Should I Cancel Cable? A Better Cable Alternative For Businesses

Are you just about ready to cancel cable TV in your business? Many business owners feel as though their cable subscription costs more money than it’s worth; this is especially true when most people are looking at their phones instead of the TV. If you think that your TV service isn’t doing enough for you and your business, it probably isn’t. However, that’s not the TV’s fault – it’s what’s on the TV that’s not working. The right TV service makes all the difference. So before you take that screen off your wall, consider that there are alternatives to cable TV that are made with your business in mind.

Cancel Cable TV for Something Better

Cable TV just doesn’t work in businesses. Why? because it was designed for the home-setting. The one-on-one experience with cable TV is the desired one, in which the viewer controls the screen and puts on what they want to watch. That works great at home, but not in public.

There’s a certain comfort factor associated with TVs, which is why so many businesses and waiting rooms have TVs in them; this idea is sound in principle, but fails in practice. The fact of the matter is: People aren’t coming into your business to watch TV. They’re there to get treatment if it’s a medical office, buy a car if it’s a dealership; and so on. One thing is for certain; visitors notice the TV.

Instead of boring talkshows, stressful news & politics, or graphic nature shows featuring animals eating each other, the best TV for your business is one that fits your business and your customers. One that promotes your services, speaks to your visitors, and gets them excited about your brand.

The Best Cable Alternative for Your Business

Whether you’re a restaurant, urgent care, dentist, or car dealership – the best TV option for your business is It’s Relevant TV. It’s Relevant gives business owners control over what’s on the TV, and gives them the freedom to upload their own personal videos and important messaging for visitors to see.

IRTV has the basic features most business wanted cable for in the first place; things like local or national news, and up-to-date weather reports. However, unlike cable, it comes with the ability to integrate your social media accounts with your TV. So if your business is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can showcase your most recent posts for visitors in your business to see what they’re missing, and get more people to follow you.

Visitors take notice of the TV more than posters, signs, and any other signage – It’s Relevant takes advantage of that by giving you the option to put promotions on the side of the broadcast while people are watching the fun and interesting short-form content that comes with It’s Relevant TV.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to cancel your cable TV subscription, the following article lists “10 Reasons to Cut the Cord”. However, if you’ve already made the choice in your head about getting rid of cable, consider something like It’s Relevant TV before getting rid of the TV altogether.