaurant that the first TV doesn’t reach? Now’s the time to think about browsing, and treating yourself to a new screen! Below are just a handful of the great Black Friday specials on HDTVs going on this 2019 season:

1.) Insignia 32″ 720p HD Smart LED TV (NS-32DF310NA19) Fire TV Edition + Free Echo Dot – $99.99 at Amazon

2.) Westinghouse 50″ LED Smart 4K Roku TV w/ HDR – $149.99 at Best Buy

3.) Hisense 43″ 4K UHD HDR Android Smart LED TV (43H6570F) – $179.99 at Best Buy

4.) LG 55″ LED 2160p Smart 4K UHD TV with HDR (UK6090PUA) – $299.99 at Best Buy

5.) Samsung 55″ 4K Smart LED TV (UN55NU6900FXZA) – $329.99 at Samsung

6.) TCL 65″ 4K UHD Roku Smart TV (65S423) – $379.00 at Sam’s Club

How to Best Use Your Television in Your Business

Getting a TV is only half the battle. To get the most out of your new screen, you need something to put on it. Years ago, the general go-to for filling the screen  was cable. However, as technology has evolved, new and innovative TV solutions now exist that are made for business settings.

So now that you’ve got your shiny new TV, you’ll need something great to put on it. Now before you consider settling for regular old cable, or even worse; Netflix, for your business’ TV entertainment solution, consider what those services are designed for.

Cable TV is meant for the home-setting. Where friends and family sit down and watch TV, for the purpose of sitting down, and watching TV. That’s less-so the case in a restaurant, where folks are there to eat, or converse with one another, or in a medical office where they just want to relax before an appointment. With how familiar cable is, it’s easy to see why so many businesses throw it on their screens – because what else is there?

The answer? A lot.

Alternatives to cable are out there, if you take the time to look. Alternatives that are made for businesses, and cost less than cable. One service in particular stands out above the rest.

IRTV: The Best Business TV Solution

It’s Relevant TV is all you’ll ever need when it comes to TV inside of waiting rooms and businesses. Combining the best aspects of television, and digital signage – It’s Relevant streams content from a library of over half-a-million videos; broken down into 40+ categories to pick and choose from. With the option of uploading your own personal ads and videos to play in between, or alongside IRTV’s interesting content.

If you’re looking for a TV network with engaging, family-friendly content; one that you control, which can be spread across multiple TVs, then It’s Relevant is right for you. Don’t settle for a costly cable service that allows competitor ads into your business, not when digital signage solutions like It’s Relevant TV are an option.

Business TV Risk: How the TV in Your Business is Hurting You

“If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

If your business TV is playing poor content, and you’re not there to watch it, are visitors still seeing it? Yes, they are; and it’s hurting your business, your brand, and your bottom line. If you already know where this is going, and you’d like to explore an alternatives to cable or DirecTV, start here.

How your Business TV is Hurting your Business

It isn’t the TV that’s hurting your business, as much as it is the programming that’s playing on it. A big part of the problem is a lack of awareness. Business owners don’t always know what’s on the TV. Whether they’re behind the counter, in the back office, or even working from home – you don’t know what’s playing unless you’re sitting in front of the TV, watching it. So chances are, you’re not seeing how the TV that you bought to entertain your visitors is actually showing boring politicsgraphic news, or even worse; COMPETITOR ADS.

How your Business TV is Hurting your Brand

Nothing beats being the owner of a business that sells something like coffee and breakfast fixings literally paying to have competitor ads show up in their business, advertising where to get the same things; but cheaper. That’s effectivly what you’re doing by choosing services like cable and DirecTV to power your business television. You’re paying to invite other brands to steal your customers away; outshining your own brand and reducing your monthly revenue.

The worst part? No one’s really interested or even enjoying the programming that’s playing. When was the last time you sat down at a fast-food restaurant, saw a local news story about a man who was stabbed to death, and as a result had a cheery conversation with friends or family while you ate?

Probably never. That kind of programming can is almost certain to create a bad, or awkward experience for your visitors. This can leave a bad impression on your brand, and even impact the chances of your visitors coming back.

Identifying the problem is only half the battle. Fortunately, it’s a problem that’s easy to address.

How to Fix your Business TV: IRTV

Until recently, there never really was much else to put on the TV other than cable; but as technology evolves, forward-thinking business owners are turning to services that cost less, with features that improve their marketing, and host content that is engaging, and family-friendly.

IRTV, or It’s Relevant TV, is television software that business owners across the country are taking advantage in order to become more relevant to their customers; using it as a customizable marketing tool, one that replaces the boring, graphic, and unwanted content with videos that people genuinely enjoy watching.

If you’re a business owner, or you manage a business with a TV; take 3 minutes out of your day and put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Watch the TV, see what they’re seeing, and consider whether or not you’re getting the most out of your service. Don’t be afraid to change what’s on the TV.

Your Waiting Room TVs are Different from Your Patient Room TVs

Whether it’s your waiting room TVs, the TVs in your patient rooms, or even the ones in your nurses’ stations or employee lounges; TVs play a vital roll in your hospital. In fact, it’s hard to settle down anywhere in a hospital without seeing a TV from where you’re sitting. That’s why what goes on the TV is important. But before you throw any old thing on the screen, you should consider what the TV is for.

Waiting Room TVs vs Patient Room TVs

When deciding what to put on the TV, it’s important to recognize that the TVs in your patient rooms serve a different purpose than the TVs in your waiting rooms. Patient rooms are places where patients have a one-on-one experience with the TV. They can also be there for an extended period of time. That being said, it’s a no-brainer as to why cable is the preferred choice for patient rooms. The patient gets to control what’s on their TV. They are the primary audience of that television, and as such can choose the exact content they want to without upsetting anyone else.

Waiting room TVs are different. If you have a solution that works in your patient rooms, it’s likely not the best solution for your waiting rooms. The time spent waiting is usually less than in exam rooms, and the audience is different. The content on your TVs should reflect that.

Patients gathered in a waiting room aren’t there to watch TV like they would at home. They’re in a waiting room, waiting to be seen, or waiting for someone else to come back from treatment. Waiting room TVs are casual distractions to help pass the time. Patients neither have the time, nor the interest, to invest in shows or segments that run 30-60 minutes long. So why pay for something that people are ignoring? You can do better than cable, or a medical TV display for your waiting rooms.

IRTV: Better Waiting Room Television

It’s Relevant TV is television designed for waiting room settings. It’s short-form, family-friendly content is split into 40+ categories that you pick and choose from which people genuinely enjoy watching. Patients gathered in waiting rooms aren’t individually in control of the TV, or TVs there. The ability to have multiple programming types appearing on the screen, which helps the patients all find something they enjoy, and keeping the content a short, 2-3 minutes long is best as you can shift between many content types to please the greatest number of people.

So leave cable to the patient rooms, and explore how you can do better for your waiting room TVs with It’s Relevant TV.


What’s on Your TV?: The Risks of Cable & DirecTV for Waiting Rooms

If you’re a business owner, marketing professional, or someone in charge of visitor experience; and you don’t know what’s on your TV in your waiting areas, you may want to keep reading. This article will highlight some of the things that are appearing on your waiting room TV without you realizing it.

Why knowing what’s on your TV is Important.

Some people say “what you don’t know can’t hurt you,” but in reality, the exact opposite is true. In the case of your waiting room TV, not knowing what’s playing can come back to haunt you. It’s like leaving your garage door open for the day; you have no idea how many unwelcome squirrels, birds, and mice may have found their way inside. You might think you have the TV tuned to something safe, or family-friendly; but with cable, DirecTV or a medical service provider, you don’t know unless you’re there in person. Unless you’re in control of what’s on your TV, there’s really no telling what your visitors might be exposed to.

When Using Cable or DirecTV…

The News, Food Network, and channels like E! are the go-to standard for waiting room television. What is the purpose of choosing these channels? It’s usually just needing something to put on the TV. TVs are in waiting rooms because they’re a familiar distraction. They can reduce stress, and help pass the time; people put TVs in waiting rooms because they care about the comfort of their visitors. That is their intent, at least.

The news is often depressing, violent, and graphic. People in waiting areas don’t want to see how many people died in a shooting. They don’t want to see endless political commentary, graphic images of injured or fearful human beings, or a news story about something bad that happened close by. Nothing says “I’ll think twice about coming here next time” than a string of recent crimes in the area.

Channels like the Food Network, HGTV, and E! are tame by comparison, but no less important to keep in mind. Visitors have called these networks boring and frustrating. People have never been more sensitive to the smallest things than they are today; they’ve also never been more able to express those fleeting feelings of frustration over social media and online reviews. Something they saw on your TV, which has nothing to do with your business, could be the reason they go online and rant about their “bad experience”. As a result, you’ll lose potential customers who decide to go somewhere based on reviews.

It’s impossible to please 100% of the people 100% of the time, especially with services like cable or DirecTV. However waiting room TV software exists that gives you control over what’s on your TV; allowing you to cater to the interests of many, as opposed to few.

When Using Medical TV…

In the case of hospitals, clinics, or medical offices, sometimes what’s on the TV isn’t cable, but rather a looping medical display. These programs are detailed, informative, yet very often graphic, anxiety driving or depressing to waiting patients. Cross-sections of the human body, graphic imagery of a clogged artery, or a bold adventure down a 3D-rendered infected colon are not what visitors want to see. This is the sort of content that visitors are watching on your TV if you subscribe to medical waiting room television.

It’s gross, it’s unsettling, and if you’re lucky it’s not looping every 5 minutes. If this is going on in your waiting room, take a moment to sit in the chairs as if you were a patient. Watch the TV, and really consider if this sort of programming is actually improving visitor experience.

It’s Relevant TV, on your TV

“The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few.”


The trick to successful waiting room TV programming is content; content that you control, which appeals to as many people as possible. A good TV display doesn’t loop. It should feature interesting videos that are family-friendly, and should be something you can trust to set it and forget it.

It’s Relevant TV is just that. It’s a custom TV network; one that you control. You pick which categories you think your visitors will enjoy, and IRTV does the rest; providing you with non-loopingfamily-friendly content that is short-form, meaning that chances are high that someone will see a program that interests them during the time they spend waiting.

It’s Relevant puts visitors in a good mood, that helps lead to a good experience, which turns into repeat business. We no longer live in an age where standard TV channels are the only thing that can go on a TV.

Do more for your business by doing more with your TV.

Top 5 Ways to Modernize Your Hospital & Waiting Rooms

Striving to modernize your hospital is an essential task, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. With a new age of technology that has given us countless innovative ways to improve our lives and businesses, figuring out where to begin may seem daunting; nevertheless, this article will explore the top 5 ways to bring your hospital into the 21st century.

Modernize your Hospital: Where to Begin?

Improving your hospital begins with improving patient experience, and patient experience begins in the waiting room. A comfortable, modern-style waiting room is the key to improving your hospital as a whole. The following 5 points will show you how you can achieve that goal:

5.) Forward Thinking:

Favoring progession, exploring innovative technologies, and investing in new ways of doing things is the first step towards bringing your hospital into the new age. First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that things change. Change can be difficult, but it’s a good thing. Keeping up with technology lets you keep up with your patients; by staying in the past, you’re disconnecting yourself from them. Do some research, explore your options, and see what’s out there!

4.) Communication & Productivity:

The ways in which we’re able to communicate with one another has evolved greatly over the years. When it comes to your hospital, improving the ways in which you’re able to communicate with patients, and staff, is a great step towards forward thinking.

In an evolving culture where emails are missed and ignored, hospitals are looking for new ways to communicate with their staff in places they’ll notice important messaging. At the same time, they’re exploring new ways to inform patients of important reminders, services they could be utilizing, and overall reasons to come back and improve their health and overall well-being. If you’re curious where to start, there’s no better way to get someone’s attention than the TV.

3.) Decour & Ambiance:

Never underestimate the power of interior decorating, because nothing leaves a lasting impression quite like a first impression. A few well-placed plants, some hanging portraits, and a TV, can make or break a waiting room. It’s all about atmosphere. Making sure there are decorative features to fill blank spaces, comfy chairs to sit in, no unsettling stains or holes in the wall, and something good on the TV; all of these are important factors to consider when modernizing your hospital.

2.) Patient Comfort:

Ensuring that patient comfort is up to par should come at no surprise, a good health center puts its patients first. Hearkening back to the idea that patient experience begins in the waiting room, it goes without saying that comfortability is closer to the top of the list.

The key is generating a positive experience that won’t leave patients feeling nervous, stressed out, or worse than they were when they arrived. There are many new and innovative ways to generate that kind of positive experience, but the most effective means is through your waiting room TV. The right TV service can make all the difference in the end. Finding one that works for you often means moving away from cable, boring slideshows, or unsettling medical content.

1.) Technology:

There’s no better way to modernize your hospital than modernizing your technology. This starts with the TVs in your waiting room. Not the TVs themselves, but what’s on them.

As many hospitals strive to keep up with patient demand, many are forgetting to bring their TVs the modern age – settling for an antiquated solution instead. Cable, and looping medical displays, are holding hospitals back when their TVs could be doing so much more for them and their patients. We’re no longer in an age where the only thing that can go on the TV is cable, and we’re well beyond needing to settle for cheap, all0medical-related content. Take some time to explore cable alternatives that are out there for hospitals to take advantage of, and see how you could improve your hospital.

Modernize your Hospital with It’s Relevant TV

Utilizing It’s Relevant TV is an easy step in the right direction to bring your hospital’s waiting room into the 21st century. A new and innovative approach to waiting room TVs, It’s Relevant provides hospitals with a custom TV network; one that you control. With content that is interesting, family-friendly, and spread across 40+ categories to pick and choose from – that generates a more welcoming environment, and gives patients a pleasant distraction as they wait for treatment.

It’s Relevant is forward thinking. It combines the best aspects of television and digital signage in order to deliver a final product which improves patient experience, and allows you to engage with them, and your staff, on levels otherwise impossible with cable TV, or medical TV displays. It’s also future-proof, because the service and technology evolves with the times.

Explore It’s Relevant TV, and see how it could transform your waiting room TVs.