Video Producers: How To Get Your Clients To Hire You for More Videos

Video producers help businesses generate more success with great visual content; but how often are those videos being used to their fullest potential? Just about every type of business benefits from custom made videos, but not every business owner knows how to utilize them properly. And it’s far too often that the business that hires you to produce a video thinks you are to blame if it doesn’t get viewed enough times.

Even if you’ve created the best video in the world for a client – if they don’t know how to get it seen, your efforts may have largely gone to waste, and you may not be hired again. We’ve seen that more and more a video is judged on it’s viewership over it’s quality of content. So if you are in the producer mindset and not thinking about distribution, your video may be seen as poor, even if it’s great.

“I want a viral video”. How many times have you heard that despite it being such an unrealistic expectation?

Neither you, nor your client, want something that’s going to peak at 500 views on YouTube and practically go unnoticed. And at the same time you can’t promise them a viral hit. Luckily, there are tools out there that your clients can use that will help them get the most out of your hard work, and their custom videos.

Professional Video Producers want their Clients to see Value in their Work.

Your client’s success is your success. Not to mention that it feels great knowing that your work is appreciated, and effective. A good content creator wants their client to be happy with the videos they commissioned; because the happier a client is, the better chances you have of them commissioning more work from you. But what makes them happy? Results!

Getting your client to love something you produce for them is less about improving your production quality; though as producers it’s something we all strive to do. Instead, it’s more about helping your client get the work you did for them seen by more people in an inexpensive, efficient manner. This will not only help them generate more success, it will better demonstrate your value to them and increase the likelihood of them hiring you for more videos. But where do they start?

Well if your client has a multi-million dollar advertising budget, the choice is easy: broadcast TV. If they don’t have millions to spend on advertising, what do they do? They can still put it on the TV. The TV in their business, that is.

Use It’s Relevant TV as a Way to Drive Results from your Videos

It’s Relevant TV creates custom TV networks for businesses. Simply put: it’s a mix of TV programming and branded videos that feels like TV with a bit more control for the business. It gives your clients the ability to share their videos and messaging alongside entertaining, short-form TV content. Any of the videos you make for your client can be uploaded to It’s Relevant and played on your client’s TV(s) for visitors to see. Instead of your client only uploading it to platforms like Facebook or YouTube where it will only be seen for a short time after it’s posted – videos that are uploaded onto It’s Relevant will stay top of mind because they will be playing on a TV that visitors will see each and every day.

If your clients have the TV, and they have the videos you’ve produced for them, why not showcase those videos on the TV?

If you’re a video producer, or content creator who has clients who are complaining about a lack of views or who aren’t seeing the true value of the videos you’ve produced for them, introduce them to It’s Relevant TV. Show them just how much more BANG they can be getting out of the content they hired you to create.