COVID-19: How To Reduce Customer Stress As Businesses Reopen

Reducing customer stress is top-of-the-list for business owners as businesses are reopening across the country. No matter how sanitized your location is, and no matter how closely you’re adhering to new health & safety regulations; many of your customers are still going to be stressed about leaving their homes. This article is all about one simple strategy you can implement right away to reduce customer stress in your business as you reopen.

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Reduce Customer Stress with a Custom TV Network

Custom TV networks are a growing trend amongst small businesses owners and large franchisees alike. If you’re not sure what a custom TV network is, imagine a TV channel that’s specifically designed for your business. Because a customized TV network isn’t cable, you aren’t going to see any competitor ads or harmful content playing on your television. Instead, you’re in control of what shows up on your TV.

Imagine owning a pizza restaurant and having Domino’s or Papa John’s ads playing on your TV all throughout the day.

Simply put, if you’re paying for cable you’re paying to have those ads show up in your business. This is just one reason that a lot of business owners are cutting cable. If you’re curious to see 9 more reasons to cancel cable, then check out the following article: Top 10 Reasons to Cancel Cable TV in your Business.

How does a Custom TV Network Reduce Stress Among Customers?

By controlling what shows up on your TV you’re able to eliminate content that might otherwise make visitors anxious about being out in public. If you ask someone what they’re stressed about right now, 9 out of 10 times it’s going to be COVID-related. For that reason, playing most cable channels in your business is a bad idea; especially the news.

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COVID-19 is a hot topic. It’s the subject of talkshows, it’s mentioned in ads, and you can’t watch the news for 10 minutes without it cropping up. Keeping the public informed is important, but at this point everyone knows to wear masks, use hand sanitizer, and practice social distancing. Coverage on the virus right now is a bit excessive, and stories such as “Think twice before going out to eat just yet” are the last things you want customers to see when they’re visiting your business.

If COVID-19 is going to come up, it should be through your own messaging.

A custom TV network is the best way to communicate with your visitors about the careful measures you’re taking to ensure their health and safety. By getting rid of stressful news and other bad content you’re giving your visitors peace of mind; you’re also improving your chances of them coming back.

The Right Custom TV Network for your Business

Whether you own a restaurant, gym, salon, a car dealership, or even a medical clinic, a custom TV network is the best solution for your TV. However, settling on the right one can be tricky; there’s a lot of options to choose from, and countless features to look out for. Here’s what we suggest:

The best service to start your search with is It’s Relevant TV.

It’s Relevant is the most feature-rich and easy-to-use custom TV network solution on the market. It even has a feature called “Covid-Free TV” built right in. Schedule a call or chat with the TV experts at if you have any questions about what a custom TV network could do for your business.

Free Waiting Room TV Service | Businesses & Medical Offices

Looking for free waiting room TV service for your business or medical office? Cutting cable in favor of waiting room TV software is a step in the right direction; but settling on one of the self-proclaimed “free” TV services is just as bad, if not worse, than what you just got rid of. If you take anything away from this article, let it be not to fall for “free.” You always get what you pay for. Certain waiting room TV services, like this one, are as close to free as you’ll get; with features that make it worthwhile, and tools to even offset the cost.

If you’re paying $0/month for waiting room television, it shouldn’t be because it’s costing you $0/month. It should be because it’s generating enough revenue to cover the monthly cost.

Why is a Free Waiting Room TV Service a Bad Idea?

When something is advertised as “free,” it generally means that it isn’t costing you any money. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t costing you something else. Free is good when that free thing is complimentary, or a bonus; a thank-you for choosing X, Y or Z, with the hopes of leaving a good first impression. When that free thing is a TV service, or a brand-new television; or both, chances are that provider is taking advantage of you in some way.

How can you tell if you’re being taken advantage of?

If something is too good to be true, more often than not that’s usually the case. A free TV + content that you pay 0$/month for? It might seem like a win-win, but beneath the surface there’s something disingenuous going on. There’s no two ways of looking at it — whether you’re a restaurant, a gym, salon, dentist, or even a hospital, you have something these service providers want; a captivated audience.

Day-in and day-out, you’ve got visitors coming in and waiting — sometimes for 10, 15, or even 30 minutes. That’s a long time, and that’s precisely what these providers are looking for; to turn your TV into an electronic billboard. For who? Themselves, and their happy advertisers. They might throw you a bone and give you the ability to upload your own ads on the side, but not without your messages competing for the spotlight.

If you thought commercials were bad…

Try endless looping commercials for drugs, treatments, or nonsense-conditions that you or your doctors don’t endorse; it’s on your TV, visitors will associate it with your brand, and nothing short of turning it off will stop to it.

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An Alternative to Free Waiting Room TV Software that’s still Free, and 100% Safe

One of the downsides of a free waiting room TV service, as described above, is that fact that someone else is reaping all of the benefits while you’re stuck with their ads playing on your TV. But what if that “someone else” was someone you chose to instead? Someone you trust, or a non-competing brand that your business supports.

It’s Relevant TV, a company that provides custom TV networks to businesses, is unique in that it offers shoppers a $0/month Sponsor-Supported package in which you choose a trusted company, organization, or fellow business owner to cover the cost of your monthly subscription. In exchange, they get to feature their brand and messaging on your TV in a way that is mutual, non-intrusive, and most-importantly; safe for your business.

Check to see if there are any local businesses that you can partner with!

Choosing a brand that pairs well with your business, who has your best interests at heart, is a lot better than letting someone you don’t know; who you’ve never heard of, profit off of your business’ TV. Partnerships are, and always will be, a great marketing strategy.

A Safer Way to Shop for Waiting Room TV Software

The best way make sure that you’re getting a TV system that’s built to serve your brand is to consult with someone in the industry itself. The TV experts at are there answer any questions you might have about what to look for when it comes to waiting room TV technology. Schedule a call with them, or ask to arrange a demo if you’re serious about a custom TV network.

If anyone should be making money off of the TV in your business or medical office, it’s you, or a partnered brand. Your TV, your space, and your visitors are extraordinarily valuble to these advertising companies; so much so that these “free TV services” are able to deal out free TVs and iPads like playing cards. The cost of that technology is nothing compared to what they’re making off of you.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On TV? | It’s Relevant TV

How much does it cost to advertise on TV?

The answer to that question changes depending on whether or not your ad is going to be local, or national. Local ads cost significantly less and are the go-to for smaller businesses for obvious reasons; your business with 1 to 3 locations on the East Coast doesn’t need to reach people in California. National ads- on the other hand, will cost much more per spot, but will cost less when divided among the viewers you are reaching.

If you’re reading this, chances are that what you’re interested in is a local advertisement — however both will be covered. Before we start, it is worth noting that there’s a third option that most business owners don’t think of; which is running your ads on the TV within your business itself. If you think that’s counterintuitive to the point of playing an ad on television, keep on reading and see why more and more business owners are adopting this new strategy.

Want to Advertise on TV? Here’s what to Expect

Business owners looking to run a local ad can expect to pay upwards of $1,500 for a 30-second advertisement on a broadcast network — compared to national ads, which can cost as much as $120,000 for an ad of the same length. Cable TV networks in limited areas can cost as little as $50 per spot, but the viewing audience for those ads is very small.

A Quick Calculation:
Just think if there are 200,000 cable subscribers. 50% of them may be watching TV at any given time, so that’s 100,000 audience. Now, those people have the choice between a thousand different cable channels. Most will gravitate towards the broadcast stations like NBC, Fox, CBS and ABC. So you may only be left with 40,000 viewers that are choosing between the other 1,000 channels. Divided evenly between the channels you might expect that ad to be shown to just 40 people. So even for a “cheap” ad on regional cable purchased for $50, you’d be paying $1.20 per viewer in the example above.

Television ads are costly, and that money spent is a lot for a small business — especially when there’s no guarantee that you’re going to make that money back. When it comes to most advertising platforms; cable TV, billboards, newspapers, etc. — you’re paying to have your message exposed to thousands, if not hundreds-of-thousands of people on the off-chance that a large number of them will see it,  be interested, and then act on it. That’s a lot of off-chances.

Don’t bet your advertising budget on the Law of Averages. Not when you can achieve the same goals, with the same ad, for far less money.

The Advantages of Advertising on your Business’ TV

Some might argue that the point of having a commercial ad is to have it play on cable television; in people’s homes. The “I don’t need to advertise to customers who are already in my business” stance comes from a place of logic, but even that has its flaws. Most notably, it’s forgetting the fact that those customers- who are already in your business, are there because:

1.) They trust you, or they trust your brand

2.) You sell a product that they need, or you offer a service that you provide.

Less often than you might think it’s because they saw your ad at home on TV. The small handful of “those-interested” that you might get out of a TV ad will have an equal mindset to those who are already visiting your business naturally. It’s far easier, and way more cost-effective, to target customers who are already in your location.

Why spend thousands of dollars fishing for 1-in-1,000 people who are interested in your brand when you can instead target 1,000 visitors who you know are already interested?

Selling visitors on additional products and services while they’re right there — where they can buy or act on it that second, is the best strategy for generating more sales and repeat business. If you were advertise on TV, your product, service, or message would REALLY have to motivate the consumer to stop what they’re doing, get up, go out, and visit your business. No matter which way you look at it, the best place for your business’ ad is your business’ TV.

Finding the Right Advertising Platform to Stream your Business’ Ads

DIY solutions cost time, money, and upkeep to maintain; trust a business TV provider to do all the hard work for you.

Finding the right platform can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the technology. The best place to start looking for business TV software is It’s Relevant TV. The TV experts there know businesses, and they know television; schedule a call with them for a closer look at the technology, or chat with a representative if you have any questions about using custom TV software in your business.

If you’re going to advertise on TV, make it your business’ TV.

How To Improve The Patient Waiting Room Experience

Do you want to improve patient wating room experience?

You might have tried new furniture, relaxing music, or maybe even something for the kids; all of these are great, and effective in their own way, but the MOST effective way to improve patient experience is through the TV.

9 out of 10 waiting areas have a TV.
If you’re one of those nine, this article is for you. If you’re the 1 in 10 that doesn’t have a TV, definitely consider getting one; a good, rightly-sized television for your wall costs a lot less than you might think — but beware of anything saying FREE TV FOR MEDICAL OFFICES.

How Does TV Improve Patient Waiting Room Experience?

It doesn’t — not on its own. You need the right technology to truly improve patient experience; cable and satellite TV just isn’t enough. In fact, traditional TV services actually do more harm than good. The list of reasons why it’s a bad idea is too long for this article, however you can read about the top 3 reasons here. It all boils down to a custom TV network being the wiser, more strategic choice when it comes to waiting room television.

Did You Know? Hospitals, urgent cares, and dentists are steadily moving away from cable in favor of custom TV networks.

Custom TV software that’s specifically designed for waiting areas are built with your visitors, and your brand, at heart; whereas cable and satellite was only ever built for the home setting. It isn’t, and was never, a fit for medical offices. What makes custom television work so well are the features that come with it. Features such as entertaining content, games & trivia, and educational programming do wonders to improve the patient waiting room experience.

What can a Custom TV Network do for your Medical Office?

Custom TV networks go above and beyond delivering fun and interesting content to your visitors; it’s a safe and effective way to communicate with your patients. Customizable TV programming can be made to split the screen into content + side messaging — where visitors will anything you upload from ads promoting services, to important reminders.

Custom TV networks are a great way to gently remind visitors to wash their hands and practice social distancing!

This is an effective strategy because people are naturally drawn to the TV. If you put a different message on a big sign, a poster, and a TV — you can bet that most people would be able to tell you what was on the television. TVs are engaging, and guaranteed to get noticed. More importantly, when you mix your messaging with videos that are entertaining, viewers are going to be a lot more receptive to what you have to say in addition to creating a better patient waiting room experience.

Getting Started with your Custom TV Network

The more you know, the better — that goes for just about everything, and double for custom TV networks. The best advice when it comes to shopping is to AVOID anything that claims to be “FREE TV FOR WAITING ROOMS.” If you’d like to know why you should avoid these services, you can read all about the top five reasons here. You should also be careful about signing lengthy contracts. Not all contracts are bad, but you should always know exactly what you’re getting; it’s hard, if not impossible to back out of most contracts.

It’s Relevant TV is the best place to start if you’re new, or serious about improving the patient waiting room experience at your medical office. Chat with the TV experts at if you have any specific questions, or call and schedule a meeting with them for a closer look at the technology itself. Finding the right TV for your waiting area doesn’t have to be complicated; take your time, do your research, and talk to whomever you can about features.

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What Makes the Best Waiting Room TV Software the Best?

Top 3 Waiting Room TV Services for Medical Offices

Top 5 Features to Look for in Medical Waiting Room TV Software

TV Packages For Your Business or Medical Office | It’s Relevant TV

It’s Relevant TV offers businesses and medical offices TV packages that are perfect for lobbies and waiting rooms. More than just TV, It’s Relevant lets you communicate with your visitors in new and effective ways that cable simply can’t hold a candle to. IRTV is the future of waiting area TV, and the technology couldn’t be easier to use. If you’re like a lot of business owners reading this and just want to learn more about TV packages for your business or medical office; visit It’s Relevant TV’s website and schedule a call, or chat with the TV experts there if you have any questions.

What to Look for in the Best TV Packages

Obviously, the best TV package for your business or medical office is going to include TV; but it’s the kind of TV, and the way that it’s packaged, which makes all the difference. Short-form content, not 22-minute shows or channels with hours-long movies, is what you should focus on getting. Here’s some of the reason why traditional cable and satellite TV don’t work:

1.) Your visitors aren’t there to watch TV. They might be watching it while they wait, but that’s not why they’re there. No one has time for anything that long when they’re eating, waiting in line, or waiting to see the doctor. The time that your visitors are waiting is invaluable; you should be taking advantage of that opportunity by using the TV — which they are watching, to communicate with them. The best TV packages allow you to upload your own personal messages for visitors-in-waiting.

2.) One-single channel doesn’t make everyone happy. Whether it’s sports, a talkshow, or the news, there’s always going to be someone who wants to change the channel because he or she doesn’t like what’s on. Changing the channel isn’t practical, since all you’re doing is turning the hourglass over; your visitors’ interests are diverse, and your TV’s content should reflect that. The best TV packages feature varied content, which is automated, and short enough that anyone who doesn’t like what’s playing doesn’t have long to wait until something better comes on.

3.) Cable & Satellite TV don’t give anything back. You get what you pay for, and that’s basically all you get; access to a few channels that are saturated with competitive ads  that you can’t stop from showing up on your TV. The best TV packages come with features designed with your visitors, waiting area, and brand in mind.

A Closer Look at It’s Relevant TV

It’s Relevant TV is the best place to start looking if you’re serious about a custom TV network for your business or medical office. Schedule a call with It’s Relevant for a closer look at the technology, or chat with the TV experts here for more information about the features that make IRTV unique, and the best business TV software on the market.

The Best Digital Signage App For Your Business | It’s Relevant TV

Looking for a dynamic way of communicating with your visitors? Look no further than your TV! The market is FULL of so many signage apps promising so many things that it can get a bit overwhelming (most often for “FREE” — don’t fall for it!). This article is about pushing all of those options aside and presenting you with the best digital signage software on the market. The solution that’s the best is the best because it’s not just digital signage. It’s called It’s Relevant TV, and we’re going to delve into why it’s the best business TV service.

What makes the Best Digital Signage App the “Best?”

The features. The measure of a good signage app is what it brings to the table; specifically what it does for your visitors, and what it does for your business as a whole. It’s Relevant TV is the best because of how closely it resembles cable TV, and how it doubles as an effective marketing tool.

In short? It’s TV designed specifically for businesses.

It comes with none of the things you hate about cable. Viewers feels like they’re watching real-live television when they watch It’s Relevant TV. Pairing your messaging with entertaining content ensures that your message is not only noticed, but it has a higher chance of being well-received.

Content is key. A digital “sign” or “message board” isn’t enough if you’re really going for results; which is all that a lot of these “free digital signage apps” are offering.

FACT: People are more receptive towards marketing messages when they’re in a good mood.

Nothing puts people in a good mood quite like entertaining videos. It’s Relevant TV’s media library contains over half-a-million videos, which are organized into about 50 categories you can pick and choose from; you won’t find a business TV service with more diverse, and entertaining content.

How does a Digital Signage App Improve your Business Itself?

The most basic way is by empowering you to deliver important messaging to your visitors via the TV. That’s where most of these free digital signage apps stop — but it’s like you just read; that messaging just isn’t effective unless it’s paired with something that gets your audience to look at the TV in the first place. In the case of It’s Relevant, the service comes with features designed to do more than just communicate with your visitors.

It’s has features designed to encourage engagement, and help move your business forward.

Features like real-time social media integration,  allows you to display your most recent Facebook Twitter, or Instagram posts directly on the TV by connecting your accounts to the system. The technology is 100% safe, with visitors only seeing posts made by you or your staff. When it comes to generating more followers on social media, you couldn’t ask for a better marketing tool from a business TV service.

TV services should offer more, not just the bare minimum.

Finding the Best Digital Signage App for your Business

There is no all-around “best” TV software for businesses; there’s only your business, and your business’ specific needs. If you’re serious about finding the signage app that’s right for you, it’s important to do your research. Too many business owners get locked into long contracts before realizing the TV software they chose isn’t what they thought it was, or that it came with a catch.

Schedule a demo, request a call, or chat with representatives before making a decision.

The mark of a good service provider is one who’s happy to accommodate all of the above. You want to pick a provider that is there to work with you. You want someone who is available to chat with, answer questions, and set up meetings to show you the technology firsthand. Digital signage apps can really help grow your business if you partner with the right provider.

Remove Competitive Ads From Your Business | It’s Relevant TV


Removing competitive ads from your business is a difficult task, however the right technology makes it easy. This article will provide you with a strategy to get rid of competitive ads for good — specifically from your business’ TV. For a closer look at the software that makes it all possible, click here.

Where Are Competitive Ads Coming From?

9 times out of 10 it’s your business’ TV.

Whether you’re a restaurant with TV in your dining area, a car dealership with a TV in your lobby, or even an urgent care center with a TV in your waiting room; by using cable or satellite, you’re inviting competitors’ ads into your locations. What’s worse, the reality is that you’re paying to have those competitive commercials playing on your television!

Turning off the TV isn’t the answer, better TV is.

If you’re still paying that cable or satellite company a monthly subscription, the best thing you can do for your business is cut cable, and replace it with a custom TV network. A custom TV network will not only remove those unwanted ads, the right one will let you block out any future content that you, or your visitors, don’t approve of; which is great if you’re keen about acting on feedback.

Choosing the Right Custom TV Network for your Business

A quick Google search will show you that there’s no shortage of options to choose from. Keep in mind; the top 3 things to look for when shopping for business TV software are: engaging content, an easy-to-use management system, and an inexpensive cost. You can read more about those 3 points, and why they’re important, in this article.

The right custom TV network will have features designed to move your business forward.

A cable TV replacement is one thing, but finding television software that doubles as a marketing tool is your real goal. Some of the best features to keep in mind while you’re shopping: the ability to upload your own messages to communicate with your visitors, live social media integration to generate more followers on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and vast amounts of entertaining content to improve visitor experience.

Start your Search with It’s Relevant TV

It’s Relevant TV is the most feature-rich TV software for businesses on the market; featuring all-of-the-above, and more. Chat with the TV experts at if you have any questions; or schedule a meeting with them to see the technology firsthand. Custom TV networks are the future of business television, with more and more business owners making the switch.

QR Codes On Your Business or Medical Office TV | It’s Relevant TV

Looking to experiment with QR codes in your business or medical office? New waiting room TV technology lets you put QR codes directly on your TV. Better than signs or posters, the TV attracts your visitors’ attention like nothing else; it’s the best place to put something that you want to get noticed. However, putting an interactive QR code on your TV isn’t possible through cable or satellite.

Embracing new technology means doing away with the old, which is a good thing. An alarming amount of business owners aren’t aware that better alternatives to cable are out there. They’re missing out on features that could be generating more revenue and bringing in new customers; or in the case of medical offices- patients.

Are You Using cable or satellite TV? Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Cancel.

It’s Relevant TV is the secret ingredient that’s missing from your waiting area. However, if you’re new to the idea of using a custom TV network instead of cable, we recommend that you read this article; it’s a great introduction to the technology that’s changing the way people view business TV.

QR Codes, Social Media, and More on your Waiting Area TV

QR codes first became widespread all the way back in 2002 when mobile phones were given apps with a QR code-reading feature. Since then, its popularity fizzled out for some period of time; but just recently, they’ve started making a comeback as most native camera apps include an easy to use QR reading feature. If reading this article is any indication, you’re interested in integrating QR codes into your business or medical office. The question is “how?

As you might have already guessed, our answer is the TV.

Your waiting area TV is the best tool you have to get your messaging noticed, which includes QR codes. It’s Relevant TV features the ability to upload your own side images, which play alongside entertaining content that is designed to make viewers more receptive to your messages. Whether it’s ads, promotions for services, or friendly reminders, you have the freedom to put up as many as you want. The images rotate, therefore all of your messaging gets to shine; throw an image with a QR code on the TV and visitors-in-waiting can scan it.

Is your business or medical office on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

It’s Relevant lets you link your TV to your social media accounts with its live social media integration. However great your posts are, most get unseen; displaying your posts on the TV for visitors to see is a great way to show them what they’re missing and generate more followers.

Getting Started with It’s Relevant TV

Visit to schedule a call to get started, or request a demo to see the technology firsthand. If you’re serious about creating a custom TV network for your business, chat with the TV experts at It’s Relevant — however big or small your lobby or waiting room is.

Digital Waiting Room Displays | Restaurants, Medical, Dental, Automotive

Digital waiting room displays are steadily replacing cable and satellite TV in businesses and medical offices across the country. If you’re in the market for a digital signage solution for your waiting room, there are a few important things you should know before signing a contract. This article will highlight some of those things, with the goal of helping you make an informed decision when it comes to settling on the digital display that’s right for your waiting room.

Digital Waiting Room Displays: What to Look Out For

First and foremost; if this is for your waiting room, you want a solution that will entertain your visitors, or otherwise distract them from the wait. Entertainment is really the key thing here — nothing makes time go faster than getting immersed in something fun or interesting.

Live wallpaper solutions are not fun, nor are they that interesting

You’ll find, or may have already seen, digital displays that are simply a collection of scenic pictures. Some are animated, whilst others are static images in a slideshow. They might look nice on the surface, but set a timer for 15 minutes and keep watching that endless sunset, or sandy beach, until it rings. The 15 minutes will probably feel more like 30.

The bottom line: It’s boring.

Boring your visitors is not helping make them feel comfortable. Waiting experiences can be dreadful, that’s why putting something entertaining on the TV goes a long way.

The Best Digital Waiting Room Displays Resemble TV

Businesses and medical offices have traditionally put cable TV in their waiting rooms because people like watching television; and because what else would you put on the TV? The former is still true, and for the longest time so was the latter. But now, today, there are plenty of cable alternatives that are a better fit; whether you’re running a business, or managing a medical office.

People like watching television, but television just doesn’t work in a waiting room.

It doesn’t work for a lot of reasons; competitor ads, complaints about the news, visitors constantly asking to change the channel — or even the fact that most shows/movies are well-over the time that most people spend waiting. It’s no good no matter which way you look at it, but you probably already know that.

The best digital waiting room displays resemble TV; never settle for a service that’s just a programable slideshow, or a digital ad-scroller. Programming your TV to feature ads, sales, or otherwise important messaging is great — but you don’t need the whole screen for it. More than a digital display, what you want is a custom TV network for your waiting room.

FACT: People tend to ignore ads/messaging, regardless of the platform, unless that ad is paired with something that’s of interest to them.

Why a Custom TV Network?

A custom TV network combines the best aspects of television and digital signage. The messaging that you would normally dedicate a whole TV to is instead played alongside fun and interesting videos that visitors genuinely enjoy watching. Those videos get visitors to notice the TV, and the entertaining content puts them in a good mood; which makes them more receptive to your messaging.

A great custom TV network is more than just TV + digital signage.

But the best waiting room TV software has variety, gives you control, and boasts brand-oriented features that are designed to move your business or medical office forward. These are the top features you should be looking for in your TV system.

It’s Relevant TV: The Best Waiting Room TV Software

It’s Relevant is everything you’d expect from forward-thinking waiting room technology. It has variety; featuring over half-a-million licensed videos organized into 40+ categories. It gives you control; allowing you to block unwanted content, upload your own personal videos, and custom-tailor your messaging with an easy-to-use management system. Finally, it comes with brand-oriented features to help drive your business or medical office forward; features such as social media integration, and a dedicated client success manager who’s there to help you strategize and use the system to its fullest potential.

Chat with the TV experts at if you have any questions about creating a custom TV network for your locations.

Waiting Room TV Programming For Businesses | It’s Relevant TV

Looking for a waiting room TV service for your business?

If you’re currently using cable or satellite TV, you’re probably reading this because you’re interested in something better. When it comes to either, you’re inviting risky elements into your business that you have no control over. What’s worse, is that you’re paying good money for these problems. Cable TV belongs at home, that’s what it was made for. Business TV should cater to, and improve, the needs of businesses; things like marketing, visitor experience, customer retention, and repeat business.

It’s Relevant TV features 40+ categories of content, including games & trivia, and the ability to mix in your own personal videos. More than just great programming that your visitors will enjoy watching, It’s Relevant comes with features that are designed to help your business itself. These features include free adspace to promote your brand and services, keyword blocking to keep specific content from showing up on your TV, and social media integration to display your most recent posts and generate more followers on social media.

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Your Business, Your Brand, Your TV

It’s Relevant TV is all about you and your brand, and using the TV to generate success for your business. If you put something on the TV, your visitors are going to see it; no question about it. It’s Relevant TV’s free ad space draws attention to your business’ services, sales, and promotions by putting them on your TV. Visitors are proven to be more receptive to marketing messages when they’re played alongside entertaining content. The reason is simple; fun and interesting videos put people in a good mood. When people are in a good mood they’re more likely to react positively to things — even your ads.

Customizable Waiting Room TV Programming

It’s Relevant TV is 100% customizable when it comes to its content. You simply choose from a list of 40+ categories that you think your visitors will enjoy watching, and the fully-automated system does the rest; pulling from a library of over half-a-million videos. Every piece of content is screened by live human beings to make sure that everything is safe and family-friendly. However, if there’s ever a topic that you don’t want playing on your TV, It’s Relevant comes with a keyword block feature that prevents videos with specific words from showing up. Unlike with cable or satellite, you’re in complete control of your waiting room television.

Your Social Media Displayed on your TV

Is your business on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? It’s Relevant gives you the option to display your most recent social media posts directly on your TV. Visitors-in-waiting will get to see things; promotions, support for organizations, or even funny images, that they otherwise wouldn’t have seen because they’re not following you on social media. This is not only great because your posts are getting more traction, but you’ll generate more followers in the process.

Waiting Room TV Programming: Getting Started

Chatting with the TV experts at is the best way to get started if you’re serious about a custom TV network for your business. Whether you’re ready transform your TV right now or still have questions about the technology — the people at It’s Relevant are there to help.