USA Soccer Champion Megan Rapinoe Drops the “F-Bomb” in front of Millions of Unsuspecting Patients & Customers

If you follow sports, or just happened to be watching any of the major news networks close to noon on July 10th – you probably saw, or at least heard about, Megan Rapinoe’s speech in front of New York City Hall. In all of her excitement, the captain of the Reign FC women’s soccer team shouted out a rather vulgar phrase to a large crowd of fans that came to see her, as well the millions of Americans who tuned into the live broadcast on all of the major news networks. In case you missed what was said, you can check out the video below:


-Megan Rapinoe

Was the female soccer player’s excitement warranted? Absolutely! Her and her team’s victory in the Women’s World Cup was a great win for women’s sports, and American sports in general. But if you were a parent, and you happened to be taking your kid(s) to a doctor’s appointment, or dentist appointment at that time; you better hope the TV wasn’t tuned to the live coverage! Or worse; if you were the owner of that medical office, or dentist office, and a patient complained to you about the graphic, or inappropriate language their kids heard on the TV. It’s embarrassing!

Bad TV is Bad for your Medical Office

Obviously, this isn’t what anyone thinks will happen when they turn their waiting room TV to the news channel every morning. But it happens more often then you might think. The TV is there for the benefit of your visitors; as a distraction, white noise, or literally just so they can watch the news. People generally put the news on in waiting rooms because they consider it “safe,” or neutral enough to set it and forget it; without necessarily realizing how often graphic images, or violent stories are broadcast throughout the day. Or in the case of Megan Rapinoe, vulgar language.

You might say well “it’s not my fault”. Or like the news anchor in the video above said you “can’t control” what Megan Rapinoe says. But you can choose whether or not to show it. And you shouldn’t.

It’s Relevant TV Blocks the Bad

Up until recently, TV was all or nothing. When you tuned to a channel you got it all and how no ability to “filter out” or “mix in” content as needed. It’s Relevant TV changed that. IRTV creates custom TV networks that keeps programming on the TV, while removing the things you don’t want. Things like bad language are automatically removed from the broadcast without you having to do a thing. You can then go further to block certain content types, topics or even specific words from your broadcasts. You can add in videos and message you’d like your patients to hear surrounding the family-friendly content.

Beyond what you remove, you can also bring positivity and purpose to the things you are showing on the screen. It’s Relevant lets you add in videos and messages you’d like your patients to see and hear surrounding the family-friendly content that’s appearing on the broadcast.

You can do better for your visitors, and your medical office.