Looking for Alternatives to Mood Media’s Mood TV in Light of their Bankruptcy?

Mood TV / Mood Media Corp files for bankruptcy.

If you’re a business owner who is currently using a custom TV network at your location(s), you know that custom TV is the future of business television. However if you’re currently using Mood TV, you might want to consider looking into a better alternative to the service. As of early July 2020, Mood Media announced that the Texas-based company would be filing for bankruptcy — for the second time since 2017.

Whether you’re a current user, or if Mood TV was at the top of your list of options; there are services out there with more features and less ads that you should know about. This article is your guide to settling on the best TV for your business, by the end you should know exactly what to look for in a custom TV network. However if you’d rather chat with a live TV expert and bring any questions you might have, you can schedule a call with one here.

Not in the Mood to deal with Mood TV?

You’re not the only one. Luckily Mood is not your only option. It’s Relevant TV is the best on the market when it comes to content, technology, and strategic support. Subscribing to the service gives you access to half-a-million videos spread across 40+ categories, which you can turn on/off at any time. The categories are like channels, except that you can block out the ones that aren’t a fit for your business. The videos are all short-form, which is important for waiting rooms, lobbies, and waiting areas.

Variety is what works.

With short videos and varied content, you appeal to a much larger audience; there’s a much higher chance of seeing something you like. The content that people enjoy the most are the little things they wouldn’t have found on their own. You want fun, or interesting segments that visitors can take something away from; whether it’s a joke, a fun fact, a travel destination, or a life-hack, showing them creates a positive experience for your visitors and builds trust in your brand.

Your brand – which they can see right on the TV.

It’s Relevant TV is about Connecting Your Visitors to Your Brand

Visitors will know exactly whose TV they’re watching with your brand/logo prominently featured in the corner. It’s Relevant gives you the ability to upload and manage your own personal messages; whether it’s scrolling side-ads, or actual videos – you can put it on the TV for visitors to see.

Your videos play seamlessly between IRTV’s licensed content.

The videos are 100% automated, meaning the technology does all of the work for you. All you have to do is select your own videos/messages and hit Upload when you want them to appear on your TV, It’s Relevant does the rest. Other services often require you to manually build a playlist. Playlists are bad, especially looping playlists — they’d have the opposite effect of what you’re paying good money for. Companies are very good at making playlists sound like effective business tools — don’t fall for it.

Your TV is not just a digital sign.

It’s Relevant is more than digital signage, it’s real TV. The service provides more of what people enjoy watching, and less of the “computer screen feel” that digital signage companies employ. People don’t like watching signs, they like watching TV, and TV is what you get with IRTV.

The Best Custom TV Network for your Business

It’s Relevant TV comes with the world’s largest library of licensed short-form content, a fully automated video system, an easy-to-use interface, live social media integration, and a dedicated support staff that’s there to troubleshoot any questions that come up. Whether that sounds like what you’re looking for, or you’re still on the fence; chat with the TV experts at ItsRelevant.com to see what the technology can do for your business.

Salon Reopening: Top 3 Tips For Making Customers Feel Safe

Is your salon reopening? Are you and your staff prepared to make your returning customers feel safe? Whether you are, or you’re still working on it — you’ve come to the right place. This article will dive right into the top 3 tips and tricks for reopening your salon amidst the Coronavirus.

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1.) Salon Reopening? Communicate with your Customers!

People just spent the past few months being told to stay indoors and limit contact with others because of a deadly virus; they’re going to be anxious about going anywhere — much less a salon. Because of that, prioritizing visitor comfort has never been more important. You want your customers feeling stress-free when they visit, but you need a way to communicate your efforts and demonstrate the lengths you’re going to keep them safe.

The TV is the best way to communicate with your customers!

Specifically, the one in your salon. Hands down — if you want someone to see something, put it on the TV. In this case, putting up important health and safety reminders for visitors to see while they’re waiting is a great place to start. Whether they’re waiting to be seen, waiting for hair to dry, or dye to settle in; people do a lot of waiting in salons, which means a lot of chances to get your messages across. Messages like reminders to wear masksstay 6ft apart from others — or more reassuring messages communicating how your stylists are wearing masks, gloves, or going extra lengths to sterilize their tools and keep the space sanitized!

Learn more about how to communicate with your customers through the TV here.

2.) Cleanliness is Key!

Let’s be honest — salons are great about keeping everything tidy. When your highest-selling service results in hair falling all over the floor, keeping things clean is second nature. However, COVID-19 urges you to step up your game a little. For starters, face masks are a must — that much goes without saying. Secondly, a good way for visitors to feel at ease- other than distracting them with good TV, is to put a hand-sanitizer dispenser somewhere with sight, and reach. Customers will feel a lot better!

Lastly, is diligence. Putting together a cleaning routine and making sure everyone is on board, and sticks to it, goes a long way; especially if visitors are seeing how hard you and your staff are working to keep touch-surfaces nice and clean. Always keep an eye out for something that needs wiping-down!

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3.) Get Visitors to Come Back!

If you followed #2 and your customers didn’t regret stepping outside to get a haircut — the next step is getting those visitors to come backThe easiest way to get someone to come back is to give them a reason to; most salons offer a long list of services that just about any customer can take advantage of — the trick is getting visitors to notice, or ask about them.

Sadly — posters and flyers just don’t cut it.

In the same way that the TV can be used to communicate health and safety tips, it can also be used to deliver important marketing messages to your customers. Putting ads for additional services on your salon’s TV is a guaranteed way to get more people taking advantage of them.

In general, if you’re having difficulty fitting marketing into your budget, a custom TV network is a great way to reduce cable costs while also getting a platform that comes with free advertising space. For more information about how this sort of TV technology can improve your salon, visit It’s Relevant TV.

Reopening Your Business? Get Coronavirus News Off Your Business’ TV

Are you finding it difficult reopening your business with Coronavirus news getting in the way? Business owners across the country are quickly discovering that the TVs in their own locations are hurting them. As customers start to return, you want them feeling safe when they visit; a news story advising viewers to “Think twice about going out!” playing on your wall is a bit counterproductive.

Turn off the TV until you find something better to put on it!

COVID-19 coverage isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Your hands are going to be full enough as-is maintaining a clean, and comfortable environment that you won’t have time to police what’s on the TV. Nor should you have to; you should be able to set it and forget it without needing to worry about what’s playing.

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Coronavirus News Out, Custom TV Network In

The solution to the coronavirus news problem is a custom TV network. Specifically, one that gives you control. More and more business owners are recognizing the value in custom TV software; not just for its ability to control what’s on the TV, but for its potential as a marketing tool as well.

Which would you rather pay for? Cable TV + Competitor Ads & Negative Content OR A Custom TV Network + Peronsal-Branded Messaging?

The answer should be obvious. If that’s not enough, those of you looking for a good reason to get rid of cable, HERE’S 10. The short of it is that cable’s great in homes, but bad for business, and ultimately lacks even the most common features that come with custom TV software. But first and foremost, you need to be prepared to get Coronavirus news off your business’ TV.

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The Best Cable TV Replacement for your Business

If you’ve had enough and you’re interested in learning more about custom TV networks, start your search with It’s Relevant TV. Topping the charts as the most feature-rich cable TV replacement on the market, It’s Relevant is the best example to use when comparing similar services.

Reference: itsrelevant.com

Whether you’re a restaurant, car dealership, salon, gym, urgent care, dentist, or even a whole hospital system or sports arena– It’s Relevant can better serve your TVs, improve visitor experience, and help you hit the ground running as doors reopen and we get the ALL-CLEAR.

How the Global Health Crisis is Making Social Media More Social

Social media has garnered a lot of flak for getting in the way of organic, human relationships in recent years.

Because people were so attached to their gadgets, connecting outside the screen became less of a priority. In fact, a study on Thrive Global reveals that more than 50% of people reported social media as having a negative impact on their relationships. It’s easy to say that we should all just ditch Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter altogether. But with the ongoing health crisis keeping everyone at home, social media is back in the spotlight — only this time, as a force for good.

These are some trying times that we live in right now, as we’re all forced to adapt and connect with our loved ones in new ways — from family dinners over Zoom, to dates on FaceTime. In this regard, social media has provided a lifeline for everyone in self-isolation. Moreover, our “new normal” has caused many of us to reconsider what really matters to us, which is another reason we’re all longing to strengthen our ties more than ever.

So how exactly is the global health crisis making social media more “social”?

Group Fitness

The benefits of exercise go beyond improving strength and physique. According to doctor Katharina Star, group workouts, in particular, can provide great support and motivation. With gyms closing their doors temporarily, people are taking their workouts to social media. On Instagram Live, Olympian Shawn Johnson, model Olivia Culpo, and countless other fitness influencers are sharing their workouts and encouraging their followers to get active. Apart from being free to participate in, following a live workout routine can make users feel like they’re back in the gym with friends. If you’re a health or fitness business owner, you should consider conducting your own live workouts as a way of increasing your social media presence, too.

Virtual Hangouts Via Video Games

Video games are proving to be one of the most social (and fun) digital activities people are doing during self-isolation. After all, it’s a great way to spend time with friends and do activities online. It’s no surprise that newly launched games like Call of Duty: Warzone reached 15 million players in just four days following its release. Apart from this hit title, the gaming world still has much more to offer in helping people stay connected. In fact, even friendship-themed games are on the rise. The Best Friend Formula by Gala Bingo is a simple but interactive game that explores “the science of best friends.” Plus, it reminds players that sometimes all you need in life is a few close friends. Indeed, these games provide the comfort that our friends are just a click away—even if it means hanging out on a Minecraft or Animal Crossing server.

Creative Communities

Social media has always been a platform for artists to share their work. But with a lot more free time at home, many creatives are making the most out of their indoor-living situations. For instance, TIME Magazine shared how some photographers have started sharing their recreations of classic paintings — be it Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” or works by Edward Hopper. Meanwhile, on the more performance end of things, Gen Z social media users have been devoting their time to practicing new TikTok dances with their friends. And on another note, people have also been sharing their baking creations online — comparing sourdough bread and exchanging recipes with each other. All in all, the health crisis has pushed people to look for new skills to learn and share with their social media followers.

Branding Tips: Top 5 Ways to Brand Your Business

Branding your business is an essential part of your business’ growth and development, however not everybody knows where to begin. This article explores the top 5 ways to generate more success through the magic of branding your business.

1.) Put Your Branding on TV

When it comes to putting your brand where people will see it, the TV is king. You might be thinking that traditional TV advertising is where this point is headed. You’re half-right. If you have a brand, or a product that you want people to notice, an ad campaign is a no-brainer – it may even be essential. However, TV commercials, especially national ads, can cost an arm and a leg.

If you don’t have the budget to produce a TV commercial, and you’d rather keep your limbs, there are alternatives to traditional TV advertising that are just as effective, if not more effective, when it comes to getting your messaging across. It’s about owning the TV platform inside your business. Taking control of the TVs that you own to work for you.

If you’re interested in exploring these alternatives more, start with It’s Relevant TV. It’s Relevant provides businsesses with cost-effective tools that allow them to upload personal videos and branded messaging directly to the TV. It’s important to note that your videos play alongside a vast library of customizable content that people genuinely enjoy watching. There’s no better way to get spin your brand in a positive way than to expose people to it when they’re in a good mood – It’s Relevant accomplishes that with its fun, and interesting mix.

2.) Branded Items

Outdoor advertising in the way of posters, signs, and billboards gets your brand noticed. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people pass billboards each day. But if you don’t have the budget for a $3,000 – $30,000 per-month advertising investment with vague ROI stats; there are other, small-scale, and cost-effective ways of getting your brand out there.

What’s better than things? Free things. Outdoor advertising is more than just big-signs for big-bucks. Giveaways of branded T-shirts, pens, bags, bottles, credit card sleeves, and other knick-knacks will always be an effective way of getting noticed without breaking your bank. When your brand is in someone’s pocket, or on their desk, they’re reminded that you exist. All it takes is for them to see it at a time they need your services.

3.) Partner Your Brand with other Businesses

Partnerships are a great tool for strengthening your brand and growing your business. Does your business make the best cookies in town? Well, why not partner with the business, or company, that makes the best ice cream in your area for the best ice cream sandwiches around?

A successful synergy between two businesses requires a little research towards finding the best partner, or partners, for your brand. Not all businesses are cut-out for partnerships that are as smooth as the example provided above, but if you can think of any local brands in your area that you can approach with ideas of working together, it can be worth exploring!

4.) Brand Sponsorship

When people think of branding, most think of it in regards to branding tips 1 & 2 listed above; but brand sponsorship is the unsung hero of business branding. Organizations, charities, causes, or events that have meaning to you, or your staff, or even your business’ mission, is a fantastic way to get your brand noticed by a large group of people, in a positive way.

For tips on how to find organizations or events you might want to sponsor, start by checking out your town/city’s website or social media pages. You’ll find links to countless organizations that operate locally, as well as new of any upcoming events you could get behind.

5.) Social Media Marketing

Getting your brand and messaging in front of people when they are outside of your walls is important. So how can you keep your brand top-of-mind without expensive billboards, signs, or merchandise? Social media is one of the strongest tools out there for marketing; there are an increasing number of social media channels that are targeted, and cost-effective, which you can extend your brand through. A key thing to keep in mind for anyone pursuing this angle is to limit the audience for your ads. The last thing you want is to burn valuable marketing dollars reaching people who will find your ad irrelevant and never act upon it.

Know your audience, and take the time to segment it down as far as you can to reach the best possible targets, and achieve the best results.

Using a Social Media Agency / Manager
If you hire a social media agency to handle social media ads for you it’s important to understand how the company you hire gets paid. Some agencies charge a flat fee or hourly fees for the work they do. Others charge you a percentage of what you are spending on social media ads. While either model can work, and a social media manager should be judged on the individual results they provide to you, we recommend that you be especially careful when paying based on your ad spend.

When you are paying a social media agency a percentage of what your placements cost you are incentivizing them to buy more more expensive ads- and that won’t necessarily translate to more business. As you expand your audience target you generally face diminishing returns. Purchasing additional ads or expanding  into more expensive click or impression costs will certainly make them more money, but won’t necessarily translate to more business for you.

Don’t Get Sued for Using TV Streaming Services In Your Business

Free TV streaming services, or even the mainstream paid subscription streaming apps, might seem like the perfect thing to put on your business TV. Don’t be fooled. If you’re not careful, that free, or low-cost subscription could be putting your business at risk for getting sued by big companies and powerful TV networks. This article will help you identify what to look for in a safe TV solution, and whether or not the TV streaming service in your business is okay-to-use.

TV Streaming Services Like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are the 3 most popular paid-subscription services out there. They’re usually what comes to mind whenever someone thinks of TV/movie streaming; and at roughly $10/month, who wouldn’t go for that in their business? The Answer: someone who doesn’t want a lawsuit. If you look up the Terms & Conditions for TV streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video, you’ll see that all of these subscriptions are for personal-use only.

What does that mean exactly?

In short, it means that the content isn’t licensed for commercial-use. You’re not allowed to play these in a restaurant, waiting room, or any business or public setting. The actual cost of licensing a movie or episodes of a TV show is usually so costly that no one in their right mind would bother trying. At least not for a business. However in case you’re curious, we’ve got the numbers; the cost of actually licensing an older movie to play publicly is around $250-$600 for a single showing. That means only one time. So if you are running a DVD on loop in your waiting room all day long the bill would be over $2,000 per day, or over $700,000 per year. And that’s not even for showing a recent blockbuster hit- those would be even more expensive. It’s safe to say that those spending-dollars could be put to better use.

Popular Movies & DVDs

You’re not allowed to play movies or DVDs in your business for the same reasons you can’t stream services like Netflix and Hulu – your copy of a DVD is a licensed for personal-use only. You can enjoy the movie on your own, or you can watch it with friends and family in a private setting – that’s about it. Putting “Finding Nemo” on the TV in your business or waiting room is gambling on the wrong person seeing it, which could lead to a very heavy lawsuit.

It should be noted that not all DVDs carry this risk. DVDs that are labeled and licensed for commercial use, or as a waiting room TV solution should be perfectly legal. The downside to these sorts of DVDs is the content. The videos tend to be stale, dry, or generally uninteresting to watch. And the content is limited to just an hour or two on constant loop. By and large, you don’t want your visitors to be bored, and you certainly don’t want the quality of your TV’s content to reflect poorly on your business as a whole.

Streaming YouTube Videos onto your Business TV

This requires a little IT finagling; but with the right know-how you can generate a playlist of videos taken directly from YouTube, or similar video-hosting websites, and upload them to your TV for visitors to see. Is this safe, or legal? Yes, No, well maybe. It all depends on whether or not the video is yours, or if it isn’t, that you have the expressed permission to use it. Picking some random videos off of YouTube that you like and putting them up on the TV carries the same risk as showing Netflix or Hulu if you don’t have the creator’s permission.

Showing your own videos on the TV is a step in the right direction. Personally-branded ads, or messaging, is a great way to get people informed about what you do, or what you offer – however, it’s not enough on its own.

The Best TV Solution for Businesses

Your personal messaging is more effective when it’s sprinkled in with mainstream content that is fun, or interesting. However, you’ve probably noticed in this article that licensing such content legally seems to cost an arm and a leg.

Not with It’s Relevant TV.

It’s Relevant TV streams videos from a broad host of content creators, TV studios and networks to deliver safe, family-friendly content that is 100% commercially licensed, legal, and will be exactly be the kinds of videos visitors will enjoy watching.

In addition to avoiding the risks, IRTV brings promotional opportunities for your business. The licensed videos It’s Relevant TV provides play alongside your own personal messaging – presenting it to viewers in a gentle way that gets them to think, or respond positively towards it. Pairing your messaging with short-form, customizable content that your visitors will enjoy watching will keep things safe, and promote a positive experience in your business.

Should I Cancel Cable? A Better Cable Alternative For Businesses

Are you just about ready to cancel cable TV in your business? Many business owners feel as though their cable subscription costs more money than it’s worth; this is especially true when most people are looking at their phones instead of the TV. If you think that your TV service isn’t doing enough for you and your business, it probably isn’t. However, that’s not the TV’s fault – it’s what’s on the TV that’s not working. The right TV service makes all the difference. So before you take that screen off your wall, consider that there are alternatives to cable TV that are made with your business in mind.

Cancel Cable TV for Something Better

Cable TV just doesn’t work in businesses. Why? because it was designed for the home-setting. The one-on-one experience with cable TV is the desired one, in which the viewer controls the screen and puts on what they want to watch. That works great at home, but not in public.

There’s a certain comfort factor associated with TVs, which is why so many businesses and waiting rooms have TVs in them; this idea is sound in principle, but fails in practice. The fact of the matter is: People aren’t coming into your business to watch TV. They’re there to get treatment if it’s a medical office, buy a car if it’s a dealership; and so on. One thing is for certain; visitors notice the TV.

Instead of boring talkshows, stressful news & politics, or graphic nature shows featuring animals eating each other, the best TV for your business is one that fits your business and your customers. One that promotes your services, speaks to your visitors, and gets them excited about your brand.

The Best Cable Alternative for Your Business

Whether you’re a restaurant, urgent care, dentist, or car dealership – the best TV option for your business is It’s Relevant TV. It’s Relevant gives business owners control over what’s on the TV, and gives them the freedom to upload their own personal videos and important messaging for visitors to see.

IRTV has the basic features most business wanted cable for in the first place; things like local or national news, and up-to-date weather reports. However, unlike cable, it comes with the ability to integrate your social media accounts with your TV. So if your business is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can showcase your most recent posts for visitors in your business to see what they’re missing, and get more people to follow you.

Visitors take notice of the TV more than posters, signs, and any other signage – It’s Relevant takes advantage of that by giving you the option to put promotions on the side of the broadcast while people are watching the fun and interesting short-form content that comes with It’s Relevant TV.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to cancel your cable TV subscription, the following article lists “10 Reasons to Cut the Cord”. However, if you’ve already made the choice in your head about getting rid of cable, consider something like It’s Relevant TV before getting rid of the TV altogether.

USA Soccer Champion Megan Rapinoe Drops the “F-Bomb” in front of Millions of Unsuspecting Patients & Customers

If you follow sports, or just happened to be watching any of the major news networks close to noon on July 10th – you probably saw, or at least heard about, Megan Rapinoe’s speech in front of New York City Hall. In all of her excitement, the captain of the Reign FC women’s soccer team shouted out a rather vulgar phrase to a large crowd of fans that came to see her, as well the millions of Americans who tuned into the live broadcast on all of the major news networks. In case you missed what was said, you can check out the video below:


-Megan Rapinoe

Was the female soccer player’s excitement warranted? Absolutely! Her and her team’s victory in the Women’s World Cup was a great win for women’s sports, and American sports in general. But if you were a parent, and you happened to be taking your kid(s) to a doctor’s appointment, or dentist appointment at that time; you better hope the TV wasn’t tuned to the live coverage! Or worse; if you were the owner of that medical office, or dentist office, and a patient complained to you about the graphic, or inappropriate language their kids heard on the TV. It’s embarrassing!

Bad TV is Bad for your Medical Office

Obviously, this isn’t what anyone thinks will happen when they turn their waiting room TV to the news channel every morning. But it happens more often then you might think. The TV is there for the benefit of your visitors; as a distraction, white noise, or literally just so they can watch the news. People generally put the news on in waiting rooms because they consider it “safe,” or neutral enough to set it and forget it; without necessarily realizing how often graphic images, or violent stories are broadcast throughout the day. Or in the case of Megan Rapinoe, vulgar language.

You might say well “it’s not my fault”. Or like the news anchor in the video above said you “can’t control” what Megan Rapinoe says. But you can choose whether or not to show it. And you shouldn’t.

It’s Relevant TV Blocks the Bad

Up until recently, TV was all or nothing. When you tuned to a channel you got it all and how no ability to “filter out” or “mix in” content as needed. It’s Relevant TV changed that. IRTV creates custom TV networks that keeps programming on the TV, while removing the things you don’t want. Things like bad language are automatically removed from the broadcast without you having to do a thing. You can then go further to block certain content types, topics or even specific words from your broadcasts. You can add in videos and message you’d like your patients to hear surrounding the family-friendly content.

Beyond what you remove, you can also bring positivity and purpose to the things you are showing on the screen. It’s Relevant lets you add in videos and messages you’d like your patients to see and hear surrounding the family-friendly content that’s appearing on the broadcast.

You can do better for your visitors, and your medical office.

Video Producers: How To Get Your Clients To Hire You for More Videos

Video producers help businesses generate more success with great visual content; but how often are those videos being used to their fullest potential? Just about every type of business benefits from custom made videos, but not every business owner knows how to utilize them properly. And it’s far too often that the business that hires you to produce a video thinks you are to blame if it doesn’t get viewed enough times.

Even if you’ve created the best video in the world for a client – if they don’t know how to get it seen, your efforts may have largely gone to waste, and you may not be hired again. We’ve seen that more and more a video is judged on it’s viewership over it’s quality of content. So if you are in the producer mindset and not thinking about distribution, your video may be seen as poor, even if it’s great.

“I want a viral video”. How many times have you heard that despite it being such an unrealistic expectation?

Neither you, nor your client, want something that’s going to peak at 500 views on YouTube and practically go unnoticed. And at the same time you can’t promise them a viral hit. Luckily, there are tools out there that your clients can use that will help them get the most out of your hard work, and their custom videos.

Professional Video Producers want their Clients to see Value in their Work.

Your client’s success is your success. Not to mention that it feels great knowing that your work is appreciated, and effective. A good content creator wants their client to be happy with the videos they commissioned; because the happier a client is, the better chances you have of them commissioning more work from you. But what makes them happy? Results!

Getting your client to love something you produce for them is less about improving your production quality; though as producers it’s something we all strive to do. Instead, it’s more about helping your client get the work you did for them seen by more people in an inexpensive, efficient manner. This will not only help them generate more success, it will better demonstrate your value to them and increase the likelihood of them hiring you for more videos. But where do they start?

Well if your client has a multi-million dollar advertising budget, the choice is easy: broadcast TV. If they don’t have millions to spend on advertising, what do they do? They can still put it on the TV. The TV in their business, that is.

Use It’s Relevant TV as a Way to Drive Results from your Videos

It’s Relevant TV creates custom TV networks for businesses. Simply put: it’s a mix of TV programming and branded videos that feels like TV with a bit more control for the business. It gives your clients the ability to share their videos and messaging alongside entertaining, short-form TV content. Any of the videos you make for your client can be uploaded to It’s Relevant and played on your client’s TV(s) for visitors to see. Instead of your client only uploading it to platforms like Facebook or YouTube where it will only be seen for a short time after it’s posted – videos that are uploaded onto It’s Relevant will stay top of mind because they will be playing on a TV that visitors will see each and every day.

If your clients have the TV, and they have the videos you’ve produced for them, why not showcase those videos on the TV?

If you’re a video producer, or content creator who has clients who are complaining about a lack of views or who aren’t seeing the true value of the videos you’ve produced for them, introduce them to It’s Relevant TV. Show them just how much more BANG they can be getting out of the content they hired you to create.

Top 10 Secrets for Creating the Best Waiting Room

Looking to create the best waiting room for your visitors? We’ve identified the top 10 ways businesses and medical offices are improving their waiting areas across the country.

The #1 Secret for Creating the Best Waiting Room

This article promised you 10 secrets – however, get ready to eat your dessert before dinner because we’ve saved the best for first. The secret to crafting the best waiting room experience for your visitors is the TV. It might come as no surprise that “TV Adviser” would rank a waiting area’s television so high on the list; but the proof is in the pudding. Here’s why:

TVs are everywhere.

They’re everywhere, they help reduce perceived wait time, and people are generally more comfortable when a TV is on in the background. Think of the last waiting room you were in – was there a TV hanging there for people to watch? 9 times out of 10, there is. However, just as frequently, that TV isn’t living up to its full potential.

If you didn’t think about the last waiting room you were in before – try and think of it now. Do you remember what was playing on the TV? It was probably the news, or a talkshow.  TVs like that aren’t serving the business or medical office they’re located inside of; if that’s what’s on your TV, it isn’t serving yours either.

The solution is custom TV software instead of cable or looping displays. The best thing you can do for your waiting room, beyond making it look nice, is putting something nice on the TV. You want something that, unlike cable, works for you and helps deliver your messaging while simultaneously entertaining your visitors. If you’re curious about the ways in which a custom TV network could better serve your visitors, your waiting room, and your bottom line, start your search with It’s Relevant TV.

Secret #2: A Welcoming Staff

Nothing says ‘welcome’ like a real-live person actually saying “welcome!” Though in all seriousness- a welcoming staff, a smile, or even just the sense that the people working there are friendly, and willing to help, goes a long way. As for why something so simple is ranked so highly on this list? One of the biggest, or certainly most common complaints on review sites like Yelp are comments in regards to “rude staff.”

If it’s a medical office, the review might have had nothing to do with the treatment the patient received; likewise, in the case of a restaurant, it might have had nothing to do with the food. Peoples’ bad experiences in these situations were because of rude, snide, or sarcastic things said to them by staff or servers. It’s unfortunate, but it happens everywhere.

There’s no ‘one reason’ that these things happen, and there’s no ‘one thing’ that will fix it. Your staff, or even your visitors, could be having a bad day – and so anything they say, or anything that’s said to them, might be taken the wrong way- and then you have a problem.

The best thing you can do is encourage your staff to be as polite, and patient as-can-be; even in the face of the most irritable, cage-rattling customers in the world. Alternatively, a more effective ‘hands-on’ method for addressing the complaints of your visitors is giving them a way to communicate those complaints to you directly; personally. Whether it’s a suggestion box, a number they can call/text, or an email they can contact; having a way for your visitors to approach you with their problems before they post it online can save you a lot of trouble, and more importantly- help build trust and confidence between you and your patients/customers.

Secrets #3 & #4: Comfortable Seating & A Tidy Waiting Room

Comfy chairs, or comfortable seating, is a must for any waiting room- equally as important is a waiting room that is neat and tidy. The state and cleanliness of these rooms go a long way towards generating a good first impression. Can you think of a time when you were in a doctor’s office, restaurant, or sitting around waiting for your car to get serviced and the waiting area you had to sit in was just… terrible? Were there things like damaged chairs, a blaring TV you couldn’t do anything about, magazines from 3 years ago, questionable stains on the floor/ceiling, or worst of all, a coffee machine with no coffee?

The list goes on. If you personally saw one, or more of these things during your visit – you probably didn’t go back there; or at the very least it has made you think twice. Thankfully, if your own waiting room suffers from any of these problems, they’re fairly easy to identify and fix when you have your eyes and ears open to them.

Secret #5: Something for the Kids

The need for this varies based on just how many children visit your location, yet it’s common enough that it’s a secret to waiting room success. If you’re a parent, you know that kids can be a handful. They can be so full of energy and all-over-the-place that trying to get them to settle down in a waiting room is like trying to convince water to turn into ice. It just doesn’t happen on its own. Sometimes parents need an extra hand getting their kids to calm down, or distract themselves – that goes double if the child doesn’t want to be there.

You typically see this in medical offices more than anywhere else; some toys, puzzles, a few children’s books – a nice corner or play area for younger kids. It’s all about comfort, and creating a distraction for kids who might be bored or anxious about being there. These places work hard to provide a little something for children.

So the parents are grateful for the office, or business, for providing a few toys and games to have fun with; there might even be something fun for them on the TV. Echoing back to the “#1 Secret to Waiting Room Success” up above, It’s Relevant TV’s custom TV network can be tailored to cater to young audiences; which is safer than DVDs and Netflix – See: Using Netflix & DVDs in Your Waiting Room.

Secrets #6 & #7: Sounds & Scents

Never underestimate the subtle powers of calming music, or a sweet scent. Silence is deafening; it can make time feel as though it’s passing more slowly, and be very uncomfortable in the wrong waiting room. As for a waiting room with a bad smell? It should be pretty self-explanatory what people think of that – you’re thinking it right now.

One of the more common waiting room complaints on review sites like Yelp is that TVs that are too loud. Most often, a staff member will simply respond by muting the TV, or turning it off entirely. While this certainly reduces the noise, it reintroduces the problem mentioned above – silence.

Something as simple as playing a radio station can make all the difference in a quiet room. People casually tune in, or they tune it out – it’s good white noise. Likewise, something as simple as a plug-in air freshener can reduce stress in visitors and help put them in a more relaxed mood. The right scent can be a powerful ally; paired with the right music, and you’ll have a very pleasant waiting room.

Secrets #8 & #9: Artwork & Decorations

Perhaps less crucial than some of the other waiting room secrets mentioned in this article, but it definitely makes the list. Whether it’s tasteful artwork, some crystal vases full of marbles, a clock on the wall, or even a plastic plant or two – the right accents can make an otherwise dull waiting room come alive, or make it feel more comforting for visitors.

Plants (both real and plastic) are easy to find, and they make just about any empty space more interesting – especially corners. Wallspace is a little trickier to occupy. Between nice-looking portraits, marketing posters and signage, and even the TV – settling on where to place everything is a task in and of itself.

Provided that you’re not using cable, and are instead delivering your messaging through your TV with something like It’s Relevant TV, you don’t have to worry about hanging up posters advertising services, specials, or deals you’re currently running – since the TV is doing it for you. Obviously, the TV is best utilized where people are facing, or wherever as many of them as possible can comfortably see it. Waiting rooms come in all shapes and sizes, so the possibilities are endless.

Secret #10: Candy & Treats

Maybe it’s not what you were expecting, but it does bring a smile to your face, doesn’t it? Think back to when you were a little kid; at a time when there was a basket of lolly-pops, or a colorful jar of jellybeans sitting there in the waiting room with you. You can still picture it can’t you? That lasting impact is what you want. Rewarding a well-behaved child with a treat might be an old trick, but it’s a good one.

Going the extra mile and putting out some candy for visitors is a nice, generous, and cost-effective way to make someone’s day a little sweeter. In the case of a dentist office, dealing out sugar is a little counterintuitive – however there are plenty of sugar-free alternatives out there (and toys) that are in the same spirit of candy. It’s all about doing something nice for the people who are spending their time with you, because comfort is key to a good experience – which is what all of this is about in the end.