Don’t Get Sued for Using TV Streaming Services In Your Business

Free TV streaming services, or even the mainstream paid subscription streaming apps, might seem like the perfect thing to put on your business TV. Don’t be fooled. If you’re not careful, that free, or low-cost subscription could be putting your business at risk for getting sued by big companies and powerful TV networks. This article will help you identify what to look for in a safe TV solution, and whether or not the TV streaming service in your business is okay-to-use.

TV Streaming Services Like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are the 3 most popular paid-subscription services out there. They’re usually what comes to mind whenever someone thinks of TV/movie streaming; and at roughly $10/month, who wouldn’t go for that in their business? The Answer: someone who doesn’t want a lawsuit. If you look up the Terms & Conditions for TV streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video, you’ll see that all of these subscriptions are for personal-use only.

What does that mean exactly?

In short, it means that the content isn’t licensed for commercial-use. You’re not allowed to play these in a restaurant, waiting room, or any business or public setting. The actual cost of licensing a movie or episodes of a TV show is usually so costly that no one in their right mind would bother trying. At least not for a business. However in case you’re curious, we’ve got the numbers; the cost of actually licensing an older movie to play publicly is around $250-$600 for a single showing. That means only one time. So if you are running a DVD on loop in your waiting room all day long the bill would be over $2,000 per day, or over $700,000 per year. And that’s not even for showing a recent blockbuster hit- those would be even more expensive. It’s safe to say that those spending-dollars could be put to better use.

Popular Movies & DVDs

You’re not allowed to play movies or DVDs in your business for the same reasons you can’t stream services like Netflix and Hulu – your copy of a DVD is a licensed for personal-use only. You can enjoy the movie on your own, or you can watch it with friends and family in a private setting – that’s about it. Putting “Finding Nemo” on the TV in your business or waiting room is gambling on the wrong person seeing it, which could lead to a very heavy lawsuit.

It should be noted that not all DVDs carry this risk. DVDs that are labeled and licensed for commercial use, or as a waiting room TV solution should be perfectly legal. The downside to these sorts of DVDs is the content. The videos tend to be stale, dry, or generally uninteresting to watch. And the content is limited to just an hour or two on constant loop. By and large, you don’t want your visitors to be bored, and you certainly don’t want the quality of your TV’s content to reflect poorly on your business as a whole.

Streaming YouTube Videos onto your Business TV

This requires a little IT finagling; but with the right know-how you can generate a playlist of videos taken directly from YouTube, or similar video-hosting websites, and upload them to your TV for visitors to see. Is this safe, or legal? Yes, No, well maybe. It all depends on whether or not the video is yours, or if it isn’t, that you have the expressed permission to use it. Picking some random videos off of YouTube that you like and putting them up on the TV carries the same risk as showing Netflix or Hulu if you don’t have the creator’s permission.

Showing your own videos on the TV is a step in the right direction. Personally-branded ads, or messaging, is a great way to get people informed about what you do, or what you offer – however, it’s not enough on its own.

The Best TV Solution for Businesses

Your personal messaging is more effective when it’s sprinkled in with mainstream content that is fun, or interesting. However, you’ve probably noticed in this article that licensing such content legally seems to cost an arm and a leg.

Not with It’s Relevant TV.

It’s Relevant TV streams videos from a broad host of content creators, TV studios and networks to deliver safe, family-friendly content that is 100% commercially licensed, legal, and will be exactly be the kinds of videos visitors will enjoy watching.

In addition to avoiding the risks, IRTV brings promotional opportunities for your business. The licensed videos It’s Relevant TV provides play alongside your own personal messaging – presenting it to viewers in a gentle way that gets them to think, or respond positively towards it. Pairing your messaging with short-form, customizable content that your visitors will enjoy watching will keep things safe, and promote a positive experience in your business.