COVID-19: How To Reduce Customer Stress As Businesses Reopen

Reducing customer stress is top-of-the-list for business owners as businesses are reopening across the country. No matter how sanitized your location is, and no matter how closely you’re adhering to new health & safety regulations; many of your customers are still going to be stressed about leaving their homes. This article is all about one simple strategy you can implement right away to reduce customer stress in your business as you reopen.

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Reduce Customer Stress with a Custom TV Network

Custom TV networks are a growing trend amongst small businesses owners and large franchisees alike. If you’re not sure what a custom TV network is, imagine a TV channel that’s specifically designed for your business. Because a customized TV network isn’t cable, you aren’t going to see any competitor ads or harmful content playing on your television. Instead, you’re in control of what shows up on your TV.

Imagine owning a pizza restaurant and having Domino’s or Papa John’s ads playing on your TV all throughout the day.

Simply put, if you’re paying for cable you’re paying to have those ads show up in your business. This is just one reason that a lot of business owners are cutting cable. If you’re curious to see 9 more reasons to cancel cable, then check out the following article: Top 10 Reasons to Cancel Cable TV in your Business.

How does a Custom TV Network Reduce Stress Among Customers?

By controlling what shows up on your TV you’re able to eliminate content that might otherwise make visitors anxious about being out in public. If you ask someone what they’re stressed about right now, 9 out of 10 times it’s going to be COVID-related. For that reason, playing most cable channels in your business is a bad idea; especially the news.

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COVID-19 is a hot topic. It’s the subject of talkshows, it’s mentioned in ads, and you can’t watch the news for 10 minutes without it cropping up. Keeping the public informed is important, but at this point everyone knows to wear masks, use hand sanitizer, and practice social distancing. Coverage on the virus right now is a bit excessive, and stories such as “Think twice before going out to eat just yet” are the last things you want customers to see when they’re visiting your business.

If COVID-19 is going to come up, it should be through your own messaging.

A custom TV network is the best way to communicate with your visitors about the careful measures you’re taking to ensure their health and safety. By getting rid of stressful news and other bad content you’re giving your visitors peace of mind; you’re also improving your chances of them coming back.

The Right Custom TV Network for your Business

Whether you own a restaurant, gym, salon, a car dealership, or even a medical clinic, a custom TV network is the best solution for your TV. However, settling on the right one can be tricky; there’s a lot of options to choose from, and countless features to look out for. Here’s what we suggest:

The best service to start your search with is It’s Relevant TV.

It’s Relevant is the most feature-rich and easy-to-use custom TV network solution on the market. It even has a feature called “Covid-Free TV” built right in. Schedule a call or chat with the TV experts at if you have any questions about what a custom TV network could do for your business.