Alternative Dealership TV Systems for Spectrio & Automotive Broadcasting Network (ABN)

Do you have a dealership TV system? Are your customers bored by it? Does it cost too much? Are you getting what you want to out of it?

If you’re using a service like Spectrio, or ABN, and it just isn’t working; this article is for you. Keep reading to see the reasons how your dealership’s custom TV software might be failing you, and your car business. If you’re fed up, not thrilled, or just simply disappointed with your current provider, I recommend that you start your search for a better dealership TV here.

Your Dealership TV System: What Went Wrong?

Custom TV networks for car dealerships have been around for years. While the technology has grown in the world, most of the car TV services have not. As a result, a number of the older “pioneer services” are being left in the dust by alternative providers delivering a lot more, for a lot less. Innovative ideas and technologies have transformed the dealership TV systems of 5-10 years ago into new, forward-thinking tools that are better at delivering your marketing messages, and better at entertaining your customers. If you’re browsing automotive TV solutions in today’s day and age, hone your selection by finding one that is feature-rich, and cost-effective.

A Feature-Rich Dealership TV System

Chances are, you probably liked the features that came with your current dealership TV, hence why you originally got it. If those features failed to live up to your expectations, or got dull over time, then you’re doing the right thing by going online and seeing what else is out there.

So what should you expect from your TV? The best TV for your dealership’s lobby is one that gets your messaging across, and provides entertaining content for customers who might be waiting for longer periods of time. It should be customizable. You should have control over more than just your own videos, but the content you’re paying for as well. More importantly; managing that paid content, as well as your own personal ads/videos should be easy, and able to be done on most smart devices. From anywhere. Lastly, your dealership TV system should integrate with your social media accounts.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are often the best ways to keep in touch with your customers, generate repeat business, and get referrals. If your brand is on one, or more of these platforms – get your TV integrated! Display those posts right on your TV for visitors who aren’t following you, and give them a reason to check out your pages. If you’re interested in this feature in particular, visit click here to learn more about the automotive TV software that does it best.

A Cost-Effective Dealership TV System

Dealerships are playing HUGE amounts of money each month for services that barely include half of the features listed above. A more in-depth article comparing the top 6 dealership TV systems worth checking out can be found here. The big takeaway is that car businesses are paying upwards of $500, to $1,000+/month for their TVs. What’s truly interesting, is what those dealerships are often getting in return for that cost. The answer? A playlist.

Looping playlists, in general, are bad news. Avoid any dealership TV service that mentions the word playlist. Avoid them like the plague, or a live-action movie remake. A list of pre-loaded videos- whether it’s 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour long, is not quality waiting area TV. Neither are clips from top TV networks like NBC. Be wary of TV providers who claim to have content from those big networks. Most often, they’re just short promotional segments– a.k.a. commercials, designed to market the networks and have your customers go home and watch the full shows on their own time.

Dealership wait-time is a little longer than the average waiting room wait when looking across industries. That being said, you don’t want your customers watching a looping playlist of the same videos over and over again. It’s maddening, and creates a bad impression of your brand. Good, quality content goes a long way. Additionally, car videos showing outdated models that you no longer sell have no place being on your TV. When it comes to videos, up to date content is the best way to deliver programming to your dealership.

It’s Relevant TV: A Feature-Rich & Cost-Effective Dealership TV System

There’s only one automotive TV service that has every feature that was listed up above, and won’t burn a hole in your pocket; It’s Relevant TV. It’s Relevant has everything from the ability to upload and easily manage your own videos, access to one of the world’s largest library of licensed short-form content, and perhaps most importantly; real-time social media integration.

This is the automotive TV service you were waiting for. Partnering with brands across the spectrum, from Subaru to Mercedes-Benz, It’s Relevant is providing car businesses across the country with the best choice in dealership TV.


3 Tips on Choosing The Best Dental Videos For Your Patients

Choosing the best dental videos to have playing in your waiting room depends on what you’re looking for. Are you looking for educational videos? Dental-specific content? Or just something visitors will enjoy watching?

Whichever it is, the following 3 tips for picking out the best TV programming for your patients should help you in your decision-making process. If you’re hot-to-trot, and you’d like to jump right into exploring your options, start your search with It’s Relevant TV.

Tip #1: Remember Who the TV is For

The TV in your waiting room isn’t for you, or your staff – it’s for your visitors. You, as a dentist, might find dental-related content interesting; the same, however, cannot always be said for your patients. Wait-time in a dentist’s office doesn’t tend to be very long– It’s actually amongst the shortest wait-periods in the healthcare industry. Even with a short wait, a 2-minute video of rotting teeth, bleeding gums, or a plaque-ridden mouth can make patients anxious, or paranoid about the state of their own teeth.

Even if the videos are meant to be educational, your viewers might not see it that way. But does that mean dental videos for patients are a bad idea? Not necessarily. The key to a successful waiting room TV for dentists is having a mix of dental-related content and traditional programming.

Tip #2: Avoid Looping Content!

The length of time that your patients are waiting may be short, but they’re not always by themselves. Parents of multiple kids might have 2-3 back-to-back appointments during the same visit to sit through. The last thing you want on the TV are the same 10 videos playing over-and-over. That can leave a bad impression on your messages, and your practice as a whole.

The best dental videos for your patients aren’t looping playlists, or medical displays anyway. Variety of content, and a large library of videos, are the two pillars of an effective dental TV solution.

Tip #3: Have Control Over Your TV

“Control. You must have control.”

-Master Yoda

Having control over what’s playing is paramount to the success of your waiting room TV. The freedom to edit, upload, or remove videos and messaging from your TV is the level of customization you should expect from your waiting room TV software. But why is this feature important? Because not every custom TV network out there allows you to manage your TV’s content on your own or in a timely manner.

Some services leave you stuck with a short list of paid, preselected videos. Others, are chalk-full of ads that you can do nothing about, or contain messaging that you don’t want visitors to associate with your practice. And some make you wait weeks to implement any changes you need done.

Tips On The Best Patient Education Videos For Your Waiting Room TV

Patient education videos are a great way to inform any visitors in your waiting room about health-related topics. However, many hospitals, urgent care centers, and dentists, aren’t aware that these videos often make their patients feel uncomfortable. Are you currently playing patient education videos on your waiting room TV, or considering it? In this article we’ll explore why so many doctors, dentists, and medical specialists are so keen on showing patients educational or medical-related content; but most importantly, examine why that isn’t necessarily the best idea.

Patient Education Videos on the TV: Good or Bad?

Generally speaking, people aren’t really interested in watching medical-related content in waiting rooms. They’re not (usually) doctors, dentists, or a part of the medical industry themselves – so the chances of them having your level of appreciation for health-related videos is low. Regardless of how educational the videos are, patients tend to perceive them as boring, gross, or even depressing. Which is not how you want your visitors to feel.

“The TV in the waiting room was playing some gross health news infomercial.”

-Yelp Review

As doctors and professionals concerned for the well-being of others, it’s only natural to want to educate patients wherever possible. However, you don’t want your good intentions accidentally making things worse. Additionally, you don’t want a video being the reason a patient had a bad experience, or left a bad review.

Sitting in a waiting room shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth.

Waiting rooms across the country are playing videos that make patients feel uneasy. Many of these medical offices are paying, or have paid, a lot of money to put this kind of content on their TVs. Whether it’s cross-sections of clogged arteries, rotten teeth being pulled, or eyes getting scraped with scalpels (I wish that was only a joke, but it’s happened), it simply isn’t the sort of thing people in waiting rooms want to see. That goes double if those videos are on a 10-minute looping medical display. Medical offices – you can do better. Fortunately, there are ways of getting around the gross, or graphic content.

Waiting Room TV: The Best of Both Worlds

Should you do away with all of your patient education videos? Not at all. There’s a happy medium between showing videos with educational, or important health messages, and fun, interesting content that your visitors will enjoy watching. Finding a good balance between the two is the key to crafting the best waiting experience for your patients.

The Best Waiting Room TV: Where To Begin Looking

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hospital, urgent care, dentist, or specialist of some kind; finding the best waiting room TV software for a medical office is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except the hay are countless custom TV providers telling you that they have the best technology, cheapest devices or easiest to use system. So how does one narrow the list down? Follow these 3 simple steps, and you’ll find the custom TV software that’s perfect for your waiting room:

1.) Avoid Medical-Only Content: For every reason that’s been detailed above. Medical videos are best shown when played alongside traditional TV content that people enjoy watching– like food/cooking, entertainment, home/garden, sports or fashion.

2.) Don’t Fall for “Free” TV Services: Nothing is free. That “free” TV for your medical office is likely paid-for by pharma ads that have no business in your waiting room. For more information about why “free tv” is a bad idea, check out this article: Top 5 Reasons a Free TV Service is Bad for your Waiting Room.”

3.) Feature Your Own Content: Find waiting room TV software that allows you to upload, and mix-in your own personal videos. Medical videos aren’t bad, they’re just best in small doses. They are especially effective when the videos are personally-branded, and the people on the TV are your own staff. Most importantly, your messaging is better-received when it’s played in between content that puts visitors in a good mood.


Best TV for Urgent Care Center Waiting Rooms

Looking for the best tv channel to put inside of your Urgent Care Center? It’s important to create an experience that is truly the best fit for you, your patients, and your urgent care. This article will outline the most important features you should be looking for in your urgent care TV.

What Makes the Best Waiting Room TV, the “Best?”

The most effective waiting room TV selection is one that is tailored to your own unique waiting room environment. How do you know if the TV software you’re currently looking at is the best for you? First, you have to identify what you’re No-Stale-Contenthoping to get out of it. But generally speaking, you want something that is entertaining and engaging. You want your waiting room television to be aesthetically pleasing and brand-tailored – with the ability to upload your own personal videos and messaging. Equally as important is a TV solution that is cost-effective, and easy-to-manage. These are the top 5 things to keep in mind when looking for the best TV software for your urgent care.

However, knowing what to look for is only half the battle; finding all of these features in one single TV package is next.  It’s Relevant TV, has all of the features listed above, and more.

Entertaining & Engaging Content

It’s Relevant TV features the world’s largest library of licensed content, giving users access to over half-a-million videos for visitors to enjoy. Each piece of content is screened by live human beings to ensure that everything is family-friendly, and nothing unsettling or inappropriate ever plays on your TV.

It’s Relevant is not a playlist.

No-Repeating-ContentOther digital TV software providers will try to pass off things like a 10-minute, 30-minute, 1-hour, 3-hour, or 5-hour loop of videos as “premium TV content” – It’s Relevant TV doesn’t loop. It streams new videos every hour from a list of 40+ categories you pick and choose from. Categories like Cooking, Sports, Automotive, News, and even Trivia. Additionally, the whole system is fully customizable, with the ability to upload your own personal messaging on the side, during, or in between content.


A number of waiting room TV software solutions try to cram too much onto the screen at once. As useful as the information you may be putting on the screen is, it doesn’t have to be visible 100% of the time. Having too much promotional or “educational” content in a row is actually a turn off to most visitors. It can also get out of hand fast and make the TV look like a gimmicky widget – almost as if you were showing a website instead of a TV channel. That might work for a menuboard at a restaurant that is only seen for a minute, but not an urgent care waiting room where visitors are spending 3+ minutes.

No-WebsiteIt’s Relevant TV is not website for your TV, nor is it a collection of widgets.

IRTV is structured in such a way that it’s modest, nice-looking, and easy on the eyes. Most importantly, it’s designed so that visitors notice what matters; the messaging. Whether it’s videos that you upload, image-ads on the side, or text scrolling throughout, It’s Relevant is all about making your messaging effective. It delivers things like news headlines and the weather – but in a way that doesn’t overstimulate your viewers or give them a headache. Never forget that a little goes a long way.

Tailored to your Brand

It’s Relevant is a custom TV network that works for your brand. Your logo, your videos, and your messaging can all be uploaded into the system and featured on the TV. Whether you want the TV to play exclusively your branded-content, or you want a mix of personal + IRTV content; you’re the boss.

In the case of urgent cares; when you mix medical content, personal videos, or educational segments with It’s Relevant’s fun and interesting content, visitors will stay tuned longer and be more receptive to your messaging.



There’s no red flag bigger than a waiting room TV service that’s advertised as free. Nothing’s free – except food samples at Costco (actually those aren’t free either as you have to pay a membership to get in). If you’re interested in a good reason as to why a free TV service is a bad idea, the following article will give you 5; Top 5 Reasons a Free TV Service is Bad for your Medical Practice.” In short, you get what you pay for.

While It’s Relevant TV is not “free,” it often times costs less than cable and is designed to generate additional revenue for your practice. It’s designed to fit your marketing budget, and make those marketing dollars count. Whether you’re a hospital, urgent care, dentist office, or a medical specialist; every little bit helps, and It’s Relevant’s ROI helps offset the cost.


It’s Relevant TV couldn’t be easier to control. Users are able to adjust settings, upload videos, and manage all of their content from anywhere with virtually any internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone. The It’s Relevant iOS app for iPhone and iPad provides a straightforward way to make changes to individual, or multiple TVs at once; across multiple locations. The convenience of being able to make changes from anywhere, at any time, with such ease, is a breath of fresh air for users who aren’t so tech-savvy.

If you still own a flip phone and don’t like interacting with technology yourself, It’s Relevant TV includes a Client Success Manager at no additional charge with every subscription plan. This person is available to make changes for you, and even help with graphic design and strategies for getting the most out of your TV.

It’s Relevant TV is the Best Fit for Urgent Care Waiting Rooms

It’s Relevant is a fully-customizable TV network which combines the best aspects of television and digital signage. It provides urgent cares across the country with safe, family-friendly content that visitors actually enjoy watching, and mixes that content with your own branded videos and promotions.

Could It’s Relevant work for your waiting room? 

Visit or schedule a demo if you have questions or would like to know more.

Best Channel For Your Business TV is NOT on Cable

Looking for the best channel for your waiting room or lobby TV? Cable TV is starting to move away from Business TV, and it’s made room for other companies with more compelling, and less expensive, products to come to the forefront.

Settling on the Best Channel for your Waiting Room TV

For starters, it isn’t Spectrum’s Business TV. Shoveling out an additional pile of cash each month in order to turn your cable + phone package into a Triple-Play bundle might seem convenient and cost effective at first, but these packages have a tendency to jack-up in price after the initial trial period ends. Then what are you stuck with? Just hope that you’re not under contract if this happens. If you can, call up your provider and cancel if the surprise increased rates are too much for your budget.

Settling on the best channel for your waiting room TV means finding the best waiting room TV software for your business. For a more in-depth look at the elements that make up a great business TV, check out the following article: Top 3 Things To Look For In Your Business TV Software. In the end, you want a solution that is engaging/entertaining, easy-to-use, and most importantly, inexpensive.

Unbundling Your Cable TV Triple Play

Cable companies are moving away from TV. They still offer TV services, but the major companies, like Spectrum for instance, are offering up really attarctive internet and phone bundles to businesses for the first time. ,The telecom company that boasts superior internet, phone, and TV services, has launched a cable + phone package for businesses that’s under $69.00. Compared to how much you might spend on other media bundles from other companies, $69/mo is actually really good.

What many business cable customers don’t realize is that the TV portion of their cable bill was likely the largest part of it. With these new offers, you can remove the TV and keep cable for your internet and landline phones.

This is great news because there are much better TV services out there for businesses that can run off the internet connection. They cost less than cable and do a lot more for visitors and the business itself. What you choose to put on your business TV is important, as is budgeting your monthly spending. The best waiting room TV solution is one that is cost effective, and one that satisfies the role of entertaining visitors-in-waiting.

The Best Waiting Room TV Software is It’s Relevant TV

The best business TV solution on the market is It’s Relevant TV. It’s Relevant provides you with the best combination of channels your marketing dollars can buy; one that lets you effortlessly control what’s on your TV. The software transforms your TV into a fully-customizable, personally-branded marketing tool that continues to feature TV programs while also highlighting promotions for your business.

It’s Relevant TV is the way to go if you want a cable alternative that is tailored to you business, and one that serves your customers. When it comes to medical office waiting rooms, bars and restaurants, car dealerships – or any business with a television; using cable TV is a thing of the past. Explore what’s out there, but start your search here.

Top 3 Marketing Podcasts Business Owners Should Be Listening To

Marketing podcasts are a great way to tap the minds of experts who know a thing or two about marketing strategies and growing a business. The world of business podcasts is hardly new; however if you’re like many business owners who are just tuning in and discovering what’s out there, finding the best podcasts that are relevant to your business can be overwhelming. This article will highlight the top 3 marketing podcasts that any new, or savvy business owners should add to their routine.

1.) Digital Media & TV Strategy for Businesses

Want to make your TV work for your business?

Presented by It’s Relevant TV; a leader in custom TV solutions for medical offices, car dealerships, and restaurants across the U.S., Digital Media and TV Strategy for Businesses is a weekly podcast which explores recent trends in digital media and television marketing, while also promoting best practices for business owners who want to get the most out of their television, social media, and video integrations.

If you’re looking to do more with your business’ TVs, are interested in marketing inside your business, or want a greater social media followership, then Digital Media and TV Strategy for Businesses is the marketing podcast for you.

2.) Social Media Marketing Podcast

Hosted by Social Media Examiner, Social Media Marketing Podcast airs insightful interviews from leading social media marketing experts as they explore how successful businesses utilize social media, devise new strategies, and gain noteworthy advice on improving social media marketing.

3.) Success Made Simple

Success Made Simple, hosted by world renowned speaker and author Dr. Dave Martin, is a must for success-driven business owners. This podcast features interviews from experienced businessmen, marketing experts, and celebrities who share their individual success stories and tips on how to improve your brand’s image and marketing strategies.



Man Cave Health: Creating The Best Waiting Room Experience for Men

Man Cave Health at the Department of Urology at Mount Sinai exemplifies how a great waiting room environment creates success in a practice. Innovative waiting room transformations are nothing new, however this “man cave” is really a first-of-its kind sports themed center that has gone all-in to attract middle-aged male patients. Their attention to the waiting room has really paid off.

Man Cave Health: The Essential Ingredients

The Man Cave Health waiting room is comprised of sports memorabilia, comfy brown leather chairs, dark wood walls, and a coffee bar – all of which feel like a “man cave” that your average man wouldn’t mind visiting, or coming back to. It’s just the sort of comfortable setting that a lot of men wish they could transform their basements into – maybe a handful will now.

As Dr. Ash Tewari, Chairman of Mt. Sinai, points out in the official videomen tend to take better of their cars than their own bodies. The design of the Man Cave Health waiting room is geared towards appealing to the things men traditionally like, which makes it easier for them to say “yes” to simple, yet important examinations that could save their lives.

It’s Relevant TV: Helps Practices Transform Their Waiting Rooms

It’s Relevant TV has been helping medical offices transform their waiting spaces– starting with their TVs. If you are a practice owner, or manager, and are looking for ways to draw more interest to your office while creating a more positive patient experience, please feel free to reach out to us. Whether you’re a medical specialist, urgent care, dentist, or hospital; we have been helping, and consulting with, all corners of the healthcare industry across the U.S.

It’s Relevant is the best in waiting room television. As amazing as the Man Cave looks, you don’t need to fully transform your waiting room to create a more positive patient experience. Start with putting something better on the TV. If you’re interested in learning more about the ways in which a custom TV network can generate more success for your medical office, visit It’s Relevant TV.

Don’t Get Sued for Using TV Streaming Services In Your Business

Free TV streaming services, or even the mainstream paid subscription streaming apps, might seem like the perfect thing to put on your business TV. Don’t be fooled. If you’re not careful, that free, or low-cost subscription could be putting your business at risk for getting sued by big companies and powerful TV networks. This article will help you identify what to look for in a safe TV solution, and whether or not the TV streaming service in your business is okay-to-use.

TV Streaming Services Like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are the 3 most popular paid-subscription services out there. They’re usually what comes to mind whenever someone thinks of TV/movie streaming; and at roughly $10/month, who wouldn’t go for that in their business? The Answer: someone who doesn’t want a lawsuit. If you look up the Terms & Conditions for TV streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video, you’ll see that all of these subscriptions are for personal-use only.

What does that mean exactly?

In short, it means that the content isn’t licensed for commercial-use. You’re not allowed to play these in a restaurant, waiting room, or any business or public setting. The actual cost of licensing a movie or episodes of a TV show is usually so costly that no one in their right mind would bother trying. At least not for a business. However in case you’re curious, we’ve got the numbers; the cost of actually licensing an older movie to play publicly is around $250-$600 for a single showing. That means only one time. So if you are running a DVD on loop in your waiting room all day long the bill would be over $2,000 per day, or over $700,000 per year. And that’s not even for showing a recent blockbuster hit- those would be even more expensive. It’s safe to say that those spending-dollars could be put to better use.

Popular Movies & DVDs

You’re not allowed to play movies or DVDs in your business for the same reasons you can’t stream services like Netflix and Hulu – your copy of a DVD is a licensed for personal-use only. You can enjoy the movie on your own, or you can watch it with friends and family in a private setting – that’s about it. Putting “Finding Nemo” on the TV in your business or waiting room is gambling on the wrong person seeing it, which could lead to a very heavy lawsuit.

It should be noted that not all DVDs carry this risk. DVDs that are labeled and licensed for commercial use, or as a waiting room TV solution should be perfectly legal. The downside to these sorts of DVDs is the content. The videos tend to be stale, dry, or generally uninteresting to watch. And the content is limited to just an hour or two on constant loop. By and large, you don’t want your visitors to be bored, and you certainly don’t want the quality of your TV’s content to reflect poorly on your business as a whole.

Streaming YouTube Videos onto your Business TV

This requires a little IT finagling; but with the right know-how you can generate a playlist of videos taken directly from YouTube, or similar video-hosting websites, and upload them to your TV for visitors to see. Is this safe, or legal? Yes, No, well maybe. It all depends on whether or not the video is yours, or if it isn’t, that you have the expressed permission to use it. Picking some random videos off of YouTube that you like and putting them up on the TV carries the same risk as showing Netflix or Hulu if you don’t have the creator’s permission.

Showing your own videos on the TV is a step in the right direction. Personally-branded ads, or messaging, is a great way to get people informed about what you do, or what you offer – however, it’s not enough on its own.

The Best TV Solution for Businesses

Your personal messaging is more effective when it’s sprinkled in with mainstream content that is fun, or interesting. However, you’ve probably noticed in this article that licensing such content legally seems to cost an arm and a leg.

Not with It’s Relevant TV.

It’s Relevant TV streams videos from a broad host of content creators, TV studios and networks to deliver safe, family-friendly content that is 100% commercially licensed, legal, and will be exactly be the kinds of videos visitors will enjoy watching.

In addition to avoiding the risks, IRTV brings promotional opportunities for your business. The licensed videos It’s Relevant TV provides play alongside your own personal messaging – presenting it to viewers in a gentle way that gets them to think, or respond positively towards it. Pairing your messaging with short-form, customizable content that your visitors will enjoy watching will keep things safe, and promote a positive experience in your business.

Should I Cancel Cable? A Better Cable Alternative For Businesses

Are you just about ready to cancel cable TV in your business? Many business owners feel as though their cable subscription costs more money than it’s worth; this is especially true when most people are looking at their phones instead of the TV. If you think that your TV service isn’t doing enough for you and your business, it probably isn’t. However, that’s not the TV’s fault – it’s what’s on the TV that’s not working. The right TV service makes all the difference. So before you take that screen off your wall, consider that there are alternatives to cable TV that are made with your business in mind.

Cancel Cable TV for Something Better

Cable TV just doesn’t work in businesses. Why? because it was designed for the home-setting. The one-on-one experience with cable TV is the desired one, in which the viewer controls the screen and puts on what they want to watch. That works great at home, but not in public.

There’s a certain comfort factor associated with TVs, which is why so many businesses and waiting rooms have TVs in them; this idea is sound in principle, but fails in practice. The fact of the matter is: People aren’t coming into your business to watch TV. They’re there to get treatment if it’s a medical office, buy a car if it’s a dealership; and so on. One thing is for certain; visitors notice the TV.

Instead of boring talkshows, stressful news & politics, or graphic nature shows featuring animals eating each other, the best TV for your business is one that fits your business and your customers. One that promotes your services, speaks to your visitors, and gets them excited about your brand.

The Best Cable Alternative for Your Business

Whether you’re a restaurant, urgent care, dentist, or car dealership – the best TV option for your business is It’s Relevant TV. It’s Relevant gives business owners control over what’s on the TV, and gives them the freedom to upload their own personal videos and important messaging for visitors to see.

IRTV has the basic features most business wanted cable for in the first place; things like local or national news, and up-to-date weather reports. However, unlike cable, it comes with the ability to integrate your social media accounts with your TV. So if your business is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can showcase your most recent posts for visitors in your business to see what they’re missing, and get more people to follow you.

Visitors take notice of the TV more than posters, signs, and any other signage – It’s Relevant takes advantage of that by giving you the option to put promotions on the side of the broadcast while people are watching the fun and interesting short-form content that comes with It’s Relevant TV.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to cancel your cable TV subscription, the following article lists “10 Reasons to Cut the Cord”. However, if you’ve already made the choice in your head about getting rid of cable, consider something like It’s Relevant TV before getting rid of the TV altogether.

Video Producers: How To Get Your Clients To Hire You for More Videos

Video producers help businesses generate more success with great visual content; but how often are those videos being used to their fullest potential? Just about every type of business benefits from custom made videos, but not every business owner knows how to utilize them properly. And it’s far too often that the business that hires you to produce a video thinks you are to blame if it doesn’t get viewed enough times.

Even if you’ve created the best video in the world for a client – if they don’t know how to get it seen, your efforts may have largely gone to waste, and you may not be hired again. We’ve seen that more and more a video is judged on it’s viewership over it’s quality of content. So if you are in the producer mindset and not thinking about distribution, your video may be seen as poor, even if it’s great.

“I want a viral video”. How many times have you heard that despite it being such an unrealistic expectation?

Neither you, nor your client, want something that’s going to peak at 500 views on YouTube and practically go unnoticed. And at the same time you can’t promise them a viral hit. Luckily, there are tools out there that your clients can use that will help them get the most out of your hard work, and their custom videos.

Professional Video Producers want their Clients to see Value in their Work.

Your client’s success is your success. Not to mention that it feels great knowing that your work is appreciated, and effective. A good content creator wants their client to be happy with the videos they commissioned; because the happier a client is, the better chances you have of them commissioning more work from you. But what makes them happy? Results!

Getting your client to love something you produce for them is less about improving your production quality; though as producers it’s something we all strive to do. Instead, it’s more about helping your client get the work you did for them seen by more people in an inexpensive, efficient manner. This will not only help them generate more success, it will better demonstrate your value to them and increase the likelihood of them hiring you for more videos. But where do they start?

Well if your client has a multi-million dollar advertising budget, the choice is easy: broadcast TV. If they don’t have millions to spend on advertising, what do they do? They can still put it on the TV. The TV in their business, that is.

Use It’s Relevant TV as a Way to Drive Results from your Videos

It’s Relevant TV creates custom TV networks for businesses. Simply put: it’s a mix of TV programming and branded videos that feels like TV with a bit more control for the business. It gives your clients the ability to share their videos and messaging alongside entertaining, short-form TV content. Any of the videos you make for your client can be uploaded to It’s Relevant and played on your client’s TV(s) for visitors to see. Instead of your client only uploading it to platforms like Facebook or YouTube where it will only be seen for a short time after it’s posted – videos that are uploaded onto It’s Relevant will stay top of mind because they will be playing on a TV that visitors will see each and every day.

If your clients have the TV, and they have the videos you’ve produced for them, why not showcase those videos on the TV?

If you’re a video producer, or content creator who has clients who are complaining about a lack of views or who aren’t seeing the true value of the videos you’ve produced for them, introduce them to It’s Relevant TV. Show them just how much more BANG they can be getting out of the content they hired you to create.